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For this reason, plyometrics are utilized in many athletic strength training routines. Especially in sports that are primarily explosive in nature such as baseball, softball, basketball, and football to name only a few. So what are some plyometric exercises you can use? The most effective plyometric exercises include platform jumps, side-to-side box jumps, depth jumps, weighted explosions, vertical jumps, and horizontal jumps.

Make sure that you properly warm-up your body prior to using any of these exercises. The most effective way to warm up the muscles and joints is through dynamic stretching. Make sure you avoid static stretching because there is overwhelming evidence that is can actually decrease explosive and increase the chances of injury when used prior to strenuous exercise.

Platform jumps are a great exercise to start with. You can use an exercise platform or just a wall. Decided on the height of the platform depends on your level of athleticism. Start in front of the platform, and start in an athletic position. Immediately explode upward, landing on the top of the platform softly, then step off and repeat.

For depth jumps, you will actually start on top of the platform. You will then step off, and as soon as your feet touch the ground, you will explode upward. Side-to-side box jumps are also a great cardio challenge. Start on one side of a barrier, jump sideways tucking your knees, and land on the other side. As soon as you hit the other side, explode back. Repeat this explosive side-to-side motion until you complete the set.

As you can see, plyometrics are extremely dynamic, but it must be an essential piece to any cardio routine. If you’re really trying to accelerate your results, then you need to try plyometrics.