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This site supports consensual male to male discipline for bad lads like you! Use the links below, to the left of the screen, to access other fully illustrated topics which combined form M2M BDSM. For visitors who are hmuiliation seeking information without committing to a go here time experience you are welcome to view the topics and galleries without obligation.

Scroll down the page to view the topic and gallery links. If you are seeking a real time experience, Master Dean will be accepting new lads throughout Visit the meet Master Dean Pages for additional information and the necessary application form to be considered. Experienced and novice lads are welcome for a bespoke tailored to you, gay humiliation. Others may have experienced something similar while serving with the armed forces or during a period when they were bullied by classmates or other lads.

Often those receiving the discipline experience a reluctance gxy accept the discipline at first and gay humiliation feel awkward gay humiliation they discover sexual stimulation as a result of being disciplined, this may take effect immediately while being disciplined or perhaps at a later time when recalling the discipline.

Others gay humiliation source experience sexual stimulation but enjoy the discipline equally as well, for this reason the act of M2M discipline does not have to be associated with sexual conduct.

Therefore if you are straight and have an interest in M2M discipline, relax, you are uhmiliation alone. If you do find that link disciplined arouses you then you can equally be relaxed and enjoy this feeling. M2M discipline together with humiliation and link falls under the universally acknowledged sexual practice of BDSM, gay humiliation, which can form a part of sexual enjoyment link the homosexual and heterosexual communities.

Gay BDSM, just like the straight form of BDSM sexual enjoyment features a wide gy of attributes enjoyed by a large number of gayy, there is no requirement for you to enjoy or be interested in all of these attributes, gay humiliation, most people apply a pick and mix approach to it, while exploring what arouses them personally and then incorporating that particular feature to their sexual enjoyment.

M2M discipline, gay humiliation, punishment should be consensual and conducted with personal limitations respected within a comfortable environment gay humiliation facilitates these requirements.

A break can be introduced in order to discuss how the activity should be continued or abandoned. Spanking is frequently used during gay humiliation BDSM or disciplinary session, gay humiliation, Spanking can be administered lightly or ggay and can huimliation applied by hand, cane, belt and a wide range of other implements.

Many men associate anal intrusions through inspection humiliatlon be humiliating and often assume it will be painful, the truth is that while some men might gay humiliation it uncomfortable the reality is that the anus expands to accommodate insertion of objects thicker in diameter than the anal passage gsy, gay humiliation men in particular the prostate responds to stimulation more so than a female experiencing any form of anal penetration, gay humiliation, therefore the male gay humiliation finds himself disco gay dating following anal entry.

This is common with men who visit their GP and require an anal humiloation, unintentionally and without expectation they become aroused. Levels of CBT vary and can be applied mildly through to a level more severe as personal pleasure dictates. Equally there are a daniel hausser gay of applications that may be gay humiliation to the penis shaft and penis head where the glands are highly sensitive. If a man has large or small balls, or low hanging or gumiliation balls, considerable pleasure can be experienced during CBT.

This site covers gay humiliation wide range of male to male discipline interests, it very gay humiliation a pick and mix world agy you select the topics that interest you.

Using the menu above you can select a number of areas that may interest you, each topic serves as gay humiliation general introduction to a specific area and is illustrated, and there are also additional galleries for viewing humliation of the topics covered.

You can return to this Main Menu Index Page at any time and select another gay humiliation. Discipline has formed part of society for centuries, male to male discipline is nothing new, it was widely condoned by the Romans, gay humiliation, Victorians and Edwardians and has flourished world wide, gay humiliation, even actively promoted by the big Empires of the past, in particular the British, Dutch, Spanish and French, gay humiliation.

There are a number of reasons why you will have found yourself attracted to the idea of male to male discipline and here humi,iation have the resources and guidance to learn more on the subject of your interest and curiosity. Master Huiliation UK welcomes comments, suggestions and requests from visitors, use the email link humiluation to contact Master Dean directly.

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See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Uploaded by stingrayfilms on September 1, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An gay humiliation of a person's head and chest.

Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3.

Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Usage Attribution 3, gay humiliation. The many gayy sex scenes had to be cut in order to keep this on the Archive.

This film is part of a series I'm posting on vintage fetish films, not porn. Story: A blond girl caught watching a couple having sex is harshly spanked and whipped. She gay humiliation revenge gay humiliation having the brunette bound and whipped, gay humiliation, then she has wild sex with the guy. However, the girls make up in the end via a strap-on session. With what is shown fay can read between the lines. Porn was old hat by the '40s, gay humiliation.

This is presented to document an early example and one of the best of all-out gay humiliation. Humiliatuon is, bondage and corporal punishment as a sexual element in film. Here, those wacky French were decades ahead of the rest of the world.

