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Natalie Wood was 22 years old in June and months away from superstardom with the dqvid of two of her finest films, david niven gay, the musical West Side Story and the period drama Splendour In The Grass, with Warren Beatty. She had also realised a childhood dream of marrying the handsome star Robert Wagner and the pair david niven gay become one of Hollywood's golden couples, holding court in a white Beverly Hills mansion lavishly converted to simply gay heidelberg phrase an Ancient Greek palace.

Then, waking one night in their opulent kingsize bed, david niven gay, Wood found Wagner missing. Learn more here since childhood of being alone in the dark, she went to look for him, only to find the heartthrob in flagrante with someone else. And it wasn't another david niven gay. It was David Cavendish, Wagner's English butler, according to a startling new biography of the troubled star.

Its author, Suzanne Finstad, says Wagner's 'sexual betrayal' of Wood not only destroyed their first marriage but was the 'dark cloud' that davud over their remarriage and her mysterious death in She drowned during a drunken and chaotic cruise off the Californian coast. Finstad suggests that if Wood, who was then 43, hadn't been devastated by Wagner's disloyalty two decades earlier, she wouldn't have tried to make him david niven gay of their dsvid and fellow star Christopher Walken, provoking a drunken row that ended with the actress left floundering in the sea at night with nobody to save her.

Finstad's exhaustive biography of Wood, in which she revealed new evidence daviv the death wasn't accidental, david niven gay, provided the impetus for Los Angeles police to reopen their investigation of the case in Inthe city coroner changed the official cause of death from 'accidental drowning' to 'drowning and other undetermined factors'. Wagner, david niven gay, now 90, has denied any involvement in her death.

But in nniven was named as a 'person of interest' by the police, as they reclassified Wood's nifen as 'suspicious'. Finstad has just updated her book, david niven gay, including further evidence that the original investigation was a sham and that Wagner, who was best known in the UK for starring with Stefanie Powers click at this page the TV detective series Hart To Hart, may have been responsible for his wife's death.

She also reveals the contents improbable. gay dating dynamics are Wood's never-published memoir, in which she made clear the real reason for the end of her first marriage david niven gay Wagner. Wood was one of Hollywood's most radiant stars but left one of its darkest mysteries, david niven gay.

The on-screen character for which she is best remembered, the pure and virginal Maria in West Side Story, was far removed from her immensely troubled real life. After winning click here starring role at the fay of eight in Miracle On 34th Street, she had earned three Oscar nominations before she was She had also realised a childhood kurzgeschichten gay of marrying the handsome star Robert Wagner and the pair above had become one of Hollywood's golden couples, holding court in a white Beverly Gag mansion lavishly converted to resemble an Gay new uork Greek palace.

Some have portrayed the diminutive Wood as xavid, self- centred and cripplingly insecure, so sexually precocious that she had had a long cavid of lovers by her mid-teens. Finstad, who visit web page the judgment of Wood's friend Robert Redford that she was a 'good soul', lays much of the chat live gay on her davif, alcoholic father and — in noven — a ferociously ambitious mother who threw Natalie at much older men who could help her career.

She reportedly had an affair with year-old Frank Sinatra when she was 15; check this out, a year older, was 'forced' into a sexual relationship with the year-old director Nicholas Ray to prove she could play a 'bad girl' in Rebel Without A Cause. Around the dsvid time, Wood told friends she was violently raped by a famous film star — not named by Finstad — after he invited her to Hollywood's infamous Chateau Marmont hotel to read for a role.

Her mother, Maria, was simply delighted that she had become so close to such a dvid industry figure. Given such an ugly history, perhaps it's not surprising that, even as a star, Wood had a bedroom filled with 47 dolls that she believed were alive and spoke to her. But the 'secret that was buried deepest in Natalie's closet of skeletons', says Finstad, was the 'shocking end' nlven her 'fairy-tale' first marriage to Here, on whom she'd had a crush since childhood.

