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From The Album Play album. Power in the Darkness Tom Robinson Band 29, listeners. We can't show robimson this lyrics snippet right now. Play track. Artist please click for source. Tom Robinson began gigging in London in with a constantly shuffling lineup of musician friends backing him and by the end of the year, he had decided glad to be gay tom robinson band put this web page a permanent band.

Tom's old friend, guitarist Danny Kustow, was the first in the permanent lineup. They ran small ads in the bane papers looking for a bass player and drummer. At one audition, the hopeful prospect had hitched a ride with a friend o… read more. Tom Robinson began giggin… read more. Tom Robinson began gigging in London in with a constantly shufflin… read more.

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Four thousand people are singing along to the homosexual pride anthem Glad To Be Gay. I fink these geezers are bent. The notion that any gig-goer could have been unaware of what the Tom Robinson Band stood for back then is more than a ludicrous.

More importantly, Robinson was one of only a handful of openly gay musicians in any genre at the time, and he was certainly the most vocal. A band ahead of their time, they railed against homophobia, racism, sexism, police brutality and social injustice. While Robinson was the only gay member, his bandmates supported his political stance — for the most part. Tom Robinson always was unlikely rock star material. Born in Cambridge glad to be gay tom robinson bandhis early years were spent in a council house, but by the time he reached school age his parents were wealthy enough to send him to be educated by Quakers in Essex, by way of a French boarding school.

He realised he was gay in his early teens. At 16 he suffered a nervous breakdown, and attempted suicide after being spurned by another boy. At glad to be gay tom robinson band time, in the Glad to be gay tom robinson band homosexuality was punishable gaay four years in prison.

He was sent to Finchden Manor in Kent, a therapeutic community for emotionally troubled boys. The second turning point for Robinson came when he met Danny Kustow, who was also b Finchden. Both were budding musicians. After leaving Finchden, Robinson moved to London, seeking a foothold in the music industry. Robinson had already quit by the time their self-titled debut album finally got a release in it sold a grand total of copies.

The unseemly bickering continued for years afterwards. The formation of the Tom Robinson Band coincided with the early stirrings of punk. Although here TRB were far from being a punk band, seeing the Sex Pistols playing live was a further epiphany for Robinson.

The latter had auditioned as bassist, but robindon expertise as a Hammond player was such that they decided to add the bwnd to the band, leaving singer Robinson to reluctantly double-up on bass. From the start, tension bubbled beneath the surface. So there was always friction. The band played everywhere that would have them, glad to be gay tom robinson band, often for no money — benefits, youth clubs, schools, glad to be gay tom robinson band, even prisons.

In those pre-internet days they kept in close contact with their fans via a newsletter delivered for the price of read article stamped-addressed envelope — an idea Robinson admits he stole from Frank Zappa.

A buzz grew up around the Tom Robinson Band thanks to coverage in the weekly music press, and record labels began to show interest. The band were set to caning gay to Jet, but then EMI, who had passed on them a few months earlier, reconsidered. Characteristically, the contract was hilariously blunt.

Read and agreed, the Tom Robinson Band. With the band rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best on the gig circuit, a live release was the next logical step. The Rising Free EP was a defining statement. But it brought an unforeseen problem. But it was also an exhilarating time because change was also so very possible.

The second of those two key tracks was Power In The Darkness itself. Provocatively, it included a free stencil of the clenched fist image used on the cover of the album, the idea being that people could stencil it on to buildings banr walls.

In an era gsy music and politics were comfortable bedfellows, glad to be gay tom robinson band, the TRB were especially engaged. But the ANL [Anti-Nazi League, who organised the event] wanted us to do it as we had talked about them in our interviews and featured their logo on our records. In the end our manager pulled the plug on them, which soured things glad to be gay tom robinson band little as playing that gig was one of the highlights of my career.

Outwardly, the TRB unstoppable. But behind the scenes there were serious problems. Following the success of the Power In The Robiinson album, EMI exerted pressure on the band for a follow-up — something they were woefully under-prepared for.

The answer was no. And while Thomas had had three months to make the first album, a mere six days had been allocated for the second. But the biggest problem was the material. I took it as criticism, when actually it was a statement of fact, an unpalatable truth. The atmosphere when the band convened in Rockfield Studios in South Wales was tense. Kustow exacted his frustration on the nearby wildlife. I only like two of its songs.

Bully For You is the of some contention even today. Robinson is sanguine about the similarities.

He put a great idea to better use, so fair play to him. Unlike the sharp focus of the first album, TRB Two was a mixed bag lyrically. Glad to be gay tom robinson band Mr Harris was a laboured spoof about the security forces in Northern Ireland, while Blue Murder lamented Liddle Towers, a boxer who died in police custody in Gateshead. But Robinson insists this wasn not a directive from EMI. Instead, Robinson was concerned that his roninson stance was descending into self-parody.

Despite this, it dented the UK Top 20 in March But it was too little, too late. Within four months the band had split, finished off by a long and here US tour. So we came back to Europe and decided not to. In the aftermath, both of them suffered mental breakdowns. Since the final demise of the band that bears his name, Tom Robinson has carved out parallel careers as a solo artist and a radio broadcaster.

By contrast, Kustow lives a reclusive lifestyle and no longer plays guitar. They started a family together and eventually married, prompting the ire of certain sections of the gay community, who accused him of the ultimate sell-out. Gay marriage is legal, and racism, sexism, police brutality and all the things Robinzon railed against are, although not stamped out, at least less overt than they were in the see more. But of course I would like to think that we helped to fuel debate.

U2 used to cover it as a school band. Snotty, defiant and daubed with, the opening track of the Rising Free EP was a fo for disrespected minorities of many different types.

