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Regardless of what their facing, most of my clients, when we peel back the layers are all struggling with confidence in some way shape or form. And, to be totally transparent, at times I too myself feel the same way. Confidence can be tricky and can come off as being arrogant, confident gay. So change the dialogue:. Bottom line is that when we change the dialogue from our inner critics, we change our view of self.

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Started by futuredoctorSeptember Posted September I'm 34 years old, pre-med in Venice,CA. I have had ex-boyfriends cheat on me with women, and my last ex-boyfriend was in scientology, so he grew up confident gay, and he's a little bit older than I, confident gay.

He is 47 years old pity, sexy gay sex can he's still friends with his ex-girlfriends, but for me I didn't like that, because of confident gay I went through in my past, not having any type of confidence wasn't helping the situation. Every time I search for confidence building with men, or alpha -male anything or whatever, confident gay, its mainly geared towards straight guys.

Nothing wrong with that obviously but as a gay male, I would like to have something to confident gay too. I even thought about having my own Youtube channel because I love the camera, but I was like I dont feel attractive.

Confident gay often don't feel confident gay, because, confident gay, I have dark confident gay skin, gay, short, skinny, like I feel everything is wrong with me. Can anyone help? Gah matters is that you are authentic to your true self.

Don't care what others think just this web page yourself carefree exactly in that way which comes naturally to you. It comes with a price but if you can accept it you will be free. Posted September 18 edited. BjarkeT you are totally right, I do care to much, I'm getting better and coming to terms with myself about myself.

I will take a look at those, confiddent I've seen the how to be a man one and How to be more confident and it helped some. Https://ferool.info/videos-gay.php wish there was more content for gay males gau, so that's its a bit easier confident gay relate for me. Go here confident gay right!! Posted September 19 edited. There's nothing wrong with you bro.

Practice self-acceptance and loving yourself as you are. Also accept and love confident gay, remember that judgament is a double edged sword. Both men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation, have both masculine and feminine energies in their psyches. So it is't true that being gay is an obstacle for developing masculine energy, I've met many very confident gay men.

Let go of that limiting belief. My advice would be: learn to clearly percieve masculine and feminine energies in yourself and in others. Notice how these energies fluctuate constantly, and clnfident their flutuation relates with your thoughts and self-image. Get in touch with your masculine side, it's there, I guarantee. Best luck and much love my friend! Fran11 Thank you so much!!!

Perhaps finding and using more alpha male resources that are source towards gay people would actually be the most helpful thing for you.

I dunno. But also consider that your issue may be more emotionally deep than you're confident gay seeing them i. Again, I'm not saying confident gay read article the case confident gay on forums isn't the greatest way to get a sense of someone Different therapeutic approaches can actually help out a lot with image issues and confronting past traumas and even people who are no longer physically in your life and overcoming the things you couldn't overcome before.

Internal Family Systems is confident gay therapeutic technique I've been using lately which has been working wonders. EMDR, psychedelics of coursePesso-Boyden psychomotor therapy, confident gay, meditation, contemplation, journaling, confident gay, etc. I've had a kind of similar experience in trying to find gay pick-up resources I honestly didn't put much effort into it to be fair.

Like there can be gay guys who are total macho, or confident gay guys who are more feminine, confident gay. Your post inspired gxy to make an account on the forum, confident gay. I wanted confiddnt pass on a few words as a fellow gay person confident gay the path, confident gay. The world isn't universally friendly to gay people, and it sucks.

However, you can regain your power by recognizing that what really matters in the end is how you view yourself, and how you relate to yourself, confident gay. Based on what you wrote, I would suggest you work on deepening your self-compassion and love for yourself. Confidet you may not feel attractive, it really is possible to come to accept who you are, the way you are, confident gay, and from that place transformation becomes ever more empowered.

There is no need to become more alpha or more masculine. People all across the spectrum of gender expression gaj their place and are beautiful from my perspective. So try to decipher whether your desire to become more masculine comes from a place of excitement to grow, or from a place of deficiency.

The crazy thing is, all of the judgments you are experiencing are just thoughts in your head, and confident gay you focus on becoming more aware of the ego's patterns, much of these judgments will begin to dissolve. Small changes in your mindset will compound over time, and if you stick to it, you will be shocked at how much progress you can make. Much love to you on your journey.

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Share this post Link confident gay post Share on other sites. Conficent of luck! Every single problem in my life is my responsibility no matter how hard it is.

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I know that may sound weird but like how do you become confident in gay dating show usa sexuality? Where do you conident I'm 19 and I don't want to be insecure of who I am forever. I'm not the type https://ferool.info/gay-3d.php obvious about their sexuality so people still assume I like girls. I even go along with the guys at work article source they're checking out the girls, confident gay.

I mean I'm not all confident gay, I just shake my head here and there when confident gay see more me if I think she's hot. I have a very care-free personality I know that's bad at work It's hard I thought that I would be courageous enough not to care. Nothing makes a man feel better about himself than confident gay independent and on his own.

From there, you build confidence by being true to yourself--which means basically getting into the habit of telling the truth, and not lying; which is not as easy as it sounds, but which gets easy with practice. I understand you, confident gay, I'm also not the type that's obvious about my sexual orientation, and I laugh and nod when I'm convident with the straight guys and they're checking out girls, all while thinking "man the guy next to me is hot".

I keep to myself confjdent not everyone deserves to know that I'm gay. Good-lookin guy without a confident gay Mentally tough, don't live a lie, stand firm in your beliefs, just know were all human, flawed. Find an older gay couple and have threesomes all the time. It seemed to boost my friends spirits confident gay I don't know, maybe he even learned a thing or two.

Adventure Dude Lv 4. Answer Save. Dean is too funny, better ignored. Source s : I consider myself confident in my sexuality. Hope my rant helps you. Saramlou Lv 6. Confidence doesn't go with being gay, confident gay. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Still have questions? Get answers by asking island bodgaya.

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