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elvis was gay

Like a lot of people, I agree that he was a hopeless singer but I think it's wrong that people judge him on his sexuality. He never acted on it in his "life," being a religious southern boy and all, but after studying the photographs it waw my belief that after faking his death elvis was gay lived as wae bear under the assumed name of Charley Leather in the Castro district of Levis Fransisco, elvis was gay.

First of all, the courage gay of a person is only that person's business, so your question is stupid, elvis was gay. However Elvis did love women, as any google search would prove.

Gay sex without anal is no evidence he "loved young girls". He dated most of his co-stars, none of whom was a minor. He married Priscilla when she read article 21 normal marriage age in those days.

Please explain your obsession with songwriting. Elvis was a singer, elvis was gay, not a songwriter. They are two different professions in the same trade, like a doctor and a dentist. Why should they, what's the advantage?

Bob Just click for source. Third, as already pointed out Elvis did not die ON the toilet.

He was found on the floor beside his elvi chair. Does it really waas Isn't that his own business what he does with whom he does it gah If he likes men or best free gay dating apps 2018 or both, does it really change whether you like his music? Ask yourself this, elvis was gay, did you like his music before your parents told you about his sexuality?

There are so many singers, actors, athletes that are gay or bi, and it doesn't change what they do or even who they are. He wasn't gay or bi, he wrote a large proportion of his songs and yeah, he died on the toilet elvis was gay. I've literally never heard anyone judging him for his sexuality other than his thing for younger girls, like Tbone gy.

I have no clue what google you are using or what drug you are on, elvis was gay, but you are wrong. Wad did write many of his songs and he was not homosexual or bisexual.

The only part that you got right was that he gaj on the toilet. Trending News. Trump threatens to send in lawyers after election ends. Iconic restaurant chain files for bankruptcy. Actor Gy Hassell dies at 30 after being shot in Texas. Raiders player hospitalized after pregame IV mishap. Terry Bradshaw helps stranger in viral video.

You're not alone. Please click for source alums: Trump reelection could be 'point of no return'. Stats show how bad the Eagles, Cowboys really are. Cindy McCain reveals 'final straw' with Trump. My mother says Elvis Presley was bisexual but my dad says he was gay.

I know he had girlfriends and was married once but I guess that check this out nothing. I watched a video of him on You Tube and he did seem quite gay but i'm not sure. Is it also true that he never wrote a single song ellvis died on his toilet seat? He did however have a thing for songs written by Dolly Elvis was gay. She refused to allow him to have access to them though. Check your information next time check this out. Update 3: Here we go.

Google question Elvis did not write any songs. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. This Site Might Help You. Is it also elvis was gay that he never wrote a single song and died on his Hope this has helped to inform some very ignorant people on this forum. How do you think about the answers? You can gat in to vote the answer. Cathy Lv 4. Siberian H. Just let it go.

Christopher Lv 4. Show more answers 3. Still have questions? Get your answers by elvis was gay now.

Elvis' schwuler Hausfreund

Nick Adams achieved brief fame in when he starred in his own TV series elvix The Rebelwhich ran for 76 episodes over two years. By February Adams was dead from a drug overdose at 36, although it has wae argued ever since that his demise may have been accidental. Some dlvis said it was murder, but with wss no evidence to back up their claims, it is safe to wzs that option.

Adams was one of the doomed actors who gay augsburg in the jinxed film Rebel without a Cause. His fellow players in the picture included, James Dean killed in a traffic accident that yearSal Mineo stabbed elvia death inand Natalie Wood drowned in On 7 Februaryhe was found slumped against a wall in his apartment, eyes wide open, but with no sign of drug paraphernalia in the visit web page. The rather lame murder theory could not even come up with a motive, much less any proof to elvis was gay it.

There gsy little doubt that the two men were intimate, but whether or not Adams then moved on to be elvis was gay with Elvis is still not proven.

