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Steps for Bike Fitness

Accurate Information

You must enter your accurate weight and age while hopping on to your workout bike. The information you enter will be processed by your machine to make sure that you’re within the aerobic zone and to identify your actual heart rate.

Step 2: Level and Program

In order to achieve an effective workout outcome, you’ll need to pick the right bike fitness program. This program should allow your heart rate to remain high for an extended period of time till it reaches the exhaustion point. To ensure a perfect aerobic condition, you must opt for a bit of variation on your steady workout routine. For obtaining a great outcome, you must pick the right workout level.

Step 3: Duration

The duration of your aerobic exercises is often a key factor towards the improvement of your health. Make sure you try to spend about an hour in such exercises. Apart from strengthening your cardiovascular system, it even helps enhance your stamina and exhaust more calories.

Step 4: Heart Rate

While using an exercise bike for performing aerobic exercises effectively, it is truly important for your heart rate to be monitored. Regardless of your maximum heart rate, it is important for you maintain a 70-80% heart rate as mentioned earlier. In case you’re not in the right shape, your heart rate can be lower. You’ll come to know of your current heart rate when it is perfectly recorded; tracking your heart rate to perfection is only possible when you’re using a technically advanced bike. If you’re bike is not so advanced, then you’ll need to do it on your own. Once you deduct your present age from 220, you’ll find out the maximum rate of your heart. Even when you’re at work, this piece of information can be easily fetched if you’re wearing a heart-rate monitoring machine.