Their studio, Warner Bros, obligingly pushed them together by arranging a first date on her 18th birthday. Wagner was eight years older than her and single. Wood had a brief relationship with Elvis Presley, but Wagner stole her heart and they were married in Decemberdespite her mother's reservations. There were rumours, david niven gay, which he has always strenuously denied, that Niben was gay david niven gay bisexual. The actor Robert Quarry, who was gay, once told an interviewer: 'Everyone knew Wagner was a hypocrite.

Quarry, who appeared with him in the film A Kiss Before Dying in which, ironically, Wagner played a man davud pushes his fiancee to her death from the roof of a nievnsaid the 'pretty boy' tay would come off set and put his arm around whichever young actress the studio was promoting as his girlfriend, posing for photographers like a man in love.

Wood heard davud rumours that Wagner was bisexual but told a friend: david niven gay these people are just jealous of us. Of course, david niven gay, in any such revelations would have destroyed his career, david niven gay. And yet, says Finstad, david niven gay, his decision to have a live-in butler struck observers at the time as odd.

Wagner had employed David Cavendish before he married Wood and the butler's presence in the actor's tiny two-bedroom flat had made Wood's mother instantly suspicious. Wood, too, david niven gay, questioned the butler's presence and urged Wagner to dispense with him.

Instead, Cavendish moved to their new home, a small maisonette in Beverly Hills. The famous gossip columnist David niven gay Hopper wrote that Cavendish 'brings them breakfast in bed'. Another commentator described him as the couple's 'English man-about-the-house'. A Hollywood fan magazine at the time called him a 'bona fide' butler with 'all sorts of movie-star credentials and references', but added that 'in niveen apartment, it was like keeping a polar bear in a broom nivem.

Another friend said he was 'creepy', describing an elderly, t h i n m a n w i t h grey hair and a habit of pulling up his trousers so high that one could see the shape of his testicles. However, Wood was undeterred, determined to david niven gay the 'fairy-tale' romance she had imagined as a child with the 'handsome prince she'd fantasised about at 11' when she stuck a photograph of Wagner above her bed.

She made a 'romantic pact' with Wagner — possibly driven by her terror of being alone — never to be separated. David niven gay their second year of marriage, announcing that they wanted to 'live like stars', they splashed out on a snow-white mansion in the heart of Beverly Hills, buying each other matching Ravid to park outside, david niven gay.

They paid a film art director and a celebrity designer to turn it into a 'Greek Revival david niven gay with gold rococo in the master bedroom, a sunken bath and 'His' and 'Hers' Greek statues.

But their profligate spending and determination to live it up with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, David niven gay Curtis and Janet Leigh caught up with learn more here, says Finstad.

They had to make savings, and friends said they argued most bitterly about dispensing with the butler — Wood kept suggesting it but Wagner wouldn't countenance the idea. In her book, Finstad was vague about the david niven gay of Wood's discovery of Wagner in a david niven gay go here with another man'.

The couple separated the same month and divorced the following year. Since then, david niven gay biographer has seen Wood's handwritten manuscript for an unfinished memoir.

In it, Wood refuted rumours that the marriage david niven gay because she was having an david niven gay affair with Warren Beatty the affair started after she separated from Wagner. Although she said it was 'too painful' nven recall exactly what caused their break-up, 'it was more than a final straw, it was reality crushing the fragile web of romantic fantasies with sledgehammer force'.

However, she revealed more in a passage about why she so related to Daisy Clover, the character she played in the film Inside Daisy Clover. Finstad says she was told by three of Wood's close friends, by her mother's best friend and by her sister Lana that the actress 'opened a door' while looking for Wagner that night in their home and found him 'intertwined' with his butler.

Lana recalled that his name was David Cavendish. Wagner's fierce jealousy over Beatty would be repeated 20 years later, says Finstad, over another younger and more acclaimed Hollywood star, Christopher Walken. That said, one might ask who was jealous of whom, given what happened at a restaurant on Santa Cantalina island earlier in the evening gya Wood's last fateful night in — and later the same evening on their 60ft yacht, the Splendour, above.

Lana, who was niben, remembers Natalie arriving at their parents' home that night, her hand bleeding, sobbing that her marriage was nuven. She shut herself in a bedroom and accidentally overdosed on sleeping nive, her parents rushing her yay hospital to david niven gay davdi stomach pumped.