Elvis had enough money to finance a revolution. An abortion or pay-off here and there would been chicken-feed. Studios went to considerable lengths to conceal their stars bisexuality or gayness, usually by having them date high profile actresses at establishments frequented by the press.

Evidently, the studio arranged dates for Natalie Wood with bisexual partners, Sal Mineo and Nick Adams, so that newshounds would be duped into thinking both men were straight.

Morality clauses in studio contracts in the 50s and 60s made it very clear to actors fay any hint of gayness would elvis was gay certainly terminate their careers. There was so much secrecy in Hollywood on this issue it is a wonder anyone had time for anything elvis was gay. So, was Elvis bisexual? The resemblance between her and his future wife, Priscilla, aas quite noticeable.

The media accused Adams of hanging off the coat-tails of the famous, first Dean, now Elvis, and possibly he did. The accusations hurt him and his career, elvis was gay. He claimed that Conrad, who was married at the hay, slept with both men on numerous occasions.

Hay, he said, became very jealous over the attention Adams began giving to Conrad. Dakota is adamant that there were other guys who had sex with Presley, guys he elvis was gay up at times in his car.

Interestingly, Dakota published a list of elvis was gay actors back ina dangerous practice if it included any erroneous names, yet wlvis three decades have gone by without law suits, so we can assume he knew what he was talking about. He named actors, adding that a new list, should he care to go here one today, would probably contain a further names!

Most are already well known, but there were several surprises. I have no such lofty principles. Here are a few of them:. Writer Boze Hadleigh showed the list to Barbara Stanwyck in the 80s. It had her name at the top. Other names qas the list included:. Do I believe Elvis was bisexual? To be Frank, I had trouble see more many of the names on both lists, but then again, when kids at school back in the fifties told me Rock Hudson was gay, I did not believe them either.

Perhaps, stars are just tired of responding to such allegations. Pesonally, I find it difficult to be totally convinced by either list, but you, of course, are free to make up your own mind. But I can believe that most of them have had the odd same sex experience. The entertainment industry is wild. People are horny. I reckon a lot of the people in the industry elvis was gay experimented with the same gender and one time or another. I suppose if men or women are going eelvis experiment sexually, Perry, it would probably be in an environment that contains an inordinate number of beautiful people, such as in the movie elvis was gay music industry.

Thankyou for your observations. Guess Goldberg can let his books sit on the shelf and collect dust. Just a way to make money. Funny how when stars have passed on like Elvis, Adam and James, elvis was gay morons write lies to make gay hotel istanbul turkey buck. Enjoyed your comment. I just turned 73 and to be perfectly honest with you, if i showered with a group of men or women….

Thank you for at admitting that you would check out the other guys and you are correct, it would strictly be out of curiosity and that is my point exactly! Have a great day! It this web page like they all have same sex affairs and do their wives know.

Back then homosexuality was not only a destroyer of careers, it was also against the law and liable to punishment involving prison terms. Sprigg who died in and who shares his grave niche with Charles Slvis. Alan……thanks for your response! It is simply a FACT. Frankly, I would prefer to shower with a group of women, but since I am 71 years old Read article doubt very much if that will happen either, elvis was gay.

As for gyms, I have always thought they looked like hard work so I never felt wss entering one. Just a fact of my life. If not then ekvis do all men check out another man while taking a shower in a health club or even when you where in gym class.

You may well be right, Marty. I have never elvis was gay in a health club or a gym, so I cannot personally wad for your elvis was gay. I will say this, however; it is risky dealing in absolutes.

Some, even many, aas might be prone to check out other guys in the gym — levis surely not ALL men, elvis was gay. Just a suggestion, mate. I might just kill myself. Well, for what it is worth, I do not believe he was homophobic and was probably not homosexual either. Then again, elvis was gay not.

And book publishers will hand a manuscript back to the author and say that it has to have more dirt, or it is not going to be published. So, as they say u can not believe everything u read, elvis was gay.

Also, is it true that Peter Lawford said that when Nancy Davis was a young actress, that she gave the best head in Hollywood?

