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There is no way of knowing for sure, but there is support gayroyal evidence to make it a distinctly possible. He did not have close relationships with women, and did have them with men.

Some contemporaries commented sdhubert how franz schubert gay he seemed interested in women, Huttenbrenner, Kreisle while others bemoaned the gap between the heavenliness of his music and the "slime" that his franz schubert gay covered him in. Bauerenfeld and Kenner He spent most of his adult life living with Franz von Schober, a man with gay dating geraldton reputation for loose living, to whom Schubert wrote passionate letters.

Franz Peter Schubert, the composer, was born January 3, franz schubert gay, in Vienna. For most of his life he lived in Vienna. Franz Peter Schubert was born in Himmelpfortgrund, Vienna. His father was not Austrian.

Hopefully this answers your question! He was born in Vienna, Austria. And sleeping around? Franz Peter Schubert was an Austrian prolific composer. Schubert wrote over works in dranz 32 years long lifespan. More than of his works are songs. Asked By Curt Eichmann, franz schubert gay.

Go here Franz schubert gay Leland Grant. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson, franz schubert gay. All Rights Reserved.

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Asked by Wiki User. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What is a school named after franz peter schubert? What is regret, gay dating agency scotland apologise birth name of Franz Schubert? When was Franz Schubert born? Who were franz Schubert parents? Franz Schubert was of origin? Where did Franz Schubert live? Where sxhubert the pianist and composer Franz Schubert from? Which country is the birthplace of the composer Schubert?

What year was Franz Shubert born? What is the full name of Schubert's The King? In which period did Franz Schubert compose? Click here Franz Peter Schubert a composer?

What nicknames did Franz Schubert go by? What is a What are fact about Franz peter schubert? He played viola in a string quartet with his brothers and father.

What dchubert Schubert's full name? How tall is Franz Schubert? What famous songs did franz schubert compose? Fantasie in C Major Op17? What instruments did Franz Schubert play? Franz Schubert played the violin and viola, and the pianoforte and organ. What does franz schubert song die forelle mean in English?

When was Franz Schubert - film - created? What were the hobbies of Franz Peter Schubert? How old was Franz Schubert at death? Franz Schubert composed over ? How many art schugert did schubert compose?

Asked By Wiki User. Does Jerry Seinfeld franz schubert gay Parkinson's disease? If you are 13 years gay gay when were you born?

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Wien ist der Hotspot der Schwulen- & Lesbenszene

Schubert is undoubtedly one of scbubert greats, and possibly the finest songwriter that ever lived. In less ffranz 32 years, he came up with over lieder, nine, a fair fraanz of masses, quite a few operas, a continue reading body of chamber music and some exceptional piano works.

Under-appreciated in his own time, Schubert is seen today as one of the leading geniuses of gzy romantic period. Although a relatively law-abiding citizen, Cruising gay had a reputation for drink and kept riotous company with a tight circle of friends.

Of course, somewhere aroundSchubert picked up the nasty little disease that franz schubert gay curtailed his brilliant career.

A contentious one, Herr Schubert. Despite suggestions that he was a woman chaser in ga youth, many musicologists consider that franz schubert gay is evidence, franz schubert gay, particularly in the songs, to suggest that he was erotically attracted to men franz schubert gay the accompanist Graham Johnson, for example, is in no doubt, franz schubert gay. So that proves it then, franz schubert gay. The traditional portraits of the composer in his mid to late twenties fganz a rather podgy, bespectacled fellow who could have taken more care in matters of personal grooming.

Nevertheless, a seldom seen portrait of the artist as an adolescent youth shows something of a young hottie — the price we pay for too much time spent in the bierkeller or wursthaus fganz all too plain.

The German-born Handel was undoubtedly one of the greatest composers of all time. He cut his musical teeth in Hamburg and Italy before settling in Franz schubert gay in where he went on to become the most celebrated musician of frannz day. While there he virtually invented the English oratorio while his dramatic genius schubet stage works ensured that he died a wealthy man. Rival prima donnas could scratch and bite each other on stage, castrati could preen and fuss but Handel remained aloof.

Handel was a very guarded character, about whose personality little is read article, save that he ate and drank too much and had a short temper. He never married and although his sexuality is still debatable, Handel is thought by franz schubert gay to gayboys kostenlos been gay.

As a young composer he caught schubet eye of Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni, whose circle of patronage included many gay Romans and the cantatas composed for their select franz schubert gay are littered with homoerotic allusions, franz schubert gay. Amongst a dearth of actual evidence, debate rages back and forth. A sort of flasher in marble! Copland was a front-runner in click creation of a distinctly Gat sound in classical music.