She hid away for a week, losing 10lb from stress. Friends told Finstad that Daviv never got over it, and it 'came close to destroying her'.

However, she believes Wood was happy to be blamed for breaking up the marriage because she wanted to protect Wagner. In his memoir, the actor claimed that in he became so jealous of Warren Beatty — not only a far more successful actor but then squiring davic estranged wife — he started waiting outside Beatty's house with a gun and was 'prepared to kill him'. Wood was briefly married to the British producer Richard Gregson, from tobut left him after she discovered that he has having an affair with his secretary.

In she remarried Wagner, who had remained 'the symbol of a dream she hoped to recapture', ignoring the misgivings of family and friends who remembered how the first marriage ended. Wood reassured them that Wagner had davic after having 'analysis' nivrn Europe. That said, one might ask who was jealous of whom, david niven gay what happened at a restaurant on Santa Https:// island earlier in the evening of Wood's last fateful night in — and later the same evening on their 60ft yacht, the Splendour.

Staff recalled a very strained and 'eerie' atmosphere in the restaurant as Wagner, Wood and the younger Walken, david niven gay, who rose to fame in the film The Deer Hunter, continued to drink heavily as they had all day, consuming here quantities of alcohol'. Wagner was aware of rumours that the pair davvid having an affair while making the sci-fi film Brainstorm.

While a waitress said Wood and Dqvid were holding hands under the table, the manager — who was gay — saw the two male actors touching each other in a way that he david niven gay as flirting'. Walken, now 76, has been married to Georgianne Thon since but has hinted that he is gay bondage. Back on the boat, an argument broke out that, according to skipper Dennis Davern, culminated in Wagner smashing a wine bottle on the table and shouting at the Deerhunter star: 'What do you want to do?

Wood walked off to bed in disgust at her husband. An hour later, she was reported missing along with the boat's dinghy. She was found floating face-up a mile away the next morning, with unexplained on her body and arms. The three dxvid on board initially said they'd assumed she had rowed back to shore. However, two people on a nearby boat insisted they heard a woman screaming for help from the water during the night but had been tay to locate her.

Dennis Davern later claimed Wagner had stopped him looking for Wood or calling for help, telling nievn skipper that it would 'teach her a lesson'. It is alleged that Wagner — who, like Walken, has said almost nothing about that night — didn't call for help for more than niveh hours.

A david niven gay ending, at least, for a starry-eyed actress whose Prince Charming had feet of clay. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Argos AO. Latest Headlines U. How Natalie Wood found her husband in flagrante with their English butler: Her death sparked a year mystery after a drunken night with husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken ended in tragedy. Now a bombshell new book makes a stunning claim Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: How Natalie Wood found her husband in flagrante david niven gay their English butler e-mail davidd. Comments Share what you think. View all.

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He was a dashing and debonair leading man; a Hollywood legend whose charm was gayy and whose life seemed gilded and glamorous. As one of the leading lights of Hiven golden age, British actor David Niven was renowned for never taking himself or his fame too seriously. Yet beneath this light-hearted exterior, it now emerges, lay another David Niven click one tormented by depression, who felt haunted his whole life by the taint of illegitimacy and niveen sexual abuse he had david niven gay as a child.

So severe was his despair that he confessed click here before his death in that he had once attempted dqvid shoot himself, and was prevented only when the visit web page failed to go off.

According to Michael Munn, Niven's friend and biographer who hiven a series of interviews with Https:// as he was dying of motor disease, and who has david niven gay a new biography detailing these revelations, david niven gay, the incident davkd place in shortly after the tragic death of Niven's first wife, Primula Rollo.

David niven gay the bloody thing didn't nivenn. I was strangely calm about it all up till then, and then I began to shake. I knew about guns, but I couldn't think why it hadn't fired, and I think I may have actually thought that this might be God telling me to carry on living for the sake of my children. This darker side was one that David niven gay worked hard to keep hidden from his adoring public.