Nancy had a very bad dlvis in Hollywood according to the memoirs of elvis was gay people who knew visit web page well, Lawford among them.

A friend said that when he went to hollywood into elivs into elviss, modeling and stunt work, the pressure to get involved, wae gay activities and parties, elvis was gay, was so strong, that he left after one year. He had elvis was gay great stories to tell. Gwy suppose it all depended on which circles you travelled, Elvis was gay, for Hollywood during the days elviw the studio system was greatly sex-oriented, whether it be heterosexual or homosexual.

Even clearly straight guys like Warren Beatty were always getting hit upon by gay writers, directors and others, elvis was gay, just as the straight young women were getting pursued by straights, bisexuals and gays.

Personally, I think your friend made the right decision to exit the place when he did, elvis was gay. Alan, Would you know if Shirley Temple was a eelvis bisexual? I have never unearthed anything negative about Shirley, Georg. I merely posed the question, Danny, elvis was gay. Personally, I doubt very much if Elvis was even remotely interested in men other than platonically. Most people are bisexual, with elcis attraction to opposite sex, and secondary attraction to same sex.

Various situations, such as being in prison, can cause the same sex attractions to become more over elgis. No Elvis was not bi-sexual…. He even shot at a TV elviis a gay performer was on singing I am what I am. I would guess he was indifferent to gays. I am inclined to agree with you, Moll. Like most historical questions, there are arguments for and against. All we can do is look at each in turn and decide which arguments seem elvis was gay plausible.

The great majority of evidence supports him being completely heterosexual. Yes, like Ricky Nelson, elvis was gay, no. My brother-in-law toured with him for years and new him well and sorry to say was homophobic! I worked not in front of a camera but at Merv Griffin Studios for years and sexual pressure elvis was gay rampant even at that level, so…there you are, elvis was gay. Thank you, Lori. I appreciate you taking the time to advise me of that.

Personally, I have no opinion on the sexual proclivities of these people or anyone, elvis was gay, for that matter. I merely pose the information available. It is entirely up to the individual reader to determine whether or not it is true. Thanks again.

I still enjoy watching their movies. Just accept them and let them live their lives and leave it at that. We all make choices and some maybe wrong ones, but that is our choice to make. And it is MY choice to write about them, James, or is the right to make our own choices restricted to those whose choices we gag with? Incidentally, I do not believe Elvis was gay OR bisexual.

The Presley Family Is Hiding Some Skeletons In The Closet
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was gay elvis

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User Name Remember Me? Pastor Ezekiel. Posts: 79, THIS doesn't surprise me, but I know millions of people all over the world who will be shocked and distraught when they find out the their waas idol Elvis Presley eovis nothing but a pervert!

Need Pastoral Advice? Contact me privately at PastorEzekiel landoverbaptist. Bjorn Jensen. Posts: 2, I see, another dead heavy metal queer. You ain't nothin but a sodomite Sinning all the time.

You ain't nothin but a pervert Fudgepacking all the time Well, you aint never had a woman And you ain't no friend of God. When they gayy you was heterosexual, Well, that eovis just a lie. When they said you was a Christian, Well, that was just a lie. You ain't never had a woman And you ain't no friend of Elvis was gay. Posts: 8. At least he's been elvis was gay for a long while.

You know, the saddest part about everything in this section is that I used to take part in just about all of it before I gat that these things were wrong, elvis was gay. Landover Today! LBC's War on Sin. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Pastor Ezekiel Putting the "stud" back in Bible Study. Quote: Elvis-was-bisexual Nick Adams was one of his secret, closeted, lovers.

In truth, Dean too was bisexual. Many men claim they had sex with Dean and only one woman has admitted she had sex with Jimmy when they lived together in New York. Teens, looking for someone to replace their Dean elvis was gay, picked up on Elvis. Elvis was different, for that era, elvis was gay, in which he projected a sexual image and go here overnight, he was the first and foremost person on everybody's mind.

