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Jim thought it was all this web page dream, gay bodybuilder stories. When he entered the prison it was just like the movies with prisoners yelling and whistling.

Some of the guys were big and intimidating. His cellmate, named Tom, was a wellbuilt black man in his 30's. Tom welcomed Jim to gay bodybuilder stories cell and told him that he recognized him from the bodybuilding magazines. They talked here a while and then fell asleep.

In the morning Jim was shown were the showers where. The shower room was large but there were several smaller rooms. Jim didn't want to interact with anyone so he chose one of the smaller rooms. He showered his magnificent body with tremendous enthusiasm as gay bodybuilder stories trying to wake himself from a nightmare.

Jim admired his body. His championship winning biceps were still there His pecs were beautifully formednot round like most people but squared off like blocks of stone. His huge delts game him a wide appearance and his small waist gave him a great v taper.

His favorite body part was his legs Jim soaped up his etched abdominal muscles. They were the the payoff of staying in shape year round. He tried not to make eye contact with anyone in the gay bodybuilder stories. Just then he felt something touch his ass The guy was about Jim's height, about six foot, and had an incredible physique.

His arms were at least inches and his pecs just ballooned gay making off over an incredibly huge chest.

The guy looked Iranian and had a slightly hairy body. His build was impressive but he had nothing in the abs department. Jim had heard of prison stories and wanted to set this guy straight from gay bodybuilder stories start so he told him "fuck yourself". Jim just laughed as the fist link off his six pack abs. Kali smashed into Jim again but again the blond bodybuilder just smiled.

This just infuriated Kali. Before Jim knew it Kali had gay bodybuilder stories a bearhug on him. Jim's face was being smothered by Kali's bulging pecs and the wind was being sucked out of him. The muscular Iranian had his hands locked together behind Jim's rippling back and was squeezing with all his might. Jim tried muscling out of this hold but couldn't get anywhere because his arms were caught in the bearhug and the Iranians arms were too powerful.

Jim struggled to break free. His beautifully shaped pecs were being flattened in Kali's vise like hold. As the Iranian squeezed harder his huge gay bodybuilder stories swelled About the only body part Jim could move was his head so in a move of desperation he slammed it against Kali's face. It worked. The powerful man gay bodybuilder stories released his grip. The two massive men circled each other for a bit.

Kali was about thirty pounds heavier than Jim and just click for source very quick for a big man.

Like a college wrestler would do he pulled Jim's legs out from under him, gay bodybuilder stories. Jim fell on gay bodybuilder stories back and the two tussled for a bit with Kali gay bodybuilder stories top and Jim trying to push the monster off.

As the two men struggled Kali got Jim into a headlock. His huge arms were wrapped around Jim's thick neck. The way Kali had the hold placed his massive biceps was pressing at the front of Jim's neck. Jim grabbed Kali thick wrist and tried to pry the arm hold off him. Iit was an incredible sight. Huge sinus of muscle knotted up gay bodybuilder stories baseballs. Jim's arms looked great but the Iranian had him beat by several inches.

Kali's biceps were once again pulling the air out of Jim. With sweat pouring down each of their faces Jim saw that the Iranians weak point his stomach was now in arms reach. Jim gave it a couple of good elbow jabs. That did the trick and he was free to get some badly needed air. Jim tried to catch his breath but before he could do that he was picked up from behind.

Holding Jim's muscular butt and thighs Kali draped the backside of Jim's legs over the rail of the four foot high shower room partition. It was made of three rows of round steel pipes each pipe about a foot from the other. His legs were then pulled down and his feet locked in front of the middle steel rod. Kali lowered Jim so that Jim was hanging upside down and facing the crowd.

Jim was pinned source by his own weight, gay bodybuilder stories. There were a lot of laughs from Kali's friends, many of them egging him on. Kalis full pounds were pulling down Jim and the metal railing was painfully pressing into Jim's thighs.

At the same time Kali was riding Jim he squeezed on his torso. Jim was too proud to yell but he was in agony. Gay bodybuilder stories Kali tired of the torture and walked around to the front to face Jim. The Iranians powerful legs kicked Jim in the balls repeatedly. Kali was enjoying the fight and flexed for the crowd to show off his superiority. While Kali gloated Jim was gay bodybuilder stories to free himself from the railing. As he was gulping for air Jim saw his cellmate Tom in the Tom looked worried, gay bodybuilder stories.

But the help was too late as the Iranian was on Jim's back. From behind Kali wrapped his huge arms treffen oldenburg Jim's waste and tightened up.

Jim could see his competitors cantaloupe sized bar moscow gay pressing against his abs. With an incredible force the Iranian squeezed the daylights out of Jim. Jim's struggled but he couldn't break the hold.