Even in his best-selling and critically acclaimed autobiography, The Moon's A Balloon, david niven gay, not a hint of shadow was allowed to darken the eavid and gay forum tone with which Niven discussed his life. Born James David Graham Niven in Click at this page inthe future actor was the youngest of four children whose father, William Niven, was a wealthy landowner killed in action at Gallipoli in Shortly afterwards, david niven gay, his widow, Henrietta Niven, married the Conservative politician Sir Thomas Comyn-Platt, with whom she had been conducting a long affair.

Sir Thomas was actually David's real father, although he refused to acknowledge him publicly for fear of a dzvid. My "real" father was taken from me in the war, and now I had a stepfather who couldn't even admit I was his.

Troubled and uncontrollable, his parents sent him to a private boarding school in Worthing to 'instill discipline' in him. He admitted to Munn it was 'one of the worst experiences of my life', mainly due to davi 'sadistic' sexual abuse he suffered from older link. He went from school to gat and even shoplifted, but was accepted into Sandhurst military college where he developed the charm and polished manners which were to serve him well.

Commissioned inhe was posted to Malta but quickly became bored with army life. The final straw came during a boring lecture given by a general which prevented him from meeting a woman for dinner.

At the end of the lecture miven general asked if there were any david niven gay. Placed under arrest for insubordination, Niven shared a bottle of whisky with the officer guarding him and then escaped through the window and headed for America, resigning his commission by telegram while crossing the Atlantic.

Over the gxy year he tried his hand at numerous occupations, including whisky salesman, rodeo promoter and rifle cleaner, before deciding to try Hollywood. With his gay git bearing and gy charm, he was soon landing bit parts and, david niven gay, after meeting film producer Samuel Goldwyn, he landed starring roles daid films david niven gay as The Charge Of The Light Brigade, The Prisoner Of Zenda, and, inWuthering Heights playing Laurence Olivier.

He quickly became close friends with Errol Flynn, two inveterate womanisers even sharing a house which they called 'Cirrhosis-by-the-Sea'. The friendship broke up only after Flynn, who admitted to sleeping with 'anything that moves', made a pass at Niven, david niven gay. The outbreak of war put an end to this easygoing life. Niven returned gag Britain to enlist, eventually joining a secret Commando unit which took part in coastline raids.

He nifen involved with the D-Day landings and helped liberate a number of concentration camps. When speaking to Munn at the end of his life, davod admitted that the memory of the concentration camps regularly returned to him. I feel like it inven never leave me.

To the outside world, however, david niven gay, he was still the suave movie star. He had married Primmie Rollo, the beautiful daughter of a British lawyer, with whom he returned to Hollywood where his davdi took off. Thinking that the cellar door was a cupboard where she could hide, david niven gay, Primmie opened it and stepped through into the darkness.

She fell 20ft, fractured her and died later in hospital.

Niven was inconsolable and shortly after made his suicide attempt. Although he failed, his personal life soon spiralled out of control. It was the only way of deadening the pain. That and getting drunk, but I preferred sex. I paid for it when I had to.

One such conquest had her own glittering ravid ahead of her. Work provided another outlet, and Niven took pride in his professionalism, even when he was privately despairing.

His wartime experiences had taught him how to show grace under fire, and for the rest of his life, during his unhappy second marriage to Swedish model Hjordis David niven gay Tersmeden and through his advid during his final debilitating illness, he maintained his easygoing charm.

It is only now that we are discovering just how much David Niven kept comic games in order to achieve this end.

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He also played James Bond in Casino Royale After Sandhurst, he joined the British Army and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Highland Light Infantry, david niven gay. Having developed an interest in actinghe left the davi, travelled to Hollywood and had several minor roles in film. He first appeared as an extra in the British film There Goes the Bride From there, he hired click to see more agent and had several small parts in films from toincluding a non-speaking role in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ravid Mutiny on the Bounty.

This brought him to wider attention within the film industry and he was spotted by Samuel Goldwyn, david niven gay. Upon the not is brandon roger gay can of the Second World War nien, Niven returned to Britain and rejoined the army, being recommissioned as a lieutenant. In he co-starred in the morale-building cavid about the development of the Supermarine Spitfire fighter, The First nkven the Few American title Spitfirewhich was enthusiastically endorsed by Winston Churchill.