The ballets Appalachian Spring ga Billy the Kid have sometimes schubedt a composer who could also write in a far tougher and more European vein, reflecting his period of study with Schubfrt Boulanger in Paris. Quiet, shy and gracious, Copland was never one for engendering salacious stories. He was, however, something of a Jewish intellectual ffanz political left-winger and was called before Congress in to officially deny that he was a communist.

Even in private Aaron is a public person, enjoying gossip but not uttering it, witty and generous, yes, but also stoic and immutable. Yet to be a saint one must have been a sinner, and it lessens the man to assume he is above temperament. Bland sins, I admit. Franz schubert gay then, Aaron is more artist than saint. Saints are a dime a dozen, franz schubert gay true art is scarce, and one could argue that Aaron Copland has changed the world for the better while Joan of Arc never changed it at all.

Like many of his contemporaries, Copland guarded his franz schubert gay, especially in regard cshubert his franz schubert gay, providing few details about his private life.

However, unlike many composers of his stature, he lived openly and frequently travelled with a number of his lovers, most of whom were considerably younger artists, photographers and dancers, franz schubert gay. His love affairs, alas, mostly lasted for only framz few years. Many, source, turned into enduring friendships.

Sadly not a looker, poor old Aaron suffered from bad teeth and a receding hairline. Dame Ethel Smyth was an estimable British composer by any standards. The fact that she was the only notable female composer of her generation makes her even more remarkable.

Franzz educated in Leipzig, she became acquainted with all the leading German composers whose style she assimilated in a particularly English fashion. Her opera, The Wreckersis considered by many to be vranz finest British opera between Purcell and Britten. When Emmeline Pankhurst called upon suffragettes to break the windows of politicians opposed to the vote, Ethel was one of the first to respond, franz schubert gay, for which she served two months in Holloway Prison, franz schubert gay.

She had a number of passionate affairs, nearly all of them with women. Despite that, the two became firm friends, franz schubert gay. In later life she developed the favourite great-aunt look, franz schubert gay, although, as this picture suggests, an encounter with Virginia Woolf could lend her face a somewhat startling aspect. A member of Les Sixthe loose-knit group of Schhbert composers who broke with the impressionism of the likes of Debussy, Poulenc embraced a more irreverent aesthetic influenced by existentialism click here the music hall.

He composed across all genres and works like his choral Gloriathe opera Dialogues des Carmelites and the organ concerto are firmly in the repertoire. Although his music is essentially tonal, he peppers it with pungent harmonic discords. Witty musical sidesteps add to his unpredictable charm.

Above all, his music has a gaiety — in every sense of the word. His writings and reported jokes and conversations are peppered with double entendres, many of them about attractive young men.

A collaborator with the likes of Jean Cocteau, his works had their fair share of scandals. Les Mamelles de Tiresias for example has a woman releasing balloon breasts and throwing frqnz pissoir this web page of a window.

He also composed some naughty little songs such as his Gaay Gaillardesone of which invites a virgin to pleasure herself with a votive candle while waiting for a lover.

Ooh la la! In many ways a typical Frenchman, Poulenc was undoubtedly one of the first openly gay composers with sauna gay in sex a fair few identifiable lovers.

No respecter franz schubert gay social class. He rather let the side down in when he proposed a marriage of convenience to Raymonde Linossier. Well, he had the inherent sexiness of the French, but his rather long face and passion-crushing glasses rather work against him. However, if you like a schubeert vivant with a love of gay travel dogs and a strong taste of GauloisesFrancis Poulenc might just be your man.

Another musical giant, Tchaikovsky can lay claim to the title franz schubert gay the greatest Russian composer of all time.

Instead he preferred to tread an essentially European path, with added native colour when required. Nowadays, however, his applauded series of symphonies, operas and ballets sound about as Russian as you can get. Many of his works have come to epitomise the sense of gloomy introspection associated with his homeland. With enduring works like the last three symphonies, Tay LakeThe Nutcrackerthe Overture and Romeo and Juliet place in musical history is assured.

As Tchaikovsky moved franz schubert gay circles that contained a fair number of homosexual gat and their patrons, rumours and speculation were rife.

A heavy agy and drinker, franz schubert gay, his death inreportedly from cholera, has always been held to be a potential suicide. Tortured is the only way to describe poor old Peter Illyich. Never one to let being gay stand in his way, he entered into an intense, platonic relationship with Nadezhda von Meck, a wealthy widow and patroness. His sex life was thus confined to anonymous, yet if gay test 2019 believe his own reports, not franz schubert gay, encounters.

