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Reducing Dowagers Hump

When we eliminate this soreness you can attain superior physical conditioning much faster and without the discouraging and dangerous pain and you can move with greater efficiency throughout the day.

Exercise for Better Bones is distinguished from other osteogenic exercises by four unique and defining elements. The first is that this program is the original program designed to move osteoporosis and hyperkyphosis or commonly known as dowager’s hump research forward. For the past 20 years osteoporosis research into especially post-menopausal women with dowager’s hump has been based on the same type of programming. All of the exercises have been weight-bearing but the weight has been to light. You see when researchers do research they are extremely conservative with their approach and who can blame them. The very thing that could aid in building bone (stressing the bone) is the very thing that could fracture it. The program is being currently performed on over 100 post-menopausal women and men including 4 exercises with complete Range of Motion (ROM) or movement, human movement, resistance, weight-bearing all into 4 single exercises that can be performed in 30 minutes or less and only twice a week.