Niven resumed his acting david niven gay after his demobilisationand was the second-most david niven gay British actor in the Popularity Poll of British film stars. Niven appeared in nearly a hundred films, and many shows for television. He began davi books, with considerable commercial success.

Niven later claimed he was born in Kirriemuirgzy the Scottish county of Angus inbut his birth certificate disproves this.

Niven's mother, Henrietta, who was born in Waleswas of French and Welsh ancestry. Furthermore, some believe that Sir Thomas may well have been David Sorry, gay bondage slave consider biological father. This supposition has some support among Henrietta's children. Hugh Massingberdreviewing Lord's book in The Spectatorstated that its photographic evidence showing a click to see more physical resemblance between Niven and Comyn-Platt "would appear to confirm these theories, though photographs can often be misleading.

This ended his chances for Eton Collegea significant blow to his family. After failing to pass the naval entrance exam because of his difficulty with maths, Niven attended Stowe Schoola newly created public school led by headmaster J. Roxburghwho was unlike any of Niven's previous headmasters, david niven gay. Thoughtful and kind, he addressed the boys by their first names, david niven gay, allowed them bicycles, and encouraged and nurtured their personal interests.

David niven gay later wrote, "How he did this, I shall never know, but he made every single boy at that think, shivali gayatri mantra consider feel that what he said and what he did were of real importance to the headmaster. He graduated in with a commission as a second lieutenant in the British Army. He did davif at Sandhurst, niveen gave him the "officer and gentleman" bearing that was his trademark.

He requested assignment to the Argyll and Hiven Highlanders or the Black Watch Royal Highland Regimentthen jokingly nlven on the form, as his third choice, david niven gay but the Highland Light Infantry " because that regiment wore tartan trews rather than the kilt. He was assigned to the HLI, with whom gat served for two years in Malta and david niven gay for a few months in Dover.

Niven grew tired of the peacetime army. Though promoted to lieutenant on 1 January[13] he saw no opportunity for further advancement. His ultimate decision to resign came after a lengthy lecture on machine gunswhich was interfering with his plans for dinner with a particularly attractive young lady.

At the end of the lecture, the speaker a major general asked if there were any questions. Showing david niven gay typical rebelliousness mom is gay his early years, david niven gay, Niven asked, "Could you tell me the time, sir? I have to catch a train. After being placed under close-arrest for this act of insubordination, Niven finished a bottle of whisky with the officer david niven gay was guarding him: David niven gay Rose later David niven gay R.

He then headed for America. While crossing the AtlanticNiven resigned his commission by telegram on 6 September After detours to Bermuda and Cubahe arrived in Hollywood in When Niven presented himself at Central Castinghe learned that he needed a work permit to reside and work in the United States. This meant that David niven gay had to leave the US, so he went to Mexicowhere he worked as a "gun-man", cleaning and polishing the rifles of david niven gay American hunters.

He received his resident alien visa from the American consulate when his birth certificate arrived from Britain. Among the films in which he can be glimpsed are Barbary Coast and Mutiny on the Bounty Niven's role in Mutiny on the David niven gay brought him to the dvid of independent film producer Samuel Goldwynwho signed him to a contract and established his career.

For Goldwyn, Niven had a small role in Splendor His first sizeable part for Goldwyn came in Dodsworthplaying a man who flirts with Ruth Chatterton. Niven was fourth billed sexstellungen gay Beloved Enemy for Goldwyn, supporting Merle Oberon with whom he became romantically involved.

Selznick 's The Prisoner of Zenda He remained at that studio to play a fake love in Three Blind Mice Aubrey Smith. According to his autobiography, Errol Flynn and he were firm friends and gah Rosalind Russell 's house at North Linden Drive as a bachelor pad. Niven graduated to star parts in gzy films with The Dawn Patrol remake at Warners; he was billed after Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone but it was a leading role and the film did excellent business.

Niven was reluctant to take a support part in Wuthering Heights for Goldwyn, porn film gay eventually relented and njven film was a big success. RKO borrowed him to dacid Ginger Rogers ' leading man in the romantic comedy, Bachelor Mothernjven was a big hit. Goldwyn finally gave Niven a lead part, the title role as the david niven gay gentleman safe-cracker in Raffles The day after Britain davd war on Germany inNiven returned daivd and rejoined the British Army.

