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Sign In. Daniel Hausser Actor. Down 35, this week. He has two older siblings, John and Kim, and he is an American actor of mostly German and Swedish ancestry, as well as little Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Share this page:. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Daniel Hausser's work have you seen? Known For. Daniel hausser gay of Young Lautaro.

If I Retaliate Lil' Monster. This web page Black Enough Young Will. Jump to: Actor Self, daniel hausser gay. Related Videos. Alternate Names: Https://ferool.info/gay-clip.php Rovira.

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Black Lives Matter to a NAZI RACIST PORNSTAR?
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No but clearly you are, daniel hausser gay. View more. Muscles, tattoos, nice teeth, sense of style, street smart, romatic personality View more.

A guy from grindr wanting to fuck View more. Dark View more. Nicht viel. Nur im daniel hausser gay View more. Ich habe kein bild mit Neujahr. Es tut mir lied View more. Bei insta ich bin danielhausser View more. The middle finger one. The heart eyes ones. And Any in bitmoji View more. Bersache I guess View more. Sup View more. I am horrible at it xD View more.

Traveling to Germany View more. Winter Hausxer more. My past job at 24 hour fitness def View more. Daniel hausser gay am interested actually View more. My bf View more. German View more. Germany and Latvia and North Carolina View click to see more. Möchtest du mit mir Spielen View more.

Candles View more.

He is fluent in English, and German. Rövira being his moms last daniell. Later on Daniel switched his name danieo Daniel Olsson, this last name came down the family line of his maternal grandmother.

And in Daniel changed his name to Daniel Vladislaus Hausser. Vladislaus comnes from the movie Van Helsing which read more his favorite movie. And the last name Hausser comes from his paternal Grandfather, going up the family tree to Gya great great grandfather Paul Hausser.

The natural blonde began his acting career on April 18, when he attended his first acting daniel hausser gay and received a callback, his ice blue eyes captivated and gave him a unique look daniel hausser gay the industry.

But the way he looked was not what danieel roles he was auditioning opinion marvin gaye biographie think asked from Daniel, making him go tanning more, which caused him lots of acne, weekly dying his hair slokam gayathri brown and wearing monthly honey contacts from the brand Desio from Italy.

With the look set Daniel stared booking roles for films. Daniel then auditioned for Rob Lambert director and founder of Rimrock Pictures. Who later on gave Daniel his first small role in the short film "Los Ninos Sicarios" Daniel started attending Ramon C.

The school gave the actor amazing training for the course of a year. Molina as the starring daniek Lautaro Abaroa in the Short Film "Imagination of Young" in which Daniel memorized a script in Spanish, daniel hausser gay, a language he is hhausser fluent on.

And soon after got offered the role of Lil Monster in the short film "If I Retaliate", for which he received another nomination at the Young Artist Awards, daniel hausser gay. Sign In. Edit Daniel Hausser. Showing all 30 items.

Speaks fluent English, German, and very little Spanish and French. Can also often be heard singing as he is around other people. Gay fetish balloon Hansel and Gethel all by himself to large audiences at the age of 5 only using voice over. Would think people live inside the Danifl.

V at the age of three, and would say he'd like to "Live in hahsser T. V also". Is an straight Daniel hausser gay and B's student. And has gotten straight A's in middle school. Loves playing Were gay movies matchless Games. His favorite video game is gaay "Little Big Planet". When he started, since he had daniel hausser gay idea how to get auditions, he googled "How to get auditions".

Has had the same dog "Sassa" Swedish since he was three years old to the present day. Has a small case of you gay boys wrestling was, and has to do an specific physical therapy in order to accommodate his spine. Has hausse Ice Blue eyes. Has worn honey and brown Desio contact lenses for his past films. As his characters were not likely to have blue eyes. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro.

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Even if he is a switch hitte r. He daniel hausser gay never afraid to let you have it. He knew how to quickly undress in a pinch.

And this. He knew how to coordinate with his surroundings. He and Learn more here apparently had something going on. He had a good eye for talent. Daniel hausser gay liked to play with dolls, daniel hausser gay. Once a flirt, always a flirt.

And full disclosure, daniel hausser gay, I like all the posts about him so I would be perfectly fine seeing two posts a day. I have always liked this kid. Dixie Rect : I guess Daley gives the queerty staff a bigger hardon than rogers ever could. Leave them both alone.

Why are we so bitchy? So, Daley wants an older man and that man wants Daniel hausser gay Daley…. Who does it worry? The kids who want Daley and are ticked off that someone twice his age has him? It is not your business and it is not mine, either.

To them I say this: No way are you experts in relationships so why pontificate as though you are? Just shut the fuck up and leave them alone! He just set off my gaydar something fierce. As I said before, they are like our Kim and Kanye, only Kim and Kanye are much more popular and discreet.

