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Grand Theft Auto series chronology of events. It is the fourth expansion pack in the Grand Theft Auto series and the 13th release in the series. It was released on October 29, Link protagonist is Luis Fernando Lopeza part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince.

The storyline intertwines with the original game and first episode, most notably the Museum Piece mission that involves all three protagonists. As with The Lost and Damnednew radio and in-game television programming is included. The game is also the first game in the series ballad of gay tony police computer implement a scoring system for missions. Rockstar says, "Players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.

All three stories run alongside each other and interwine at various points. In contrast to The Lost and Damnedan account of life in a biker gang, The Ballad of Gay Tony shines light on arguably the most glamorous place on Earth - the celebrity nightclub scene.

Luis Lopez and Tony Prince are the two main characters. Being in debt to gangsters, Luis and Tony are barraged with temptation and the ever increasing necessity of selling each commputer out. The duo rejects some substantial opportunities; Yusuf Amir franchising them, Cloe Parker bailing them out, Ray Bulgarin coomputer them out, Mori Kibbutz having a high-stakes bet, Rocco Pelosi threatening them, and Tony himself resorting to fraud.

Very few, if any, of the characters make it the entire game without telling a lie; sometimes because of business, other ballad of gay tony police computer because of a social imbalance such as Yusuf wanting to impress Luis, ballad of gay tony police computer, or Tony mocking Mori behind his back while flattering him eye to tnoy - which gives the impression and teaches the valuable life lesson that no one is to be trusted. By the end of the game Luis and Tony have resolved trust issues they have with each other, successfully erased their debt and it is hinted that they may have eventually agreed to franchise Maisonette 9 and Hercules with Yusuf, ballad of gay tony police computer, despite their initial refusal.

Another important set of characters, though they do not affect the main storyline, are the fictional celebrities met in the Club Management missions. Compuher and Tony are made the peers and trusted confidants of extremely powerful celebrities. Beyond the comic value of pop culture, it is meant to portray opportunity raining from the sky for Tony and Luis, some of which might lure them to abandon or endanger each other. A local gay dating erstes mein club member lying next to him, Eugene Reapershoots and kills Keane and is then killed by the McReary brothers in retaliation.

The scene cuts to the aftermath of the robbery; Luis is being questioned by the police about the incident before proceeding to Gay Tony's loft. On the way, he is club saarbrücken gay run over by Niko Bellic returning from the robbery and Johnny Klebitz who rides past him. Rocco Pelosia senior Ancelotti mobster, and his accomplice Vince enter the loft and collect Tony's club income for the week as interest repayment on an outstanding loan.

Tony then discusses with Luis ballad of gay tony police computer dire financial situation learn more here his two clubs, Maisonette 9 and Hercules. In an attempt to curry favor with Rocco, Tony and Luis go to Chinatown to negotiate a deal with a senior Triad.

The negotiations with the Triad soon turn awry, and Luis protects Tony as they escape Chinatown. Luis visits his motherwho also has financial issues, and his childhood friends Henrique Bardas and Armando Torres.

Luis' mother does not approve of his lifestyle and would like ballaad to attend to college. Henrique and Armando are Luis' friends who are heavily involved with the narcotics distribution trade.

Luis soon becomes acquainted with Yusuf Amirballad of gay tony police computer, a real estate developer in Liberty City. Meanwhile, Tony is headed in a downward spiral due to substance abuse, supplied by his boyfriend Evan Moss. During the exchange, members of the The Lost now led by Johnny Klebitzformerly Billy Grey attack and kill Evan and acquire the diamonds.

Tony promises Luis that he will quit the substance abuse and introduces Conputer to Mori Kibbutzand his younger brother Brucie. Mori is highly egotistical, constantly bullies and belittles Brucie, a source of irritation to Luis who repeatedly stands up for the younger brother. Through entering Triathlons and undertaking dangerous police chases, Luis eventually managed to cancel Tony's debt to Mori. After Brucie finally retaliates and punches Mori, he later shows up at Maisonette 9 to thank Luis.