Sensing Jim's strength weakening Kali went for the kill Jim's legs slipping out from underneath him but his muscular butt cushioned the fall, gay bodybuilder stories. Tom watched as Kali grapevined Jim Tom had seen this too many times beforeit was Kalis final hold on his opponents. Over the past five years the man had raped anyone he wanted to. He was just too powerful. Kali got Jim in a full nelson hold. His arms coming under Jim's armpits and his hands locked together behind Jim's head, gay bodybuilder stories.

Jim started to move his legs go here but Kali prevented their escape by wedging his two feet under a horizontal piece of plumbing in the shower area.

It was an incredible sight Gay bodybuilder stories powerful legs wrapped around Jim's back and legs and his feet tucked under the pipe. There was no escape. Kali cinched his feet under the pipe more and squeezed his truck like legs. The ripples in his legs became more and more learn more here. His full nelson had Jim struggling to break the arm hold. Kali was forcing Jim's head and neck downward. Jim worried the stronger man would break his neck so he struggled with the strength he had left to pull Kali's hands apart.

There was a full length mirror in the shower and it was giving the other prisoners quite a show. Kali's huge back rippled with slabs of muscle. Jim was trying to pull those arms free but he was getting no where. Just then he started to feel a piece of hard flesh piercing his ass cheeks. Now Jim was petrified. This monster was going to rape gay cruising bar berlin in front of all these people.

Kali started a little rocking motion with his feet as he tensed and loosened his leg hold. At the same time he tightened his arm hold, gay bodybuilder stories. His leg flexing and arm flexing were in unison and his gay bodybuilder stories was quickly entering Jim.

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Post a stoires. A British muscle addict gets a work experience placement filming backstage at one of America's biggest bodybuilding shows! A man with a superpower to transform his ordinary sized, slim built body into a pound mountain of top five Mr Olympia worthy muscle whenever he likes! Two of Britain's most popular juniour bodybuilders hold a "Posing Trunk Challenge" then hit the stage at bay biggest amateur bkdybuilder in the country only one's secretly and hopelessly in love with the other!

And a posing trunk loving muscle fan finds the shiny trunks of a local, gay bodybuilder stories, gorgeous, competitive bodybuilder at his local launderette!

These are just some of things featured in the several stories I've written and posted here on the blog, storiee to which you'll find here on this page.

The world of freaky muscle unexpectedly intrudes on the working life of a young storkes and secret lover of huge, shredded muscle in gay bodybuilder stories short, one part, 7, word story! He then embarks on a mission to find out who the mystery owner is. Is there gay bodybuilder stories potential budding bodybuilder lurking somewhere in the building?!

It's definitely not my best work and perhaps gay bodybuilder stories as eventful or exciting as my other stories, it was a particularly stkries one to write and put together! People seemed to enjoy reading it too!

Imagine if you could visit someone with a unique superpower who could turn you into any living person you wanted, for just twenty-four hours, including any huge muscle gay bodybuilder stories see more shredded muscle freak you desire! Gay bodybuilder stories exactly what Tobey does when he turns up on the doorstep of The Transformer as he's known in superpower circles with a muscle mag packed full of bodybuilders Dan is 6 foot, ridiculously handsome and built bodybiilder a brick shit house, while Jake is 5' 5, gay bodybuilder stories, baby faced and famous for sgories shockingly shredded conditioning and ginormous sized glutes.

The lads are about to step on stage and compete in the biggest amateur bodybuilding show in the country, where they're expected to place first and runner up.

They just have their "Posing Trunk Challenge" to film on their vlog first. And oh yeah, there's one more thing to mention. Jake is secretly and hopelessly in love with Dan! This three part, 10, word story allowed me to do something I've always wanted bodybbuilder write a story from the point of view of a bodybuilder on stage.

The feedback from for this one was awesome bodybuilfer I think, at the least, it's probably one of my most fun stories! All Chuck could see before him was a mass of freaky, flexed muscle. Perfectly sculpted and bronzed. Wrapped in tight, thin bodybuildsr. Striations appearing and veins erupting in the most unlikely of places. He could see the lucky beads of sweat glistening on the surface of the muscle.

And all the time an intoxicating aroma filled the more info the powerful, masculine scent of a gay bodybuilder stories sweat and tan bodybuipder muscle bull. There's a little bit of everything in this story; gay bodybuilders, straight bodybuilders, pump room scenes, gay bodybuilder stories, stage scenes, worship scenes, naughty bits and a little bit of romance, gay bodybuilder stories.

Oh and a fair few superpowers too! Set in the same gay bodybuilder stories universe as "The Day I Became A Muscle Freak" Mikey was visit web page referenced in that gay bodybuilder stories, just click for source I had the initial idea for this story before I wrote that onethis is by far one of my personal favourites I've written.

You guys seemed to like it too as I received some amazing feedback for it. Not even just two. But a whole host of shiny posers.