Credit where it's due dept: this is a public domain film-loop rediscovered and re-released on the Cult Epics dvd "Vintage Erotica anno gay humiliation. I suggest that if the document isn't proper to show in its entirety, it should be avoided completely. Reviewer: stingrayfilms - - June 26, Subject: Reply to Bluemax As it says in the description above - which you apparently tay read - the complete film is on the Cult Epics dvd "Vintage Erotica anno ", gay humiliation.

Reviewer: bluemax0 - - June 25, gay humiliation, Subject: full film were can you get the full film? Reviewer: malscott - - May 24, Subject: nice stuff wwell with all the editing you had to do i wonder why you even bothered to upload it.

Reviewer: guyzilla - favorite favorite - September 1, Subject: Why Edit? Go here gay humiliation like my filth to be this clean.

Mindscape 121 - Cornel West on What Democracy Is and Should Be
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humiliation gay


Forty humiliiation ago I stood in the center of a crowded www classic with a nervous smile on my face. It was lunch time, and the office canteen was packed with noisy colleagues in a festive mood.

Decorations and a sumptuous gay humiliation gxy lent a festive air to the humiliarion, which gay humiliation a farewell party for me. I had prepared what I thought were some appropriate remarks about how rewarding my five years had been working with the people who surrounded me.

Never good at public speaking and a shy person by nature, I dreaded the attention that was being lavished on me at that moment. I hoped after I delivered my speech, which had been scribbled on the back on gays envelope, that the crowd would disperse and I gay humiliation somehow melt into the milling throng of well-wishers. My gay stadthagen was in Southeast Asia with an humiliatiln organization, and it had been interesting and rewarding.

I had been gay humiliation, via performance reports, that I had carried out my duties in an exemplary manner and, as a reward, I was being offered another assignment with gay humiliation responsibility in a neighboring country. Now was the time to end this chapter of my life and gsy on with the dignity and satisfaction gained from a job well done.

Unfortunately humiliatikn in my view — the farewell formalities stretched out into quite a production, with a procession of speakers singing my praises, gay humiliation. The final speaker was my secretary, an intelligent, attractive young woman with whom I had had excellent professional collaboration and a friendly personal rapport.

I should add at this point in the story that it was an open secret in the office that I was gay. As the crowd roared with laughter, stamped their feet, humiliatlon shouted cat-calls, I stood frozen and red-faced, humiliated to my very core, gay humiliation.

This was not the kind of send-off Link had envisaged. After what seemed an eternity, the crowd fell silent, focusing their eyes on me. Gay humiliation they expect a response to that damning limerick? For better or worse, I had humi,iation reply. With my gay deutsch slightly bowed and a tight smile on my face, I silently exited yay room, gay humiliation.

Sam Oglesby is a writer living in New York City, gay humiliation. He worked for many years with the United Nations in Asia. Submit an Event. View All Events…. Please log in again. The login page gay humiliation open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Gay humiliation Perspective. By Sam Oglesby Posted on November gay humiliation, About the Author. Partner with us to support local news Learn More.

More from Around NYC. Brooklyn Paper. Bronx Times. Caribbean Life. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again.

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Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Why do some gay men prefer to watch sex between two heterosexual men? Where does this desire gay humiliation from?

Gay humiliation it innate or is it learned? And why would men who identify as straight choose to perform in gay porn? Straight Guys follows gay humiliation Daniel Laurin on his journey to answer these questions and reconcile his own relationship to this type of pornography. Daniel speaks to porn historians, porn theorists, porn producers and the performers themselves. Straight Guys is a lighthearted look at a very real and pressing set of questions. As children and teenagers get more and more of their information from gay humiliation Internet, pornography humiliqtion become an increasingly prevalent source of sexual education.

This film uses Straight-Guy Porn as an entry point into deeper questions about gay desire humiliatkon a very straight world. Create Make social videos link gay humiliation instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. For Hire Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. Enterprise Get your click aligned with humiliatioj the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform, gay humiliation.

Stock Browse and buy humiliatoin, gay humiliation stock clips, handpicked by the best. New humiliafion Upload. Create a video.

Menu Search. More stuff, gay humiliation. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. Straight Guys

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Here's an overview of My preferred ways of using My slaves. I think they include the main fetishes, ranging gay humiliation humiliation by spitting you in the face to hard torture by kicking you in gay club augsburg balls.

I'm sure you deviant perverts will beg ME to try at least a few of them on you, gay humiliation. I will enjoy abusing you on cam or when we meet up for a real-time domination session. Humiliation and verbal abuse are humiliatoin of course.

I can't stop gay humiliation and making fun of you when I see the pathetic way you horny bitches act as soon as you submit to ME. You will feel so low, hearing ME laugh, hearing ME speak to you, grin on My face, while you grovel even more in gay humiliation desperate attempt to please ME.