It still sounds great today. Trivia: Kustow actually played its solo backwards. Fuelled by the synchronicity between Kustow and Ambler, Long Hot Summer was based on myriad social tensions experienced the previous summer, during which the UK suffered a severe drought. Over to you, Mr Waters…. Classic Rock Features. Please deactivate your ad tlad in order to see our subscription offer. See more Classic Rock features.

Tom Robinson Band - (Sing If You're) Glad To Be Gay (7\
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Or browse results titled :. Tom Robinson London, UK. Tom Robinson b. Contact Tom Robinson. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account. If you like Glad to be gay tom robinson band Robinson, you may also like:. Just in time for Halloween, this low-lit electropop record pairs sugary hooks with harrowing themes.

Weird Pains by Guiding Light. I'll Probably Be Asleep by Tim. The avant-garde bedroom pop artist's latest single has a searing and dark electronic feel. Up De Flats by Gemma Dunleavy, glad to be gay tom robinson band. Explore music. Mark Manning. Purchasable with gift card. To keep up with changing circumstances the lyrics to "Glad to be Gay" have changed and added to over robibson years. At the time of this album's re-release in May - this was the most up-to-date version: the lyrics not having changed since this track was recorded in Japan in August Taken from the subsequent live album "Home From Home".

Tags pop music London. On Gaye marvin lets on it and get get Radio.

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Or browse results titled :. Tom Robinson London, UK. Tom Robinson b. Contact Tom Robinson. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account. If you like Tom Robinson, you may also like:. I've got pretty much all of RT's stuff and I've never been disappointed.

Same with this, glad to be gay tom robinson band, great stuff. Steve Brenin Jr. The Tree of Forgiveness by John Prine. Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee. Heart of Glass by Blondie. Six versions of Blondie's signature track "Heart of Glass" document its transformation from a campy pop song to a disco-inflected smash. Cave V. A split cassette archives the recordings of two banv Massachusetts bands, whose sounds range from math rock to dream pop to punk. Another bewitching gayhane so36 berlin poignant offering from Emily; wonderful album and wonderful eobinson on YouTube.

Explore music. Purchasable glad to be gay tom robinson band gift card. Look after the queers. Sing if you're glad to be gay Sing if you're happy that way For just click for source years now I've fought for the right For people to love just whoever they like Today we can laugh as we march to the park And Clause 28's been consigned to the past If Gay Liberation means freedom for all A label is no liberation at all Bisexual, lesbian, flexible, straight We're here and we're human and Tags pop music London.

Steve Brenin Jr go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.

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I gay cock a nervous breakdown when I was 16, largely due to the stress of growing up gay, roblnson was illegal back then. It also exposed me to all sorts of music. In the 60s, there wasn't a single public figure who was openly gay, so we had no role models, no mentions of homosexuality.

He had all these songs where you could think: "That's about me. But it was a completely different song. I'd become politicised after becoming the musician with a theatrical troupe from New York called Hot Peacheswho were very camp. They exposed me to the notion of being proud of being gay. I also saw the Sex Pistolswho kicked open the doors for the art of confrontation.

At the time, the police were regularly targeting London's oldest gay pub, the Coleherne in Earls Courton a regular basis. When the editor of Gay News famously vay to take a photograph of one blad, he was and fined for obstruction. All these influences came together in the long, hot summer read article I glad to be gay tom robinson band Click here to Be Gay dobinson an acoustic ttom in my flat, intending it as a one-off for a Gay Pride march.

The title came from a slogan I'd seen on badges. The line about a friend getting beaten up by queer-bashers was true. But I realised I couldn't rip off Dylan, so I wrote new music, added the chorus and gave it that more upbeat swing. The keyboard player refused to join in here backing vocals, glad to be gay tom robinson band.

The bw sounded like the Kinks, but once you start playing something like that to audiences — and feel in fear for your life — any tweeness glad to be gay tom robinson band quickly. TRB were straight men, but Robineon understood this was an important protest song. We tried recording it in a studio, glad to be gay tom robinson band, but it sounded limp.

People would join in with what begins as an anti-police number and, by the time they're at the chorus, they're all caught up in it, belting out: "Sing if you're glad to be gay. I'm now married with kids, but Glad to Be Gay was about anyone who didn't conform, from lesbians to transgenders, a way of recognising that most of us have complex sexualities.

Bs never imagined that, 35 years later, it would be called the gay national anthem, or that we'd have tm gay pop stars and a Tory prime minister campaigning for gay marriage. I received a letter from a US teenager who had been disowned by his Christian parents.

He'd just taken an overdose when Glad to Be Gay came on his massage bangkok gay radio station. He put his worldwide dating down his throat, threw up, and moved to San Franscisco, where he was now living happily.

It would have been worth writing the song for him alone. Reading this on mobile? Click here to view article. Inpubs and clubs were crawling with record company executives struggling to catch up with punk. I'm not saying Tom robbinson have been signed otherwise, but the timing was perfect. TRB had had an overnight success with the single Roblnsonbut we'd no source ready, and were arguing about producers.

Someone suggested using four tracks recorded at the Lyceum as glad to be gay tom robinson band interim release to keep the band visible. Any "straight" singing loudly along with the chorus might have robihson few schoolboy sniggers of embarrassment — but after a here pints, no one cared. I viewed it as one of Tom's more whimsical ditties, useful for breaking up the hard-driving energy of TRB's live set.

Anonym gay don't think EMI ever realised it gwy one of the great protest songs. How we made Pop and rock. Interviews by Dave Simpson. Tom Robinson, singer, songwriter I had a nervous breakdown when I was 16, largely due to the stress of growing up gay, which was illegal back then. Topics Pop and link How we made features Reuse this content.

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Glad to Be Gay
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