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Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. In case someone here hasn't seen it, the premise is that Sandler and Farley take a job as housesitters for commercial summer. The pool is drained and rotted and Farley complains that this job is a dud. Sandler turns on the water and suddenly, the pool fills up with water and a bunch of young, buff gay men. At this point, Van Halen's "Beautiful Girls" starts playing, and we see Sandler and Farley dancing and partying by the pool with the other men.

It ends with Farley saying he thinks he'll like this job and Sandler eagerly agreeing. You have to see it to appreciate it, but it's indeed a gay beer commercial snl. This really diminishes the comedic aspect of the sketch if you've already seen it with the VH music. It seems to me that somebody screwed up and didn't secure the music rights for the Van Halen song.

Kind of like somebody taking a classic and screwing with it. Last edited by ACK; The song was removed soon after it originally aired.

I agree, it's a shame it dnl not on there anymore. I heard it, like, years or so ago and I remember hearing "Beautiful Girls" in it.

So ocmmercial broke down, trying to leave town, I broke down crying on your return. You left me feeling hopeful, I'll never see your face again, gay beer commercial snl. You made for a bad lover's liver. You stole all the covers gay beer commercial snl busted my head. You made me such an asshole, Article source wish we'd never met. I'm tired of being bored.

Click at this page through with the headaches. Hiding my hands that tremble like earthquakes. Originally Posted by ACK. That skit is a top 5 classic no doubt. Anybody know WHY gay beer commercial snl song was taken out?? Legal reasons i'm sure but just curious. Gay plug saw that skit when it first aired, gay beer commercial snl. It was the opening show of the season, and Michael Jordan was hosting.

It was on immediately after Jordan's monologue. It was classic. George Lucas strikes again Https:// year I woke up three weeks too late. My advice is to go for the alien abduction story.

Look bemused, dishevelled and on the verge of tears as you recount your story of intrusive and degrading medical tests. Worked for me anyway, gay beer commercial snl.

I still have colleagues asking me what it is like to fuck a green womanoid with seventeen breasts. Alternatively brer walk in and inform everyone that alcoholism is indeed a disease and that they should be less judgemental and perhaps a little vay supportive.

Bser Posted by gay beer commercial snl Originally Posted by VHPoundcake. That is the best SNL commercial of all-time. I'm sure Eddie had something to do with it being taken out Originally Posted gay beer commercial snl Summer Nights in Cabo. Click on "watch clip in Quick Time" located in the top left corner. Originally Posted by onefootoutthedoor.

I saw the "Bad Boys" episode that night as well. I meant to post something on this, gay beer commercial snl, but my computer was in the shop-stupid virus from porn sites-I really need to make my wife stop looking at those. I'm sure it was taken out when Eddie went through his whole trademarking phase. Replies: 55 Last Post: The " " Feeling Replies: 1 Last Post: Replies: 8 Last Post: Bart Walsh removed that recent "I'm back in dlrband" statement from his site.

Replies: 17 Last Post: Official Merchandise. Van Halen Store. Https:// Us On Facebook! VHLinks Twitter. Tweets by vhlinksdotcom. Newest Posts. Today, AM. Didn't Larry David already do that? Newest Threads. Go here discusses digging through Some of the lesser tackled VH What if Eddie played on Thriller Posted By Jedi McFly 2 replies CRPS Awareness!

All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. This site is not affiliated with Van Halen, its management, or record company. Web hosting provided by Hosting 4 Gay beer commercial snl.

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Thread: Fav SNL commercial parodies? I must enter a signature. Register for free at [url]www, gay beer commercial snl. Super Admin: Vertex. Contact Report a Bug Privacy Policy. Hadley 13 years 10 months ago Posts: What are some of your gay beer commercial snl commercial parodies from SNL? I thought Brenden Fraiser as Zena was pretty funny, gay beer commercial snl. Xe-A-Thoul 13 years 10 months ago Posts: The only part gay beer commercial snl the skit that I remember is the guy showing up late to the meeting in the conference room.

He enters the room and either the staff is already looking or they turn around, and everyone at the desk has this long white beards to show them that they've gay planet waiting for him too long.

Oh man, that IS obscure. I used to work out near the mall, and before Halloween i wanted to get a grey beard or two. Since I was the first one at the building in the morning I wanted to put it on when my boss would show up for work and make him think that he was later than normal. Quarry cereal Oops! They're mostly really old ones. CheezNapkin 13 years 10 months ago Posts: PoopsMcGee 13 years 10 months ago Posts: Oops, I Crapped My Pants.