Brucie leans in towards Luis after a series of compliments, strongly ballad of gay tony police computer an attempt to hit on him.

Luis strongly declines, and Brucie awkwardly attempts to convince Luis that he was just testing him to see if he was gay. Tony and Luis meet Ray Bulgarin and his associate Timur at Maisonette ballad of gay tony police computer, who offer Luis some work in exchange for financial help.

Luis helps Bulgarin eliminate some corrupt federal agents and acquire the Liberty City Rampage hockey team. Gracie Ancelotti gets Tony back on the drugs and is later kidnapped by unknown assailants. The Ancelottis establish that Gracie has been kidnapped because of the diamonds and are pointing the blame at Tony and Luis.

Tony learns that the diamonds are being exchanged at The Libertonianand sends Luis to retrieve them. Luis ambushes the exchange involving Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz and source in the Buzzard, which has since been gold plated. Bulgarin phones Luis, telling him to go to the roof of a building in midtown Algonquin.

As Luis uncovers the severed head of the cook from the "Platypus", Bulgarin explains that the diamonds belong to him and accuses the cook, Luis and Tony of colluding to polie them. It emerges that Bulgarin has led Luis to an tonny on the rooftopand he escapes alive. Bulgarin flees the scene and amidst the chaos the diamonds fall into a dump truck headed the opposite direction. Luis, Tony and Gracie escape in a speedboat. Because of being preoccupied with recent events, Tony refuses to pay yay debts and the city closes down all of his compufer.

Luis meets Rocco and Vince in the restrooms in Middle Park, and they explain to him that he must kill Tony, or the Ancelottis and Russians will team up and kill Tony, Balllad and all of their friends and family. Luis shows up at Maisonette 9, and contemplates shooting Tony before pointing the gun at Vince and shooting him ballwd the head. Tony warns Luis not to shoot Rocco, as he is a "made man".

Rocco escapes and the Russians show up ensuing ballad of gay tony police computer a huge gunfight within the club. Tony blames Luis for contemplating to kill him and flees to his apartment to pack and move to the desert. Luis convinces Tony that he chose not to kill him because it is them against the world, and that they need to resolve their situation.

In the fairground, Luis destroys the heroin and kills Timur, who mentions that Ballad of gay tony police computer is fleeing the city by plane within two hours. Bwllad an opportune phone conversation, Yusuf shows up in the Buzzard and eliminates the pursuing Russians while Luis drives to the airport.

Luis manages to board the plane, and kills all of the henchmen tny board. A vengeful Bulgarin emerges from the cockpit holding a grenade, threatening destruction to both of them if Luis kills him. Luis takes tomy risk and shoots Bulgarin, who drops the grenade causing it to explode. Luis parachutes out of the burning wreckage of the plane to safety, and heads to Meadows Park where Tony is waiting. Once there, they both tell Yusuf that they won't franchise the clubs since they prefer to keep it a "family business".

As for the diamonds, they in the end are found by a street dweller among a heap of garbage when Luis accidentally bumps into him en route to meeting Tony at Meadows Park. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki, ballad of gay tony police computer. Do you like this video? As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince a. A playground for vapid celebrities ballad of gay tony police computer tragic socialites, Algonquin's nightlife scene is all about glitz and glamour, and owning the two hottest clubs in town Hercules and Maisonette 9 makes Tony the undisputed party king of Liberty City.

He appears to have it all - wealth, power, respect - but, in debt to mobsters, loan sharks and the tax man, facing up to a changing world and the terrible economy, and under threat from pretenders to his crown, Opinion er sucht gay dresden agree begins to spiral more and more into a midlife crisis from hell. Join Luis as he fights to save Tony's empire from the brink of collapse and to make his own mark in a world defined by decadence and excess, all while keeping his mother, Adriana Yanira Lopez quiet and stopping his friends, ballad of gay tony police computer, Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas from calling him a sell out.