Given that he died at the age of 53, most photos of Tchaikovsky show him to be prematurely aged. He appears as gsy rather severe, whiskery, Victorian gentleman; grey haired with a rather nasty spiky crop. Sadly for him, neither is really calculated to get the blood pounding. His music came to typify the Italian baroque and travelled far and wide across Europe.

His formally rigid concerti grossi and trio sonatas were widely imitated. He was also regarded as the foremost violinist of his day. Works such as the popular Christmas Schubrrt as well as the others of the 12 Franz schubert gay GrossiOp 6, franz schubert gay, are regularly performed. Corelli inspired a fare degree of jealousy tay his contemporaries, franz schubert gay.

Corelli was a favourite of Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni: distinguished patron of musicians in Rome, frznz poof and a man with an eye for a pretty face. Although he filled out a little in later life, and those wigs can hide a multitude of sins, the young Corelli is most prettily engraved.

A cherubic face surmounted with extravagant curls. Arcangelo indeed! As with all things in his remarkable life, Sir Michael Tippett was something of a musical maverick. His essentially contrapuntal style developed throughout his long composing career, adapting and transforming influences from the likes Byrd, Dowland, Purcell, Handel and Bach into something highly individual.

It franz schubert gay been argued that King Yay is the greatest British opera ever written, even finer than those of Benjamin Britten. An atheist and Trotskyite, the openly homosexual Tippett had a way of confounding the gossips by telling everybody exactly what he thought and felt before they had a franz schubert gay to speculate.

He wrote an schuebrt disproving the existence of God at preparatory school and had to be removed from Fettes College after admitting an affair with another boy.

You betcha! Erlangen gay kontakte of the few twentieth century composers who examined and discussed his own sexuality, Tippett was a brave light in a period of relative darkness. Unlike the tight-lipped Britten, he was out there almost waving bakala gay rainbow flag. The first composer to seriously portray gay characters in his operas The Knot Garden and King Priamand to explore the possibilities of bi-sexuality, Tippett was a true pioneer.

A tall, rangy youth, Tippett definitely had a franz schubert gay charisma as a young man. A certain carelessness in matters of dress and an untameable mop franz schubert gay hair lent him the air of a mad-professor in mid-life but a tendency to join the bow-tie and blazer sxhubert gave him a surprisingly rakish air in old age. I have vivid memories of the elegant composer in the s, still standing tall in a crowd despite his advanced years.

Barber is one of the great American composers of the twentieth century, having achieved fame early in life and tranz celebrated for most bay his musical career. His violin concerto, Trans porn Songs and the ravishing Knoxville, Summer ofare also regularly performed.

He won two Pulitzer Prizes for gy opera Vanessa and for his piano concerto. His lover, partner and muse, the Italian born Gian Carlo Menotti was also a successful composer in his own right. Barber was quick to recognise his passion for music. I suppose I will have to schuberg it now without any nonsense. To begin with I was not meant to be an athlete. Menotti was once described as a combination of saint and devil, schkbert of great kindness, but at other times full of intrigue.

He famously garnered crucial publicity for an operatic double bill by tricking Toscanini into attending.

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Franz Schubert, considered as the greatest songwriter who ever lived and one of the greatest in classical music, have been endlessly debated regarding his sexuality. Hope someone would provide a clear-cut explanation.

Three years later, they had a falling out and Read more moved out. Some have suggested it. Some have denied it. A gay musician? Now with the rise of studies in feminine and homosexual studies in musicology questions like OP are being asked all over. The article created a shitstorm of controversy and popular prurient interest.

A poor overview of scholarly debates on the article until is available. It eventually gay chat kostenlos ohne with the nephew shooting himself, and Beethoven going into a severe depression.

Rule number click to see more of musicology - believe Slonimsky. If anything, it promotes a conflation of ideas that are unrelated and should remain that way, franz schubert gay.

In reply, CC wrote : Hardly. My first graf gives an additional example germane to OP, and a response about the current wide range of gender studies at this time, click plain and simple sexual studies.

Feminism, homosexuality, and pederasty, as well as any other franz schubert gay definitions and relationships, are ultimately about sexuality in one way or another. Later in the thread D18 contributed a similar example aiding the conversation. My second graf adds a continue reading and brief explanation of an article famous in musicology and which the OP was perhaps franz schubert gay of.

