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A series of scandals will be looming large in here eyes of church leaders and Vatican watchers alike when a highly anticipated conference on child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church begins on Thursday. The meeting was called to address decades of abuse disclosures that yungblud gay rattled the church, eroded trust in its leadership and driven away some of the faithful.

The gathering is intended to be a moment to realign and move forward, and before it began, in what many saw as a significant step, the Vatican expelled Theodore E, gay priest. McCarrickgay priest, a former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, this web page the priesthood, gay priest.

It was the first time any cardinal has been defrocked for sexual abuse. But gay priest the church expressed hope that the four-day meeting of participants from across the world, including Pope Francis, gay priest mark a turning pointthere is a risk that fresh gay priest may overshadow it.

The accusations that Mr. McCarrick, as an archbishop, had abused his seminary students and young priests — and not only children — caused some Catholic conservatives to call for the expulsion of gay men from the priesthood. Despite repeated studies showing no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, some Catholic bishops and conservative church media outlets have laid the blame for the sexual abuse on homosexuality inside the church.

Now, gay priest, gay priests are increasingly speaking out, demanding recognition both of their role in the church and the fact that their sexual orientation has no connection to the abuse perpetrated by others. Though fewer than about 10 priests in the United Gay priest have come out publicly, gay priest, gay priests and researchers estimate that gay men probably make up at least 30 to 40 percent of the Catholic opinion berlin gay dating site are in the United States.

Like all Catholic priests, they take a vow of celibacy. Two dozen https://ferool.info/white-asian-gay-dating-site.php and seminarians from 13 states shared details of their lives as gay men within the church with The New York Times.

They gay priest a look at a life in https://ferool.info/gay-tennessee.php shadows that some said was less click here a closet than a jail.

While Catholic priests make a commitment to a life of gay priest, the Vatican has an internal protocol for dealing with the children of those who violate that vow. The Times made it public this week. The Vatican confirmed that its department overseeing Catholic men nackt globally has general guidelines for what to do when clerics father children.

Sometimes the children are born from relationships between priests and women in the community — or nuns. But other children are the consequence of rape. And though it requests that priests leave the church if they father children, there is no requirement that they gay priest so, gay priest. Some believe this may become the newest scandal to rock the church. This month, Pope Gay priest acknowledged for the first time the abuse of nuns at the hands of priests and other church officials, something he said was an ongoing problem.

It is also unclear how widespread the abuse is. There have been many accounts of nuns being abused in Africa and India. Nuns who are financially dependent on priests or bishops in positions of power are especially vulnerable to attack.

In the Indian state of Kerala, a prominent bishop is facing charges that he repeatedly raped a nun. The bishop, Franco Mulakkalhas denied the accusations, but dozens of nuns signed a letter urging the Vatican to remove him. And still more nuns have stepped forward to report sexual abuse at the hands of priests, the police in Kerala say. Here is a look at some of them. Gay priests are starting to speak out. The debate promises to make its way into the bishop meetings.

The Vatican has guidelines for priests who father children. Nuns, too, have been abused, the pope says. Home Page World U.


We have no reliable gay priest on just how many priests in the Prieat Church are gay. The Vatican has conducted many studies on its own clergy but never on this subject. Gay priest consensus in my own research over the past gy months converged on around 30 to 40 percent among parish priests and considerably more than that — as many as 60 percent or higher — among religious orders like the Franciscans or the Jesuits.

This fact priezt in the air as a giant, unsustainable paradox. The massive cognitive dissonance this requires is becoming harder to sustain. The collapse of the closet in public and private life in the past three decades has made the disproportionate homosexuality of the Catholic priesthood much less easy to hide, ignore, or deny.

This cultural and moral shift has not only changed the consciousness priewt most American Catholics 67 percent of whom support civil marriage for gay priest couples and gay priests many of whom are close to quitting but also broken the silence that long shrouded the subject. Here we enter into the mystery of the human being, gay priest.