The party is almost over. It is up to Luis to keep it going. Features Safehouses Trailers Vehicles Weapons. Collectibles Multiplayer Modifications Controversy. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Grand Theft Auto. London Grand Theft Auto 2. Vice City. San Andreas. Liberty City Stories. Vice City Stories. Grand Theft Auto IV. The Lost and Damned. The Ballad of Gay Tony. Chinatown Wars. Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto ;olice.


Da eine nachträgliche Erweiterung des Videos bedeutet hätte, das komplette Projekt Spielszenen, Vertonung etc. Zum Im Video vergleichen wir das Ergebnis mit gay berlin Original, ballad of gay tony police computer. Bei einer Auflösung von p hatten wir mit einer GTX um die 50 fps, bei xp sank die Framerate deutlich auf 17 bis 24 read article, was im Video an einigen Stellen deutlich zu sehen ist.

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GTA IV - Fight Moves, Combos \u0026 Knockouts Compilation [1080p]
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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot gsy username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Police Computer? When i get in a cop car it says to press LB to access the police computer. When i try to view current crimes or view most wanted it says something like error connecting to server try again later. Comuter Info: gbsfsvdfd Yes but it doesn,t do anything nothing to do User Info: robertomd Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions.

Question Status Police Computer Error? Answered The Police? Answered Police Helicopter? Answered How do I get to the police mode? Answered The two ppolice police cars? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device, ballad of gay tony police computer. Forgot please click for source username or password?

Police Computer Error? The Police? Police Helicopter? How do I get to the police mode? Ballad of gay tony police computer two new police cars?

Cheats GTA 4: The Lost and The Damned

Das Spiel wurde von Rockstar North entwickelt und am Oktober für die Xbox sowie am April für PlayStation 3 und PC veröffentlicht. Für ein Spiel, das zunächst nur als kostenpflichtiger Download konzipiert war, fand eine ungewöhnliche Berichterstattung statt.

Die Handlung des Add-ons überschneidet sich des Öfteren mit der des Hauptspiels und der des ersten Add-ons, viele in allen Teilen enthaltene Szenen werden so aus der Sicht des jeweiligen Protagonisten erlebt. Luis selbst ist nicht homosexuell.

Tony erkannte schnell Luis' Talent und Kaltblütigkeit und heuerte balkad als seinen persönlichen Assistenten und Leibwächter an und machte ihn auch zum Mitbesitzer seiner Nachtclubs. Zwischen beiden entstand eine starke Freundschaft. Eines Abends versuchen Luis' alte Freunde, Armando und Henrique, beide ebenfalls HispanicsTonys Prominentenclub Maisonette 9 zu betreten, werden jedoch vom dortigen Türsteher nicht eingelassen. Luis war in seiner Jugend eng mit den beiden befreundet und war zusammen mit ihnen damals an Drogengeschäften beteiligt, hat sich aber please click for source einer mehrjährigen Jugendstrafe von ihnen distanziert.

Im späteren Spielverlauf wird er von den beiden immer wieder in illegale Geschäfte hineingezogen, obwohl er mit diesem Teil seines Lebens eigentlich abgeschlossen hatte. In den nächsten Tagen wird Tonys schwierige finanzielle Lage immer deutlicher: poljce hatte sich auf dubiose Geschäfte mit Kriminellen und der Just click for source eingelassen und ist hoch verschuldet.

Tony fällt angesichts der für ihn immer aussichtsloseren Lage in immer tiefere Depressionen. Es stellt sich auch heraus, dass er durch see more Lebensgefährten Evan kokainabhängig geworden ist.

Beide sehen darin eine Möglichkeit, sich aus ihrer misslichen finanziellen Lage otny befreien. Evan wird von den Mitgliedern der Motorrad-Gang getötet, Luis und Tony entkommen nur knapp mit dem Leben und verlieren sowohl das Geld als auch die Diamanten. Es stellt sich jedoch bald ballad of gay tony police computer, dass die besagten Diamanten ursprünglich Bulgarin gehörten und diesem gestohlen wurden. Bulgarin hält Luis oder Tony für die Diebe und heuert mehrere Killerkommandos an, die sie fomputer sollen.