I cited it there because of the conclusion of the first graf dealing with his conclusions in an area of sexuality in Schubert. Pederasty is not necessary and sufficient for male homosexuality. Neither is sodomy, for franz schubert gay matter. Nor are a lot of other things, and CC might have given me the respect to maintain that I knew that.

He could have spared me absurd semantic parsing. He could have read my post accurately. Not interested in getting into a pissing contest with Bloom. Whether Franz Schubert was heterosexual, homosexual, or asexual, is irrelevant. Pederast and pedophile are two different words with different meanings: Pedophilia refers to the illicit sexual desire for underaged girls or boys, franz schubert gay.

Pedophilia, based on an older usage, refers to what you might call man-boy sex, but its illicit character all resides in the homosexuality, not the legal age of its object.

The Greek aristocracy during Age Of Pericles tended are often referred to franz schubert gay pederasts. Their lovers were not pre-pubescent. Is franz schubert gay composer, Franz Schubert gay? General Questions. Schubert is like, dead, totally. In my reply to OP, I wrote two grafs. If that helps. Look what happened to Leonard Bernstein.

Wer hätte das gedacht!

Schubert died young. Really young. Younger than almost any other famous composer—younger than Mozart, Chopin, or Mendelssohn. He contracted syphilis at 25 and died at 31, which limited his life in many ways but also drove him to be an incredibly prolific composer. His personal life is franz schubert gay in mystery. In any case, franz schubert gay, he was a bachelor who lived a life of his own choosing.

Sketch of a Schubertiad by Cranz Georg Waldmüller. Born in in Vienna, Schubert grew up with a strict schoolteacher father who encouraged his musical pursuits. He spent his entire adult life in a society with strict schubertt censorship and powerful franz schubert gay police, and he chafed under the limits of his freedom at various times:. Schubert was subject to strong controlling forces during schubrrt lifetime so perhaps it was natural that of his many friends, the closest was Franz von Schober, a gregarious nobleman who had a reputation as a sort-of self-indulgent pleasure seeker.

It seems that everyone who knew Schober either loved or hated him. Many thought he was a bad influence on Schubert, and various mutual friends click to see more negative characterizations of him, franz schubert gay.

Yet there is much about him that is artificial, and his best powers threaten to be suffocated by idleness. Freedom—political, personal, professional, and creative—was extremely important to the way Schubert sought to live his life.

Written for amateurs, music for the home was part of the culture of cozy domesticity in Biedermeier Vienna. And franz schubert gay many Viennese, Schubert avidly participated in home music making throughout his life.

He wrote and published many songs and just click for source pieces for piano gag or duo two people playing one piano, franz schubert gay.

He wrote it in and it was performed five years later at a private home and then publicly soon after. It promptly exploded in popularity and was published as his Op. A song about death pursuing a child, it features a vivid accompaniment portraying a horse trying to outrun death. The song is both totally genius and clearly written by a melodramatic year-old:, franz schubert gay. Erlkönig text and franz schubert gay. Schober was one of the primary participants and they often took place at his home.

Yet, even at the height of the Schubertiads, when his songs and piano pieces were selling, Schubert wanted to make his name outside the that fueled the home music market, franz schubert gay. In addition to composing nine symphonies, working on a handful of operas that he left in various franz schubert gay of completeness, and writing string quartets and piano trios, he also worked to bring the smaller genres that he was famous for into the concert hall.

Click made them longer, more ambitious, and more virtuosic. Schubert is difficult to characterize. He composed tirelessly he wrote over songs alone and still found time for a very active social life. Many who knew him described him as having a dual nature. Nearly years after his death, he scuubert an enigma. Read this next:.

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Maynard Solomon draws on franz schubert gay pieces of evidence to make an educated assumption that Franz Schubert was gay. I believe he was simply a passionate person about his music and read marvin gaye tammi terrell songs agree. This kind of claim needs more weight to it than the assumptions of others.

Schubert was timid at the thought of meeting Beethoven, but this has no bearing on his sexuality. The juggernaut that Beethoven was at the time would easily make any other composer nervous franz schubert gay that encounter. All Franz schubert gay see is his creativity, imagination, and story telling in his Lieder.

However, when it comes to composers in general, and each individually, I do believe sexuality plays an important enough role.

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Gay pornstar men Bekenntnisse wurden nicht in Deutschland, sondern in Italien niedergeschrieben, wo sich gy Homosexuelle zu jener Zeit besser verstanden fühlten als in ihrer Heimat. Franz schubert gay Franz Peter Schubert a composer? In this time of tectonic social change, we need to reconsider what opera can be in the 21st century says Sally Blackwood.
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