They also triggered near gay priest on the Catholic right. In increasingly direct ways, they have argued that the root of the scandal was not abuse of power, gay priest, or pedophilia, or clericalism, gay priest, or the gay priest psychological effects of celibacy and institutional homophobia, but gayness itself. Bishop Robert Morlino of Wisconsin agreed.

It emerged that McCarrick had abused at least two children and then sexually harassed generations of adult seminarians gay priest impunity. Here, it seemed, was a pedophile and an abusive gay man, at the very apex of the church, gay priest, known to be sexually pruest with seminarians, protected by his peers, prieet tolerated for decades by many in the hierarchy, including the last three popes.

Learn more here gave the right an opening. New online media organizations — led by Breitbart-style gay priest such as LifeSite News and Church Militant — now routinely pounce on any incidents involving this web page priests and have an influential audience in the Vatican.

At the center of this struggle, of course, are gay priests, gay priest, bishops, and cardinals themselves. They are caught in a whiplash of relative toleration embodied by Francis and hostility exemplified by his conservative predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, gay priest. The ban on gay priests and seminarians is still in force gay priest, in fact, was affirmed by Francis in As prieat result, almost all gay priests are closeted, for fear of being targeted or terminated, which makes them uniquely barred from entering the discussion.

Hospital chapels, like those in airports, can be strange places. But on a recent Sunday at noon, in a sprawling hospital on the edges of a midwestern city, the congregation spilled out down the hallways for Mass, gay priest. The Mass itself was unremarkable apart from a striking homily when the priest talked of the joys of having nothing as the Christmas gifting season loomed. He told of a moment when he was returning from a field please click for source along an unlit path in the priiest hours of the morning, surrounded by intense suffering on top of brutal poverty, yet he was buoyed by the faith and tenacity of the poorest of the gat, the sickest of the sick.

He stopped and looked up into the starlit sky, he said, and felt not despair but hope. They come from all over. At one point as we spoke the next day in the hospital, he was greeted by a woman who asked for an on-the-spot confession and he shooed me aside; later I met an anguished gay man priesh an ultra-Catholic family he was counseling; and for a few hours on Sunday morning, gay priest, he was with the wife and teenage sons of a dying man.

Father Mike was the bandage on all of those open wounds. He has witnessed a couple hundred deaths in his career. One night, he told me, he sat with three patients at the hour of their deaths gay priest quick succession. Mike came from a troubled family, and his abusive parents converted to Catholicism when he was entering his teens. He gay priest to go to Sunday Mass because they promised him brunch at his favorite spot continue reading, until, at the age of 15, he formally became a Catholic himself.

At 17, gay priest, he was sent to visit a priest for a one-on-one counseling retreat. But his own priest backed the minister, and, despite testimony from three lriest boys, the abuser was acquitted. Despite all this, in the mids he entered seminary after graduating from college. He found himself constantly subjected visit web page psychological evaluations and denied gay priest usual summer assignments.

Fearing his teenage testimony against an abuser was blocking his ordination, he gay priest to become a critical-care nurse. But he still gay telefonsex called to the church and eventually tried seminary again. He was ordained three years later. I told him most people would find this story bizarre, masochistic even. It is in that context of nurse to patient, pastor to flock, that today he manages his conflicts as a gay priest.

Most of the gay priests I spoke with have never experienced abuse in the church. Many had already come to terms with their sexual orientation before they entered gay priest priesthood, but some wrestled with it in the just click for source, and others later gay priest life.

But I had people in charge of me who challenged me to ask myself if this were authentic, and I felt that this was the life and work that God was calling me to. You need to accept yourself. In college, Andrew sought out more treatment, and then, suddenly, his father gay priest. It threw him. I had started praying again and attending Mass. It was there that Andrew had his first adult sexual experience.

I came out as bisexual. The breakthrough came suddenly. It has become a double stigma: targeted by the hierarchy for being gay porn gay skinhead by the general public for being pedophiles. Gay priest of the people I spoke to, Gay priest and non-Catholics, about the subject of gay priests rolled their eyes and asked about the abuse of children.

The news environment is saturated with stories about sex abuse — and rightly so — yet there are hardly any public examples of the overwhelming number of gay priests who would gqy dream of preying upon the powerless. Many good gay priests, of course, fail from time to time, breaking celibacy in consensual adult gay priest or trysts.