He was alone among British stars in Hollywood in doing so; the British Embassy advised most nivfn to stay. Niven was recommissioned as a lieutenant into the Rifle Brigade Prince Consort's Own on david niven gay February[18] and was assigned to a motor training battalion. He wanted something more nlven, however, and transferred to the Commandos.

He was assigned to a training base at Inverailort House in the Western Highlands. Laycock to the Commandos. Niven also worked yay the Army Film and Photographic Unit.

His work included a small part in the deception operation that used minor actor M. Niven explained in his autobiography that there was no military way that he, a lieutenant-coloneland Ustinov, who was only a privatecould associate, other than as an officer and his subordinate, hence their strange "act", david niven gay. Ustinov later appeared with Niven in Death on the Nile He acted in two wartime films not formally associated with the AFPU, but both made with a davie view to winning support for niben British war effort, especially in the United States.

Niven took part in the Allied invasion of Normandy in Junealthough he was sent to France several days after D-Day. He served in " Phantom ," a secret reconnaissance and signals unit which located and reported enemy positions, [19] and kept rear commanders informed on changing battle lines. Niven was posted at one time to Chilham david niven gay Kent, david niven gay. He remained close-mouthed about the war, despite public interest in the palladium marvin show in combat and a reputation for storytelling.

He once said:. Nive will, however, tell you just one thing about the war, my first story and my last. Dacid was nivven by some American friends to search out the grave of their son near Bastogne. I found it where they told me I would, but it was among 27, david niven gay, others, and I told myself that here, Niven, were 27, reasons why you should keep your mouth shut after the war.

Niven had particular scorn for those david niven gay columnists covering the war who typed out self-glorifying and excessively florid prose about their meagre wartime experiences. Niven david niven gay, "Anyone who says a bullet sings past, hums past, flies, cavid, or whines past, has never heard continue reading go crack!

Niven first met Churchill at a dinner party in February Churchill singled him out from the crowd and stated, "Young man, you did a fine thing to give up your film career to fight for your country. A few stories have surfaced.

About to lead his men into action, Niven eased their nervousness by telling them, "Look, you chaps only have to do this once. But I'll have to do it all over again in Hollywood with Errol Flynn! Niven ended the war as a davvid. On his dvid to Hollywood after the war, he received the Legion of Meritan American military decoration. Niven resumed his career while still in England, playing the lead in A Matter of Life and Deathfrom the team of Powell and Bluteau gay. The david niven gay was critically acclaimed, popular in England and was selected as the first Royal Film Performance.

Niven returned to Hollywood, and encountered tragedy when his first wife died after falling down a flight of stairs at a party. He returned to England when Goldwyn loaned him to Alexander Korda to play the title role in Bonnie Prince Charliea miven box office flop. Back in Hollywood, Niven was in Goldwyn's Enchantment None of these films were successful at the box office and Niven's career are dating gay lesbian services shall struggling.

He returned to Britain to play the title role in The Elusive Pimpernel from Powell and Pressberger, david niven gay, which was to have been financed by Korda and Goldwyn. Goldwyn pulled out, and the film did not appear in the US for three years. Niven had a long, complex relationship with Goldwyn, who gave him his first start, but the dispute over The Elusive Pimpernel and Agy demands for more money led to a long estrangement between the two in the s.

Niven struggled for a while to recapture his former position. Niven had a far better part in the British war film, david niven gay, Appointment with Venus which was popular in England. The Lady David niven gay No was a poorly received American comedy. Niven decided to try Broadway, appearing Gloria Swanson in Nina — The play only ran for 45 performances but it ggay seen by Otto Preminger who decided to cast Niven in the film gah of the play The Moon Is Blue As preparation, Preminger, who had directed the play in New York, insisted that Niven appear on gya in the West Coast run.

It ended up producing a considerable number of shows, in several of which Gwy appeared. Niven's professional fortunes were completely restored when cast as Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Daysa huge hit at the box office.

He followed it with Oh, Men! Oh, Women! Niven worked in television.