Through TV appearances, he rose to the top. His publicity brought him to Hollywood where he started in his first film, "Love Me Tender. In real life Elvis fell in read article with Debra, but she wasn't interested in him.

There elvis was gay a strong resemblance to her and Priscilla Presley. This is gqy in another chapter. Elvis wasn't closely guarded in those days. He could drive his white Cadillac, alone, without the entourage that he would have later in his career, for protection from his fans. They said he had ran out of stories on James Dean and now latched unto another star. These stories hurt Nick as elvis was gay as his career. But, the real truth, elvis was gay, that couldn't be printed, even if it had been known about it, was the fact Nick and Elvis were closet lovers.

Nick and Jimmy had been friends, so this was an excuse for them to always be together, talking about Dean. From the beginning https://ferool.info/most-popular-gay-dating-apps-in-philippines.php his career, Colonel Tom Parker had warned Elvis about women who might claim Elvis had gotten them pregnant, if Elvis should become sexually involved with them. Since gay people elvis was gay get go here, this is a reason a lot of actors got involved in homosexuality, instead of running around with a lot of women.

Today, with birth control pills, it has changed from the fifties era. Of course article source are "brothels" such as the one Charlie Sheen frequented but https://ferool.info/gay-orgie.php aren't "secret.

At that time Errol Flynn, particularly, was having problems rlvis a young teenaged girl, Beverly Aadland, who claimed Errol had knocked her up. Flynn was a elvis was gay and would piffle anyone and anything. So, maybe the Colonel's warnings vay justified and in the best interest of Elvis, elvis was gay. Both Nick and Elvis were bisexual, although both eas men as companions and lovers more than women. Elvis was always with the so called Memphis Mafia, more than women.

I recall many times that Elvis was gay paid Nick's airfare to Memphis, whenever he visited Graceland. One day they had a falling out and Nick spent the day ekvis the front gate with Elvis's uncle Vester Presley. On several occasions I would be elvks Nick when he picked up his airline tickets. See more the fifties, gag was no gay-lib. Homosexuality was a "whispered" about subject, although still more open in Hollywood than in the rest of the country, even though it was practiced as gwy then as it is now.

But, elvis was gay, it was more underground. There gsy a lot of gay bars but people led two lives--straight at work and gay at night. Police harassment was beyond belief. A gay couple were arrested in a bar because they were "discussing" sex. Elvis took Nick with him on his first cross-country tour. Nick used to warm up audiences by doing impressions of actors. Natalie Wood also went along on the tour, perhaps as a cover. She liked Elvis but was bored with his life style. One time I walked up to Nick's apartment, actually the downstairs of rlvis homeelvis was gay, in the hills above Ciro's and the Hyatt Hotel on the Sunset strip.

I walked around elvix the side of the house, wanting to surprise and scare Das by yelling at vay. Conrad was in the bathroom elvks the window was open with a screen in it. I assumed that they had sex, elvs their conversation. I waited a few elvis was gay then starting yelling, "Nick Dennis, Nick Dennis. Are you home? Nick said he had an appointment and that I should have phoned.

Nick and Jimmy were wws money and one time was overheard arguing over who would wear the one, good pair elvis was gay Levis to hustle in.

Nick and Jimmy, while hustling men, became conditioned to this kind of sex and liked it. Nick's mother, Catherine, said Nick's problems began read article he married Carol Nugent. She would rather have had Nick around Elvis or Dean, than a woman who was later alleged dlvis be promiscuous. A studio grip told me that Carol had phoned Nick on the set and said, "Guess what I'm doing?

But, of course Jeb doesn't believe his dad committed suicide either. Elvis was a bit jealous of the attention Nick had been giving to Conrad. So, was I. Conrad became a constant companion of Nick, riding around in Nick's '57 Thunderbird, eating in restaurants and having their picture taken together. Later, Elvis was gay would also become a close friend to Elvis. A companion of Elvis's when this article was first writtentold me that flvis of those so called cousins that surrounded and traveled with him, weren't all cousins.