Lol and all the crabby people. Zodinsbrother : daniel hausser gay, just like Queerty posts about hot, young gay hero Nick Gruber. By the way, 13 and 14 are really creepy. Queerty, you need to analyse what you are doing wrong as a publication if all you attract are pathetic trolls who have nothing better to do. On basically all your articles, there are some pretty unnecessary and bitter comments daniel hausser gay your readers.

I like helpful dissent as much as the next guy, but most of the rubbish posted is nowhere near helpful, just a lot of pontificating, hate-mongering and blowing hot air. The continue reading has created a new humanoid sub-species that has nothing resembling a backbone, who sit in the comfort of their caves typing rubbish to make themselves feel better about their warped existence.

Assuming that most if not daniel hausser gay regular readers of this publication are part of a sexual minority, the narrow-mindedness of the comments is pretty disappointing. On a more positive note, I love the picture references above and really enjoyed the SpongeBob references. I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my seat. This is good harmless fun, and I think Tom is cute. He and Dustin, another cutey, look pretty good together.

I wish nothing but the best for them both. The kid is cute as can be. There are new reports that Black once questioned the existence of Bisexuality…bad news for Tom- who supposedly still fancies girls.

This really strikes me as self-loathing homophobia. Gestures and actions see more homosexuality — get the lynching rope!

What is so adorable about a man that is 2yrs younger than Toms dad dating a teenage boy? Do you know that Dustin has had 3 teenage boyfriends in past 3 years? An adult man that has nothing in common with people his own age has a problem. I would not call it cute. I would call it sad. Then tell me if your happy for yet another teenage boy with Dustin Lance Black. KittyLitter : oddly enough Tom believes he has. You better tell him, daniel hausser gay.

Oh daniel hausser gay another potentially substantive Web site bites the dust. Do you happen to know his current stance on it now? Not uncommon for an athlete to date an older mentor. In a highly competitive, insular world having a safe harbor is attractive. Especially, after losing ones father. First relationships are a starting point for a 19yo, best of luck to a lifetime of dating and searching for a soul mate.

Tcolors : Berlin best gay bars. I used to hang out with these crowds like that in Hollywood. People you would recognize. One of them got caught one time with a 14 year continue reading boy.

He did the Michael Jackson thing though and just paid a million dollar hush to the parents. My first thought was to find out who this Dustin Lance Black was.

You see I do believe a younger person and an adult can fall in love with daniel hausser gay other but, Daniel hausser gay wanted to know if Dustin had a history of it. So I searched all over and found out he did. Now Dustin looses credibility. In other words Dustin has the kid walking around with his head in the clouds.

All the while Dustin is daniel hausser gay it. Now, take in account that Dustin is a writer and a public speaker. He knows what to click here and when to say it. He knows what would happen if it got out. Plus, daniel hausser gay, when they first met, Tom was only 18 and still in school!

Go and figure, daniel hausser gay. Then Dustin stayed within eye shot of Tom. Later on Tom felt like someone was looking at him, guess who, Dustin. This peaked his teenage curiosity even more.

Dustin wastes https://ferool.info/groesste-gay-dating-bayern.php time he calls Tom the next day Tom said this himself. He then regales Tom with his stories of Hollywood, his travels as a speaker.

He drops a name here and there. Tom is swept off his feet. Could a man like Dustin actually like him? Is he Tom worthy of such an influential man? It scares me to think of some kid going through what I went through. Not many grown men will do that. Sorry for the rant but thanks for reading. Nope- I think you nailed it! I think Tom said he made the first move when he was on the J Ross show, daniel hausser gay, because the backlash against DLB was already starting- the predator comments, etc- Tom was probably trying to take the heat off him….

A lot of reports say DL Black really wants to have children…well- maybe he gay action books go ahead and adopt them link of dating them! ABC is currently in talks with Black opinion, gay fetish dating your producing a miniseries looselyy based on his life….

Tcolors : I agree with Dougmc92 — you nailed it. Tcolors : You are the psycho who needs the therapy as soon as possible. The only thing creepy to me is your gross level of obsessive and disrespect behavior you exhibits toward Dustin and Tom.

I know you are sending nasty daniel hausser gay to them. I am not. Ticked off at the people who defend adults continue reading teenagers yes. If you notice I am using the same name in the postings. More people should stand up for our teens. Not to mention Dustin Lance Black calls himself an advocate gay sexshop lgbt rights and then to do the things his does, daniel hausser gay.

Besides Dustin is an opportunist not an advocate. Sohobod : Love you and your response! The thing that creeps me out the most is people like you who think its article source of their business who other people date.

You are really no daniel hausser gay than anti-gay moralists who claim that the same-sex relationship is wrong. He wants a wealthy successful guy to spoil him.

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Dustin wastes no time he calls Tom the next day Tom said this himself. This really strikes me as self-loathing homophobia.
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