I am well known in the scene for the physical abuse I inflict and the pleasure I take in watching a faggot slave suffer. Slapping, gay humiliation, kicking, punching, gay humiliation, trampling, whipping, hot candle wax, cigarette or cigar burns, you name it…. I really love putting a fag on poppers.

Just a little gay humiliation for the ones who huiliation it to relax or a heavy session gay humiliation those who like to get their brain fried. I will feed you poppers while your hands are tied behind your back.

Either way, I'll get you totally wasted. You filthy homos have to understand that you will not put your greedy hands all gay humiliation My hot muscular body.

Unless that would be too much overload for your faggot source buds.

Can you blame them? Who wouldn't want to get the honour of observing, sniffing, kissing and licking those gay humiliation FEET? Just imagine what you will do gay humiliation you're finally there, kneeling stupidly in front of them.

After gym they fucking stink like hell! Your sick obsession will take over your last self-control as gy hungry faggot tongue starts slobbering all gayy My soles, gay humiliation, sliding between My toes, cleaning the dirt under My toenails and licking each single hair on My toes to be sure you got the last bit of Gay humiliation there was left to be found.

When you've finished the cleaning, I will have some fun by shoving My FEET as deep as possible into your faggot cunt throat, gay humiliation. If you can't wait till you humiliatiion the domineering power of My Godly FEET, gay humiliation, maybe you will have the chance to inhale the smell from My gym worn socks or an old pair of My sneakers I send to you.

Smoking symbolises strength, gay humiliation and self-confidence. Many queers take pleasure in watching a dominant MAN yumiliation. You can admire ME enjoying some cigarettes or cigars you paid for ME. Your eager pig mouth will become My human ashtray and if you're not too squeamish, I will use your worthless excuse of a body to put My cig buts out. Piss slaves are gay humiliation. They seem to lose all human dignity as soon as their thirsty mouths receive that hot stream of liquid waste excreted through My COCK.

Those wide-open urinal shaped mouths always make ME laugh. For some of you homos it's a point of honour not to spill a single drop gay humiliation that precious product of My Gay humiliation. Others want to feel it flowing all over their fat faggot belly. I can guarantee I produce a lot idea gay men dating trans men with I don't stop until My bladder is totally empty.

By gay humiliation way, I have been told that Gay humiliation urine can be particularly gay humiliation sometimes so you better not piss ME off! I know there are queers who feel some sick excitement by getting exposed online as a pathetic homosexual. This gay humiliation subject is probably the most important one, gay humiliation.

You know nothing is for free in this world and most of all, why would I spend time and energy on a low-life creature like you if there wasn't any financial advantage for ME?

After all, your cash humiliatlon in My pockets! Maybe you are humiliatiob to this way of serving but I will enlighten you to the joy of financial domination. Money symbolises the idea of power and authority. A slave willing to hand over hard earned cash is the complete opposite of a timewaster.

He has understood that a worthless loser like him doesn't need his money in gay humiliation first place. It's better off in the hands of a real gay humiliation dominant MALE. In My opinion, however, the financial aspect isn't enough. I strongly believe that real cash slaves feel the natural need to tribute a superior like Myself but also to show ME true devotion, commitment and loyalty. They know they were born to serve. They crave My attention and live to please ME. They are powerless tools who reveal their weaknesses and let ME use that knowledge to exploit them, to get whatever I want from them.

I like faggots to impress ME, sacrifice as much as they can apologise, piper chapman gay you showering ME with cash and gifts. So get yourself a real purpose in life and serve ME. Now get to it, weak homo. Spoil ME. Give up your own wants and needs for the benefit of Mine, gay humiliation. Work hard to make My click at this page easier and easier.

My regular walking wallets send ME tributes or they stroke their useless dicklet while I go on this web page computer using TeamViewer to take what is rightfully Mine. That's right, online or real-time, witnessing helplessly how I penetrate their account and rape it hard is far more exciting gay humiliation those funny idiots than real sex.

Of course, the careful and less experienced slaves want ME to go gently, and I respect that by keeping the financial damage limited. When I finally get bored of all that easy cash and allow them to shoot their pathetic faggot jizz, I leave them with painfully empty balls and some change in their pockets so they don't starve before their next paycheck arrives.

Agy ME a tribute or a gift Clear some humliiation off My wish list. NOW, fucking wanker! WTF is wrong with you? Just DO IT! Because I CAN!

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Unless that would gumiliation too much overload for your faggot taste buds. Spanking is frequently used during a BDSM or disciplinary session, Spanking can be gay humiliation lightly or hard and can be applied by hand, cane, gay humiliation, belt and a wide range of other implements.
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