Bulgarin bedroht weiterhin beide mit dem Tod. Sie erklären ihm, dass die Ancelotti-Familie inzwischen mit der russischen Mafia zusammenarbeitet und dass Luis seinen Freund Policf töten und dessen Clubs übernehmen soll. Sollte Luis nicht darauf eingehen, ballad of gay tony police computer, drohen sie, nicht nur ihn selbst, sondern auch dessen Familie zu töten.

Luis scheint auf das Angebot zunächst einzugehen und trifft sich mit Tony und den beiden Italienern in einem seiner nun leerstehenden Nachtclubs. Rocco Pelosi entkommt gwy und benachrichtigt die russische Mafia über Luis' Entscheidung, nicht mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten. Er verlässt daraufhin Liberty City, da er wegen des misslungenen Deals mit Luis Lopez nun ebenfalls Angst vor der russischen Mafia hat.

Wenige Minuten später wird der Club von russischen Killern gestürmt und zerstört, es gelingt jedoch Gay henrik sommer und Tony lebend zu entkommen. Um Bulgarin und sein Drogenimperium nun entscheidend zu schwächen, zerstört Luis nun mehrere Lastwägen gay chastity Heroin -Lieferungen für ballad of gay tony police computer.

Bulgarin ist nun finanziell ruiniert und versucht mit seinem Privatjet nach Russland zurückzukehren. Er droht Luis, bald wieder nach Liberty City zu kommen und sich grausam zu rächen. Luis schafft es jedoch im letzten Augenblick in den Privatjet von Bulgarin zu gelangen und stellt diesen im Flugzeug. Dort tötet Luis Bulgarin und springt mit dem Fallschirm aus dem Flugzeug.

Kurz darauf trifft Luis Tony in einem Balllad. Dort wird ihnen klar, dass all ihre Feinde nun entweder tot oder sehr weit weg sind ballad of gay tony police computer nun Zeit für einen Neuanfang ist. Das Spielprinzip unterscheidet sich kaum not gay will dem des Hauptspiels.

Es existieren eine Reihe von Missionen, die in die Haupthandlung eingebettet sind und fast immer kriminelle Aufgaben unter Zuhilfenahme von Waffen und Fahrzeugen darstellen. Zusätzlich gibt es auch die Möglichkeit abseits der Haupthandlung, Basejumps durchzuführen. Im Gegensatz zu ballad of gay tony police computer Hauptmissionen können Drogenkriege auch verloren werden. Games vergab 92 von möglichen Punkten. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Ballad of gay tony police computer North. Rockstar Games. Erstveröffent- lichung. Xbox Welt April Europa April Xbox One: Welt 9. Februar Einzel- und Mehrspieler online. Audio: Englisch Untertitel: Deutsch, ballad of gay tony police computer. GTA IV.

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Wichtige Telefonnummern in GTA 4

The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle. As Luis Lopez, ballad of gay tony police computer, ballad of gay tony police computer hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince a. With new missions, weapons, vehicles, soundtrack updates and multiplayer fony that showcase the over-the-top nature of life at the center of ttony city, on the other side of the velvet rope where everyone and everything is accessible and available for a price.

All-new storyline missions that provide an over-the-top experience from start to finish. Replay missions for the first time ever in a ballax Grand Theft Auto game. New high-powered weapons including Sticky Bombs and an Advanced Sniper Rifle, plus new powerful assault shotguns and jan rouven guns.

A fleet of new vehicles, including lavish new cars and a collection of specialty vehicles including an attack helicopter and a N. Brand new radio shows and music added to the Liberty City radio dial - including some new DJs and some returning favorites The fan-favorite modes from Grand Theft Auto IV, computef better than ever now with new locations and packed full of new weapons and vehicles. A full range of new side-missions, mini-games and Xbox Achievements.

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