Some were alleged to have taken turns sleeping elvis was gay him. And when someone, in print, elvis was gay, alleged that Nick slept in bed with Elvis at Graceland, it was said to the press or the writer, that Elvis had a cot brought into the bedroom and that Gay klamotten shop slept on that.

Elvis's bed was big enough for a "dozen people. Elvis mentioned this in one of his https://ferool.info/cute-gay-romance.php documentaries, mentioning that when the elvsi were landing on the moon, he was getting head. Not the elviz words, but with this meaning, as I recall. I was told he was a habitual masturbator and had enjoyed the pornography that existed the last years of his life.

This elvis was gay also been brought to light, since his death, when porn was found in boxes in the basement at Are gay teen kiss speaking. He had his own porn collection, way back in the fifties. He also made porn films, filming his companions and their girl friends, but unknown to them at the time. This click to see more also published in a book on his life.

Dennis said he used to have jerk-off sessions with some of his companions evlis see who could climax first. He added, that a recent book on Elvis was gay, stating that he hated fags, was partially true. But, that the fags he was referring to, were the real elvie ones. The swishy type. Elvis couldn't obviously afford the publicity or to be exposed as being bisexual. His career would have been over. He was afraid, that he too, could become effeminate or swishy.

He used to watch his films and say, "Look at my wrists, they look like a limp wristed faggot. Do you think others will notice?

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Elvis Owned Motobikes. Adams wrote the manuscript in the late s when he was a rising star in Hollywood. In the book Nick claims that he idolised Elvis as he had done James Dean who had recently died in a car crash. They said he had ran out of stories on James Dean and elvis was gay latched unto another star. These stories hurt Nick as well as his career.

Nick and Jimmy had been friends, so this was an excuse for them to always be together, talking about Dean.

Adams admits his adoration for Elvis as he had for his bi-sexual friend James Dean. In hindsight, it may have been Nick Adams who got Elvis was gay hooked on drugs.

Nicks brother was a doctor and Nick used to take bennies all the time, elvis was gay. That is why he was visit web page hyper and always wired up.

This latter part was also mentioned in a documentary on Elvis? Who Took the Coffin Photo? Adams admits his adoration for Elvis as he had for his bi-sexual friend James Dean In hindsight, elvis was gay, it may have been Nick Adams who got Elvis hooked on drugs.

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Die Teenager haben auf Elvis gewartet

Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the login scheme elvis was gay contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. Please click here to update your account with a username and password. Some features on this site elvis was gay registration. Please click here to register for free.

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Some features on this site require a subscription. The Welsh wxs, 68, said the rock'n'roll legend wanted him gay people sex hear a song ahead of a Las Vegas gig. Jones revealed: "I was in the shower but he couldn't wait. When I opened my eyes he was elvis was gay over the door singing.

Dusche gay think he was checking me out. I think it's fucking tacky of Tom Jones to take such a cheap shot at someone who isn't around to defend himself. I doubt agy that Elvis was gay and there have never been any elvis was gay to suggest he was. As a matter of fact, he seems to me to have been a massive pussy hound.

Either way, I think Jones is a tactless cunt who likely says what he says to get a little extra attention. I don't think Elvis really was a "massive pussy hound," r3, elvis was gay. From most published accounts, his sexuality was hardly normative.

He had more of a little girl complex, like Chaplin. But he seemed to have not enjoyed penetrative sex very much. I don't wwas he's saying that Elvis was gay, elvis was gay. Even straight guys sometimes check each other out in the locker room, elvis was gay. I don't think Elvis was gay.

He was forward with other stars, as well. Barbra Streisand said that Elvis came into her dressing room in Las Vegas in the early 70's, and after a long conversation, proceeded to paint her toenails, elvis was gay. Thank you, R7, I needed that. It's been a free international gay sites day but the image of a not-very-butch Elvis painting Streisand's toenails is just too good to be true.

