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Flexibility Training

Stretching allows you to increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. When your muscles are loosened and relaxed, your body can engage in movement easily without resistance and pain.

Properly stretching and lengthening tight sedentary muscles can also help you realign the body and ensure all joints and muscles are working in complete harmony.

Utilizing the right set of flexibility exercises, your body will become more adaptive to the conditions you put it through and accumulate less wear and tear throughout the day, especially if you are customed to living a sedentary lifestyle. Having flexible muscles safely prepares the body for the increased demands of our busy lifestyles and helps to ensure it can uphold against repetitive movements.

Flexibility exercises help tame and bring sustained pain relief from muscle atrophy and overly stressed body parts like your knee, shoulder, ankle, neck and back.

When you enroll in a dynamic flexibility and pain-reduction program like Premiere Fitness Systems’, you will receive a personal consultation and learn the causes of aches and pain particular to your body and personal lifestyle.

The company’s certified trainers will help you understand the particular alignment of your body, detect problem areas and pinpoint the root causes of your particular pain, aches and soreness.

Moreover, you will learn methods and flexibility exercises specifically designed to counteract and prevent pain caused by your particular muscular imbalances.

You will receive a tailored workout program designed to help you address and strengthen weak and tight muscles, as well as alleviate pain caused by those problem areas. You will also learn preventative methods and corrective measures, so your body doesn’t revert to the same imbalanced state that it may be accustomed to.