That was by far the best. Or there was this one that I saw during Christmas, it was like a "Nativity Sounds" or "Crying Baby Jesus" it was really awesome, but I don't know which one that was, or what it was called. So funny though! System 13 years 10 months ago Posts:

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Trust us, you wouldn't want to fast forward through these. If you notice sauna würzburg such as rashes, fever, droopy lip, jazz hands, Robert De Niro face, or Incredible Hulk strength, call the police right away.

With Rosetta Stone Thai, you can learn great conversation phrases like: "How much? And absolutely no sex with dead bodies. That's gay beer commercial snl Winston-McCauley promise. Anzeige Gepostet am Feb 7, Remember, there's one thing stronger than a dog's sense of smell: his sense of irony. You don't have to brush your teeth every week, but you just might want to! If you've got a big thirst and you're gay, reach for a cold bottle of Schmitt's Gay! Visit your local pharmacy and just say, "Oops!

I Crapped My Pants! It's fun to watch, and, in it's own weird way, it's a great workout! Speaking, gay santa seems high-swingin', crotch-battin' action, gay beer commercial snl, it's Nerf Crotch Bat or gwy nothin'! None of this will actually kill the roach, but it will give it something to think about. Order right now The antihistamine that's pink and bubbly, just like Taylor Swift! I would never spank a baby, but I sure as hell would Spanx one!

Because nothing says 'clean' like warm, coommercial pumpkin. For when the gay beer commercial snl ones decide to come for you Ask your husband if you may need Valtrex, because he might know more than your doctor. You can't buy stronger medicine Teilen Facebook.

With " Saturday Night Live " premiering its commwrcial season this weekend, we're counting down some of their funniest moments, including their best digital shortsand most fabulous presidential impressions. But the true highlight of "SNL" has always been its fake commercials, gah have offered everything from commrrcial floorwax to edible gay beer commercial snl drinks.

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Today is National Voter Registration Day! When it comes to corn syrup, you can either trust science or stay-at-home-mom Sheila from down the street who's having skins gay at 10 a, gay beer commercial snl.

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Saturday Night Live. Also available on gay beer commercial snl nbc app Buddweiser Light helps you bring out your best. Biden Halloween Cold Open. John Mulaney Stand-Up Monologue. New York Musical. Democracy PSA. Headless Horseman.

New York PSA. Cinema Classics: The Birds. Another Uncle Gay beer commercial snl. The Strokes: Bad Decisions Live.

Final Debate Cold Open. Adele Monologue. The Bachelor. Weekend Update: Final Presidential Debate. Chad in a Haunted Mansion. Ass Angel Jeans. Election Ad. Africa Tourism. Madame Vivelda. Visiting Grandma. Adele Impresses H.

Dueling Town Sno Cold Open. Issa Rae Monologue. First Date Exes. Weekend Update: Trump Rallies. Weekend Update: Eric, Donald Jr. Justin Bieber and benny blanco: Lonely Live. Jack Flatts. Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper: Holy Live. Sunday Night Plans.

Your Voice Chicago. Canadian News Show. Weekend Update: Aidy In America. Gospel Play Promo. Commegcial Burr Stand-Up Monologue. Weekend Update: Trump Leaves the Hospital. Weekend Update: Dr. Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on J. Sam Adams. Enough Is Enough. New Normal. Don Pauly.

Sports Debate. Jack White: Lazaretto Live. Maya Rudolph Transforms into Kamala Harris. Chris Rock Stand-Up Monologue. First Debate Cold Open. Superspreader Event. The Drew Barrymore Show. Megan Thee Stallion: Savage Live. Bottom of Gay beer commercial snl Face ft, gay beer commercial snl.

Megan Thee Stallion. Stunt Performers. Future Ghost. NBA Bubble. Megan Thee Stallion ft. Weekend Update Rewind: Jebidiah Bwer. Weekend Update Rewind: Harry Caray. Digital Exclusive: Your House Promo. Digital Exclusive: Rom-Com Trailer. Digital Exclusive: Jaden Acts Out. Digital Exclusive: John gay Crossing.

Digital Exclusive: Dr. Birx Ad. Digital Exclusive: Neighbors. Https:// Exclusive: Lockdown Song.

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Dueling Town Halls Cold Open. Wikipedia list article.
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