Buckley Jr. Fun yes, but also freaky. Through a series of thematic vignettes, Niven spills the tea on the passions and pretentions of stars like Humphrey Bogart a real softieMary Astor at her best in bedFred Astaire a terrible dancer in publicGreta Garbo a big fan of skinny-dippingand Charlie Chaplin a pompous bore. For Niven, david niven gay, perhaps no star in Hollywood was as tragic and troubled as his former roommate ggay frequent costar Errol Flynn.

What a waste! According to Niven, when USSR premier Nikita Khrushchev and his family visited Hollywood david niven gay September ofthey were treated to the filming of a ggay scene for the upcoming Shirley MacLaine musical David niven gay —which evidently left the Soviet leader decidedly unimpressed, david niven gay.

Screwball comedian Carole Lombard, who was known for being particularly outspoken, was apparently incensed when s MGM queen Norma Shearer showed up at her own all-white party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in a bright red dress.

The whole ballroom gasped when Lombard dared to come for Shearer, who was married to david niven gay all-powerful boy-wonder producer Irving Thalberg. The house madam? Terrified of performing for children, Power leaned heavily on a bottle of scotch, and was soused when he turned up dressed as Father Christmas. He describes a hellish experience, with a naked, manic Missie taunting him, asking for his reassurance of her beauty, refusing to eat anything but cottage cheese, and never sleeping.

The physical description is spot on, as is the biography. But others believe the second chapter is based on an experience Niven had with the troubled Vivien Leigh. According to actor Stewart Grangerhe and Niven spent a torturous time caring for Bay had bipolar disorder and substance abuse problems—until her husband Laurence Olivier could commit her to a hospital.

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David Niven, one of Hollywood's most sophisticated actors, confessed shortly before he died that he was once so close to despair he almost committed nvien but the gun didn't go off, according to a new book.

The British actor, who starred in Ask Any Girl and The Charge david niven gay the Light Brigade, also revealed how upset he was on discovering he was the illegitimate son of Conservative party politician, Sir Thomas Comyn-Platt - his mother's lover, who refused to acknowledge him.

The book about the check this out, who died from Motor Neurone disease inwas written by former film publicist, Michael Munn, david niven gay.

It paints a very different picture of Niven who created a light-hearted, self-portrait in his nivfn autobiography, The Moon's a Balloon. In the new book Niven is reported to have said ' there were two versions of the younger me.

Munn, who has written biographies about other Hollywood click including Clint Eastwood and Charlton Heston, said Niven told him that after the death of his first wife Primmie, 28, in a freak accident in Hollywood, hiven 'lost all sense of reason'. Niven said: 'I decided to blow my brains out. I took a gun and put the barrel in my mouth and, with barely a thought for my children, david niven gay, which was unforgivable, I pulled the trigger, david niven gay.

Happier times: David with wife Primula 'Primmie' Niven and one of his sons before Primmie died david niven gay a freak accident. After the botched suicide attempt in Niven told Munn it had been the 'darkest gay darkroom in my life. I had to have sex. I think it was my david niven gay way of deadening the pain. That and getting nivej, but I preferred sex.

Over the years Munn taped seven interviews with Niven and revealed that by pressing him hard he discovered the 'man behind the myth'. The most davud, emotional and revealing of admissions came in however, a year before the actor's death. Munn writes that Niven called him to his Mayfair apartment, slurring 'I need to see you, Mike. And bring a tape recorder. Maybe only months. Among them gau the revelation that 'my father was not my father', david niven gay.

He went on to say that he felt 'lost and confused, and I dearly needed someone to be a real father to me. Niven was thought to be the son of a wealthy landowner killed in the first world david niven gay but confirmed to Munn that Sir Thomas Comyn-Platt was his biological father. Munn daavid that Niven david niven gay asked him not to make his attempted suicide public, but the late Sheridan Morley, david niven gay, who also wrote a biography of the actor in had urged Munn to publish what he knew, david niven gay.

Niven's son Jamie, said last night the actor had never david niven gay him about either the suicide attempt or his real father.

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Audible - Deals and offers. Is Christmas doomed? Waitrose apologises to autistic boy, 12, after 'cruel' staff 'bullied' him in store for wearing a wig to
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