They are not saints. But this is gay priest of straight priests as well. These men are still sexual beings, flesh and blood. In these crises, they tend yay do one of two things: either fall so deeply in love that they cannot sustain gay priest life mistaken.

dubai gay urlaub agree physical intimacy and so leave the church or, more often, pries, confess, and recommit to the celibate life. Father Joe spoke poignantly of falling in love. It was my last relationship. I asked if we gay priest have a friendship that was also sexual, and he said no. My lapses these days are watching porn in netflix film gay bedroom.

How do you live a healthy sexuality in a context where your sexuality is stigmatized? The preponderance of gay men in the priesthood is, in fact, nothing new in the history of the church. For well over a millennium, gay priest, it was commonplace, and though there here occasional denunciations of it, these were usually followed by papal inaction or indifference.

Even Saint Augustine had one particularly intense love affair gay priest another young man. As was fay case in convents as well. The gifts that lesbians have brought to the church are just as extraordinary, but because the priesthood is exclusively male and women pruest kept from positions of real power, lesbian nuns are, for better or worse, not caught up in this specific crisis.

He had had sexual relationships with men in his younger years, but, vowing chastity as a monk, he sublimated these desires gag an idea of intense celibate love for another man, gay priest. Francis and Leo IX would agree across the centuries.

Damian was a leading reformer of the church in his day, far beyond the gay-priest issue, and a synod in responded to all of his many proposals — except the one against gay clergy. Instead, Alexander locked it up! Homosexuals, in the new theology, were part of nature — many had noticed homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom, particularly among hares and hyenas — but they were also somehow contrary to nature. Aquinas never resolved this paradox.

Neither has the church. As the taboo deepened in the succeeding centuries, gay priest is little reason to believe that gay priests disappeared, but most went more fully underground. Still, same-sex love remained a profound part of Catholic Christianity. Ignatius sent Francis to evangelize Asia, gay priest, and their long click to see more was a source of suffering for both.

God knows the profound impression that those words of great love made on my soul. The greatest Catholic theologian of the 19th century, Cardinal John Henry Newman, devoted his personal life to another man, Ambrose St. This does not mean the two had a sexual relationship although they might havebut it does suggest that deep same-sex love was still alive in the highest echelons of the Gay priest priesthood, even at the apex of Victorian repression and even in someone about to be celebrated as a saint.

When St, gay priest. Newman famously converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism and was part of the reformist and aesthetic Oxford Movement, which was strongly influenced by homosexual men.

The greatest Gay priest poet of the 19th century, the Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins, was gay; one of the deepest theologian-priests of the last century, Henri Nouwen, gay priest, was as well. Both suffered bouts of deep depression.

But why is the priesthood so gay? It is worth noting that the connection between homosexuality and spirituality is by no means restricted to Catholicism.

Some evolutionary psychologists have found an ancient link between gay men and tribal shamanism. Among gay priests themselves, I heard a variety of explanations. Priesg explained that they were drawn to the ritual of the church. Catholicism is a faith centered on the Mass, where the body and the soul and the senses are as important as the mind.

The Mass click here, in some ways, a performance. These types — also found in the arts and scholarship — are gay priest for detail, ruthless about rules, and attuned to tradition and beauty. In many ways, the old, elaborate High Mass, with its incense and processions, color-coded vestments, liturgical complexity, musical precision, choirs, organs, and sheer drama, is obviouslyin gay priest, a creation of the gay priesthood.

Their sexuality was sublimated in a way gay priest became integral and essential to Catholic worship.

Then there is the common experience of a gay boy or teen, gay priest up in the church, who turns to God in struggling with the question of his difference and displacement from the normal. He is forced to ponder deeper questions than most of his peers, acquires powerful skills of observation, and develops a precocious spirituality that never fully leaves him. This resonates for myself as a Catholic boy priesst teen. The first person I ever came out to was God, in a silent prayer on my way to Communion, gay priest.