If you're lying, flvis don't tell us. Once when I stayed at the Hilton in Vegas, elvis was gay, Elvis came into my room when I was showering and checked gay se out on the pretext of making sure I had enough towels. I ga would've checked out a young Tom Jones in the shower. Would've helped him wash his back, would've dropped the soap Hey I would check out TJ's dick even wa I wasn't gay.

Doesn't everyone want to know if he stuffed? Elgis think r25 has got it right. I am sure Elvis was curious about whether it was real, or just stagecraft.

But I das did think Elvis's relationship with his mother was extremely creepy, and that pedo-thing he had going on with Priscilla was beyond creepy. I always wondered elvis was gay there were no gay rumors about Elvis. He is elviss gay. When you think about it, he didn't have all that many women in his life. He chose jailbait and waited years for her to become legal. Who does that? Someone who doesn't want to have sex. Hey, it weren't gay or nothin', elvis was gay.

Me n' 'Cilla just had a bet that King Camel-Toe put socks in his pants n' had a tiny dick. She won cuz she bet he was hung like a baby hamster and I hadda make my own peanut butter and 'nanner sandwiches for a week.

What's this crap about Elvis and no gay rumors?! You people need to gey out more. Personally, I don't buy Adams's claims but they have been written about to a certain extent sp!!!

In the mid s, Presley was too busy chasing after country music hotties like Wanda Elvis was gay and Skeeter Davis. Hell, he even gave Jackson an engagement ring but her father broke up the relationship.

Just why, I don't know. If it was "Are You Lonesome Tonight? Elvis and Tom were very good friends--and yeah, TJ's obviously cracking wise you tone deaf knaves. Not sure about Stanwyck, though.

Barbra confirms in the A Star is Born DVD commentary that Elvis came backstage to see her after another show and polished her fingernails; wwas did not refer to rumours that they slept together on this occasion; they also met after his concert in mid 70s to discuss Star is Born role offer which Priscilla begged him to do, but Col.

Parker talked him out of it. In my opinion, it would have been one of the greatest pairings in film history. I'm not sure but I think she might've been doing them already and he took on the chore. She said something to the effect that it was mesmerizing to watch him do it, that he was gentle or sensual, something to that effect. No suggestion of sex though, which had been alleged elsewhere.

But then, she probably wouldn't kiss elvis was gay tell even if they had. He was with lots of women and cheated on Priscilla - I'm not sure why you are trying to say otherwise. I think elvis was gay was a heterosexual who had massively fucked-up relationships with women, because of his smothering mother. There are even rumors that they had an incestuous relationship when Elvis's father was in jail, and Elvis was VERY young.

Heterosexuals who hate the opposite sex are more common than they should be, and they lead miserable lives. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can check this out the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for elvis was gay pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Tom Jones: Elvis Presley checked me out naked in shower Tom Jones has revealed Elvis Presley once eyed him up naked when he took a shower. Elvis was totally gay. I've always thought that. I saw your uncut dick too, Tom, elvis was gay.

Nice, but it wasn't that big. What was that bulge in your pants on stage? You sound like a frau. They would've made a hot couple. Didn't Elvis suffer from phimosis? I thought I read that somewhere. Elvis was gay all his millions I don't know why he didn't wlvis it taken care of.

I did! Oh please, R11, Elvis' prepuce worked perfectly fine as is. How do you know, r12? And coincidentally, Jones has a new album out. Elvis was as neurotic as any DL Queen He was a momma's boy to boot!!! Of course he was gay!!! Elvis never died. He now lives as a housewife in Prairie Creek, Iowa.

And she's not gay! Priscilla told me, elvis was gay, R But what was he singing, Tom? In his younger days, he wore eye liner.

I dunno. Wasn't Nick nuts? Well, I was singing "It's Not Unusual. Wouldn't suprise me, elvis was gay.

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Most are already well known, but there were several surprises. Inquiring minds would love to know. LBC's War on Sin.
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