Of every colour conceivable. Even gold! All as shiny as the rest. My heart was pounding and my cock was furiously pulsating as I looked down at the plethora of shiny, colourful material.

And it was the most glorious and downright fucking horny collection you could imagine. Oscar Grimes is completely and utterly obsessed with exactly two things; tiny, shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks and the freakishly huge muscle bulls who wear them! Bay did he imagine that one single trip to his local launderette would result in him a acquiring a pair of very bodybuildre posing trunks, and b meeting the gay bodybuilder stories, gorgeous, local competitive bodybuilder who owns them!

A 19, word, six part story written in diary form something I've always wanted to dothis one focused on posing trunks more than any other story I've written, and was a particularly fun one to write! It seemed to be a particularly popular one too!

PART 1. PART 2. PART 3. PART 4. PART 5. PART 6. Muscle addict Noah Cook is spending his summer break from uni at his parents in the town he grew up boring Little Denton - where nothing ever happens. Noah's convinced bodynuilder in for an uneventful summer. That is until he bumps into one of his school friends, Bodybilder Jones, who, in the four years since Noah last saw him, has transformed into a mini muscle bull of a competitive bodybuilder, with enormous arms and huge tits which strain through the material of his Tesco's work shirt.

A 14 part, novel length love story, this is my biggest and most ambitious to date. The feedback for this one was amazing, in fact bodybuulder than I could have ever imagined, though more so on the Https:// Growth forums rather than on here link to the story on that site here.

Meet Woody real gqy Sebastian Wood ; click here handsome, sassy, self assured some might say cocky bodybuilder with a cheeky Instagram persona. This was a story I started bodyguilder back in but abandoned pretty quickly.

It was the bodybuildee thing I'd ever bodybuilde from the point of view of a bodybuilder something I haven't really done a lot of.

I then posted what I'd written on the Muscle Growth Forums a few years back to see if I'd get much feedback. Link here. A very short story posted on the blog here, gay bodybuilder stories. A writer friend of mine challenged me to write a word story click at this page on a gif he sent the one in the post and this was the result.

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Rising Up: The Story of Wheelchair Bodybuilder Nick Scott
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Bulk Fiction Archive. Search this site. Welcome to the Bulk Fiction Archive. A Big Wish goes a Long Way. A Bull of Man. A Chance Encounter. A Gay bodybuilder stories could do you good pt. A Change Could do you good pt. A Change could do you good, By Maelstrom. A Change could do you good, pt 2.

A Change Could do you good, pt. A Change could do you good. A friend comes over, and is forced to use the ointment. A Little More Mass. A Wish is a Dream.

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Bulking II pt. Bulking pt Bulking pt. Careful What you Wish For. Carl's sstories. Chunky Bodybuilder. Clothes Big Enough to Grow Into ch1 pt. College Https:// Headlines.

Cray Grows A lot. Create Your Own Story. Daylight Savings Time. Don't Suck It In! Double D. Excerpt from Curses.

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Getting Big, author unknown. Gino's Growth. Great to Gain. Growing Love, gay bodybuilder stories. Growth Pride 2020 gay gran canaria. Growth Potion. Gulliver musk Shots. Guy And Cray try to relax. Guy continues to grow Gay bodybuilder stories Grows too. Guy Struggles with his Atories. He Grows to pounds Heavy Service, gay bodybuilder stories. I want to get bodybuildeer.

Image Stories. Immobilization of Jake. In the Mirror, by McBaer. Jack Strom Jack Strom pt Jack Strom Pt. Jake Grows pt. Jake grows pt. John's Wish. Journal pt. Juiced, pt. Apologise, gay club in manhattan new york apologise Charm pt. Magic: The Growthering.

Making Weight. Making Weight, Beartrainer. Bbodybuilder Device.

Micro Burger, by MrPragma. Mike Gets Huge. More than he Bargained For. More Than He Wanted. Mountain Men. Multiple Deposits.

There's shocking news in the sports betting world. It's been said that every bettor gay bodybuilder stories to see this, Watch this now or stop placing bets on sports Is sex dirty? Hey, i am looking for an online sexual partner ; Click on my boobs if click the following article are interested.

This was my experience many years ago during a family reunion. I was about 21 years old and was sitting at the kitchen table when a conversation arose concerning how unusually strong a 8 year old cousin of mine was. The kid was supposed to have lifted weights since even before he could walk by strapping small weights to his legs and wrists; at 6 months old.

Later as he grew into a very large body for his age, his dad had him competing against older boys in both boxing and wrestling. His dad boasted that his son already was the heaviest and strongest kid in his charter school which went up through the 8th grade! His dad and others at the table then shared an amazing story about how he knocked out his pound dad by gay bodybuilder stories when they were exchanging fake punches during a commercial break, a few months earlier while watching professional wrestling on television.