Gay priest comes out at Vatican, is immediately fired
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If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Get some streaming picks, gay priest. A young Catholic priest, gay priest, Father Greg Pilkington, joins an inner-city parish.

In confession a teenage girl reveals how her father is molesting her, leaving Father Pilkington in a quandary. Equally vexing to the priest is his own sexual orientation. Written by grantss, gay priest.

Priest is a powerful and well-acted film. It exposes the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church gay priest hard to do but it is also about the larger issues of faith, compassion and gay priest. It speaks to any thinking person who has ever questioned their faith only to find that there are no answers and that faith is all there is, gay priest.

Father Greg Linus This web page is gay and conflicted. On one gay priest he is certain that God wants him to be a priest. On the other hand, he is gay sex certain that God exists. All he has is faith and faith abandons him in the face of evil. Did Jesus have it easier than everyone else because he knew what his purpose was?

Do men's laws need to be followed as strictly as God's laws? Can the rules be changed just because they don't suit us? The only wrong note struck in the film is gay priest Father Greg removes his collar, gets on his bike and heads to a gay bar. With quick ease he catches the eye of a stranger and they are soon in bed without so much as more info hello.

A little too Brian- from- Queer- as- Folk if you ask me but, whatever. You've got to grin at the sacrilegious irony of a disgruntled priest removing a large crucifix from a church, more info through the streets with it over his shoulder and smashing it into the rectory.

The battle of bible quotes between Father Greg and a devout parishioner perfectly illustrates the futility of proving your point through bible verse. The ending is powerful and perfect. Get your tissue box out because if you don't bawl like a baby there is a black hole where your heart should be.

Looking for something to watch? Gay priest an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Visit our What to Watch page.

Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs, gay priest. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews, gay priest. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits.

Alternate Versions. Rate This. A homosexual Catholic priest finds out during confessional that a young girl is being sexually abused by death janet gaynor father, and has to decide how to deal with both that here and his own. Director: Antonia Bird, gay priest. Writer: Jimmy McGovern. Available on Amazon. Gay priest to Watchlist.

Unseen Top Gay priest. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Linus Roache Father Greg Pilkington Tom Wilkinson Father Matthew Can romeo gay chat and dating app login exact Robert Carlyle Graham Cathy Tyson Maria Kerrigan Lesley Sharp Unsworth Robert Pugh Unsworth James Ellis Father Ellerton Christine Tremarco Lisa Gay priest Paul Barber Pride taipei 2018 Rio Fanning Bishop Jim R.

Funeral director Bill Dean Altar boy Gilly Coman Ellie Molloy Fred Pearson Patrick Jimmy Gallagher Taglines: One man is about to challenge two thousand years of tradition. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The Gay priest Church in Ireland were very vocal about their views in having the film banned from theatrical distribution. The film censor disagreed and the film was released with an 18 certificate, gay priest. This marked a major turning point in the relationship between the church and the Irish Film Censor board.

Goofs Father Greg holds up a communion wafer which is smooth. The scene cuts to Graham and then back to Father Greg, and the gay priest has a diagonal line across it, gay priest. Quotes Father Greg Pilkington : [ seeing the housekeeper's neck brace ] So, you've hurt your neck, gay priest, have you? Housekeeper : see more sarcastically ] Source, I'm a dedicated follower of fashion.

Housekeeper : Dinner at https://ferool.info/antonio-sabato-gay.php dead pig. Alternate Versions The US version has been cut gay priest seven minutes. Was this review helpful to you? Yes Gay priest Report this. Add the first question. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Country: UK. Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit page.

Gay priest Best "Bob's Burgers" Parodies. Clear your history. Father Greg Pilkington. Father Matthew Thomas. Maria Kerrigan.

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The canon law of the Catholic Church requires that clerics "observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the kingdom of heaven". The document entitled Source Selection and Training of Candidates for the States of Perfection and Sacred Orders stated that homosexual men should not be ordained.

However, this was left to bishops ;riest enforce and most did not, holding homosexuals to the same standards of ptiest chastity as heterosexual seminarians. The Vatican followed up in with a directive to implement psychological screening gay priest candidates for the priesthood. Conditions listed for exclusion from the priesthood include "uncertain sexual identity" and "deep-seated homosexual tendencies", gay priest. Publication was made through the Congregation for Catholic Https://ferool.info/gay-byrne.php. According to the new policy, men with see more homosexual leanings may be ordained deacons following three years of prayer and chastity, gay priest.

However, men with "deeply rooted homosexual tendencies" or who tay sexually active cannot be ordained. No new moral teaching was contained in the instruction: the instruction proposed by the document was rather towards enhancing vigilance in barring gay men from gay priest, and from the priesthood. As the title of priedt document indicates, it concerned exclusively candidates with homosexual tendencies, and not other candidates.

Gayy Catechism distinguishes between homosexual acts and homosexual tendencies. Regarding acts, it teaches that Sacred Scripture presents them as grave sins. The Tradition has constantly considered them as intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural click at this page. Consequently, under no just click for source can they be approved, gay priest.

In gay priest light priewt such teaching, this Dicastery, in accord gay priest the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while prieat respecting the persons in question, cannot gay priest to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called "gay culture".

Pölten Austria. The Belgian college of bishops elaborated that the sexual restrictions for seminary and priesthood candidates apply equally to men of all sexual orientations.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York has been quoted as saying that the Vatican's directive was not tout court a "no-gays" gay priest. Over recent years Catholics on the religious right have tried to connect the incidence of homosexuality within the priesthood to the sexual abuse scandal facing the Church gay priest that the direct root "was not abuse of power, or pedophilia, or clericalism, gay priest the distortive psychological effects of celibacy and institutional homophobia, gzy gayness itself.

Cardinal Raymond Burke has called for the Church to be "purified" of gay priest "homosexual culture". Bishop Robert Morlino of Wisconsin has suggested a "homosexual subculture" was wreaking devastation and the Church therefore needed to show "more hatred priesg homosexual sexual behavior".

Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute has suggested removing all gay clergy from the church, even though this might cause a shortage of priests.

In Adomnan of Gaj 's biography of Columba there is an anecdotal story about two priests with a strong attachment to one another "in a carnal way". One was Findchan, gay priest, described as the founder of the monastery of "Scotic Artchain" in Tiree. The other priest was Aed Dub. Peter Damian gay priest, in the 11th century, wrote a book called the "Book of Gomorrah" about gay priest among the clergy in his own time fay.

He harshly condemned homosexual priesh among the clergy. InAnselm of Canterbury demanded that the punishment for homosexuality should be moderate because "this sin has been so public that hardly anyone pirest blushed for it, and many therefore have plunged into it without realising its gravity". This condemnation moderated considerably in the final decade of the twentieth century with the distinction now made by Catholic church authorities between homosexual orientation and homosexual activity—forbidding the gay priest while regarding the former as intrinsically disordered but not sinful in and of itself.

Pope Francis has directly faced questions from journalists about whether a "gay lobby" effectively operates within the Vatican itself, and investigative journalists have caught several high-ranking Vatican clerics engaging in homosexual sexual activity or relationships. In Octoberon the day before the second round of the Synod on the Familya senior Polish priest working in the Vatican, Krzysztof Charamsastated publicly in Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper that he was gay and had a long-term partner.

In his resignation letter he thanked Pope Francis for some of peiest words and gestures towards the gay community. However, in contrast strongly criticized the prest of the Catholic Church for being "frequently violently homophobic" and "insensitive, unfair and priewt towards people that are gay priest noting the irony that think, gay dating app ukraine remarkable felt there were significant numbers of gay gay priest active at all levels within the Church including the cardinalate.

He called for all statements from the Holy See that are offensive gay priest violent against gay gay priest to be withdrawn, citing Pope Benedict XVI 's signature of the document that forbids men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies from becoming priests as particularly "diabolical".

Studies find it difficult to quantify specific percentages pries Roman Catholic priests who have a prifst orientation either openly gay or closeted in the United States.

Studies by Wolf and Sipe from the early s suggest that the percentage of priests in the Catholic Church who admitted to being gay or were in homosexual relationships was well above gay priest national average for the country.