They said the kid had thrown a punch at his gay bodybuilder stories face which accidently fully connected with such force that not only it had broken his nose, gay bodybuilder stories, briefly knocking him out After hearing the above story, gay bodybuilder stories, I made the HUGE mistake of saying, "that sounds unbelievable", gay bodybuilder stories, in the presence of his proud dad who was telling the story.

So he called his 8 year old son from the next room and had him compare his arm muscle to that of mine. I have to mention at that particular point in college, I comics batman gay weighed about pounds and gay bodybuilder stories about 5 foot 9 inches tall.

In any case I knew I was in trouble the moment the musclekid walked through the door from the next room wearing a pair of blue overalls and a long gay bodybuilder stories tee shirt. Although he was fully dressed -- this kid was so muscular that his huge thigh and butt muscles bulged through his pant legs and that his biceps lifted up extraordinarily the upper portion of his sleeves without even having to expose them.

He also had both of us similarly dressed get on the kitchen scale to see who weighed the most, gay bodybuilder stories. The 8 year old weighed even more than he looked at a lean but very muscular pounds, gay bodybuilder stories, while I weighed as I said only a skinny, yet flabby Thoroughly embarrassing me with his gay bodybuilder stories superior muscularity his gay bar song and thighs bulged nearly triple my size he than insisted that we wrestle in the backyard, or if I preferred to box him with a pair of boxing gloves on!

Frightened at the prospect gay bodybuilder stories having the shit beaten out of me by this huge-muscular kid in the back yard The arm wrestling match was a complete joke with the kid so strong he could hold his arm virtually completely still while I was trying to struggle against him.

I discovered during the match that his forearms were more than remarkable, gay dating tipps consider mine in size, that his hands were not only more muscular but that his fingers were even longer than mine by about 50 percent.

Of course he beat me easily first with one arm against one, then with both of mine against either one of his, gay bodybuilder stories. He taunted me saying that he had muscle in one of his arms than that I had in my entire body! That gave me an idea for another delaying tactic, I suggested that we leg wrestle before wrestling in the backyard.

If I was mismatched in arm wrestling this kid, you should have seen how enormous his thigh muscles were…even compared to my 22 inch waist. We leg wrestled gay bodybuilder stories an Indian style by crossing our legs. With one mighty heave, he simply flung me over himself and while I was momentarily stunned then wrapped his big muscular legs around my chest — trapping me so that all I could see was the striated muscle of his thigh and that of his butt that was in my face.

His dad rescued me but then he insisted that we get the wrestling match over with. His 8 year old son, helping me up by grabbing me by the waist of the cut-off jeans that I was wearing — momentarily curling me off the floor with his enormously strong arms - a gay bodybuilder stories 2 feet up before putting me down gently.

His dad was so confident that just click for source could beat me, that he had him get on the ground on all fours defensive position and said that I could have a five minute head start against his son before he would blow the whistle giving his son permission to wrestle. So for an eternity I struggle against this very strong boy trying to show the others watching that I check this out at least trying.

I tried to bend his legs using both of my legs to no avail. I tried to bend his arm at the elbow by pulling with both arms with the same lack of success. Hearing the kids that were watching snickering at me, I even tried using both of my legs to at least bend one of his this web page completely failing as I have to mention that this kid was used to curling pounds with one arm while I could only curl with both of my legs about 65 pounds or about 30 pounds with each leg.

Finally, while I was exerting all my strength using my legs against one of his arms, holding on to his waist for leverage, gay bodybuilder stories, his dad blew the whistle signaling his kid to wrestle. Suddenly he sprung up grabbing both of my legs leaving me to dangle upside down across his back with my face, facing his muscular butt.

He than lifted me like a rag doll over his head and with his 40 pound weight advantage and with his tremendous strength, he pumped me six times gaytreff nrw his head. A post-script: I met my cousin about ten years ago by accident at a grocery store.

I somehow expected that he would be 7 feet tall and pounds because he had been so big gay bodybuilder stories strong as a kid; but he was actually 2 inches shorter than me as he had only grown to 6 feet while I continued gay bodybuilder stories grow in height until I was about 6 foot 2, gay or straight game I had graduated from college.

He still was tremendously muscular and in tremendous shape, however, gay bodybuilder stories. His wife and 4 year old young son was with him and he introduced me to them as the college guy that he was able to win in wrestling as an eight year old. He had click at this page 4 year old son flex an already impressive bicep at me. His son was the splitting image of him when he was younger, gay bodybuilder stories.

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Commentary A thread where you can comment about stories in general. Now I and the art students that were there knew that the surprise was very likely to be the muscular 5 year old that we had seen in the art class but as a mutual conspiracy, we all decided to keep this as a secret from the rest of the gay bodybuilder stories guys who were bodbuilder band and shop mechanics instead.
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