The John Jay Report published in suggested that "homosexual men entered the seminaries in noticeable numbers from the late s through the s". Another report suggested that from the mids onwards, Catholic priests in the US were dying from AIDS -related illnesses at gay priest rate four times higher than that of the general population, with most of the cases contracted through gay sex, and the cause often concealed on their death certificates.

A follow-up study the next year by the Kansas City Star found the AIDS-related death rate among priests was "more than six times" the rate among the general population in the 14 states studied. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of the Archdiocese of Detroithas suggested gay priest this was because, "Gay priests and heterosexual priests didn't know how to handle their sexuality, their sexual drive.

And so they would handle it in ways that were not healthy. The visitation began inand the final report issued in The gzy spoke about "difficulties in the area of morality Usually, but not exclusively, this meant homosexual behavior. In March Cardinal Crescenzio SepeArchbishop of Naples, submitted a 1,page dossier to the Vatican that sought to identify 40 actively gay Catholic priests and seminarians across the country, after the list gay priest compiled by read more male escort called Francesco Link. Although gay lifestyles have been condemned pfiest the church, a number of senior members of the clergy have gwy alleged to have engaged in homosexual activity, gay priest.

Archbishop Rembert Weaklandwho retired inwas alleged to have been in a relationship with a former graduate student; [33] Juan Carlos Maccaronethe Priesst of Santiago del Estero in Argentina, retired after video surfaced showing him engaged in homosexual acts; anime gay serie and Francisco Domingo Barbosa Da Silveirathe Bishop of Minas in Uruguayresigned in after it was alleged that he had broken his vow of celibacy.

The General Chapter of the Dominican Priiest gay priest in Caleruega in "affirmed that the same demands of preist apply to all brethren of whatever sexual orientation, and so no one can be excluded on this ground. Conditioning persons on their gay priest orientation is not evangelical. Jesus would not do so.

As go here in the Acts of the Gay priest Chapter of Diffinitors of the Order of Friars Preachers meeting, the text read "Ö as a radical demand, the vow of chastity is think, gay kontakte mannheim opinion binding on homosexuals and heterosexuals. Hence, no sexual orientation is a gwy incompatible with the call to chastity ggay the fraternal life. This series gxy meetings priesr conducted priedt July 17th to August 8th in in Caleruega, Spain.

Radcliffe indicated that it really did not matter what sexual orientation a person has, but warned against potential division that could arise if sub-groups based on sexual orientation threaten unity and make it more difficult to practice chastity.

Patricia Nell Warren 's third novel, The Fancy Danceryay the first bestseller to portray a gay Catholic priest and to explore gay life in a small town, gay priest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gah of a series on the Catholic Church St. Peter's BasilicaVatican City. Theologies Doctrine. Prayer Devotions Bible Biblical canon. Gallican Ambrosian Braga Mozarabic. Chaldean East Syriac Syro-Malabar. Byzantine Armenian.

Alexandrian Ethiopic. Societal issues. Links and resources. For broader coverage of this topic, see Catholic Church and homosexuality. Overview articles. Christianity and sexual orientation Christianity and homosexuality Gay priest and transgender people History of Christianity and homosexuality The Bible and homosexuality Queer theology LGBT-affirming churches Blessing of same-sex unions. Denominational positions. LGBT Christian clergy.

Further information: Homosexuality and Priwst Catholicism. Main article: Gay bishops. Catholicism portal LGBT portal. Retrieved February gay priest, Grocholewski, Prefect June 28, Congregation for Catholic Education of the Roman Apologise, dagay com can. National Catholic Reporter. Retrieved 26 April Encyclopedia of Homosexuality.

New York. Retrieved 26 April — via www. The Boston Gay gentlemen video. October 20, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved December 21, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Retrieved July 17, Archived from the original PDF on 8 July Edge Boston. Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 5 March The Independent, gay priest. KMGH Denver, gay priest. September 9, gay priest, September 14, Bay Area Reporter. New York Times.

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He was ordained three years later. Edit page.
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