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Only people can be gay. Not things. Baron Von Steuben was gay. Historians say that he had sodomy with other German soldiers. If you say "gay orc" running the how do you say gay in german together you'll be pretty close, how do you say gay in german. The actress Lauren German plays a gay character on the television show Chicago Fire. Yiu, there is no indication how do you say gay in german actress is indeed gay herself. German is a nationality, like Egyptian, American, Australian, etc. It has nothing do with being gay or straight.

Spanish has taken ro the English utiliization "gay". To say "you are gay" would be "eres gay". No, he is not Gay. Please pray for him and his family no click the following article can say if he gay or not gay but he himself Insecure people would say "no homo.

There is no information that the actor Max Riemelt is either gay or bi-sexual. He is currently a German actor that has worked in several German productions. Asked By Curt Eichmann. Asked By Leland Grant.

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Ask Login. English to German. Asked by Wiki User. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. How do you say this is gay in German? Was there anyone gay in the American revolution? Why wrere the German mean at the Jews? How read more georg pronounced in German? How do you say There is a Gay amongst us in German? Is Lauren German gay? How do you say you are gay in afrikaans? Your friend is German does that mean he is gay?

Is neil tennant gay? No, Neil Tennant is not gay. He is married to hkw beautiful German girl. How do you say you are gay in french?

How do you say 'your gay' in Spanish? How do you say gay in slovakian? Hopes it helps! Is it egrman if you say no homo? How do you say from where are you in German? How do you say body in German? Who do you say war in Continue reading How do you say "War" In german? Answer: "Krieg". How Do you say practice in German? How do you say to go in German? After you say something that's not supposed to be 'gay' but it does sound 'gay'. Is german gay?

Is max riemelt gay or bi? How do you say gay guys are cute in German? How do you say you're gay in Vietnamese? Did Ronald Reagan ever say he was gay? No- Reagan was not gay and did not say he was unless he was joking. Asked By Wiki User, how do you say gay in german.

Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? If you are 13 years old when were you born? What is a hink pink 50 percent giggle? How did chickenpox get its name? When did organ music become associated with baseball?

How can you cut an onion without crying? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? How do you say you are gay in German? Ano ang kasingkahulugan ng marubdob? What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro?

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These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Do you want to translate click to see more other languages? Have a look at our English-Vietnamese dictionary. DE Wie sagt man More information. How do you tou Context sentences Context sentences for "How do you say English How do you how do you say gay in german More by bab.

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Teaching You Insults And Swearwords In German
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Please find below many ways to say I'm gay in different languages. This is the translation of the word "I'm here to over other languages. How to Say I'm gay in Different Languages. Categories: Common Phrases Family and Relationships.

Saying I'm gay in European Languages. Saying I'm gay hlw Asian Languages. Saying I'm gay in Middle-Eastern Languages. Saying I'm gay in African Languages. Saying I'm gay in Austronesian Languages.

Saying I'm gay in Other Foreign Languages. Dictionary Entries near I'm gay. I'm fine, and you? Homosexuala naiz. Ja sam gej. Jeg er homoseksuel. Olen homo. Ik how do you say gay in german homo. Eu son gay. Ich bin schwul. ES esmu sy. Ech sinn schwul. Jien gay. Eu sou gay. Sunt gay. Scots Gaelic. Tha mi gay. Som gay. Jaz sem gej. Jag är gay. Rwy'n hoyw. Variant chat de gay good Simplified.

Chinese Traditional. Kuv gay. See more Burmese. Men geyman. Kurdish Kurmanji. Ez gay im. Ina gay. Ndi gay. Ndiri ngochani. Waxaan ahay gay. Mimi ni mashoga. Ako bakla, how do you say gay in german. Gay ru homo.

Saya gay. Haitian Creole.

"gay" in German

Below are the words that compose our German Gay Dictionary that we will expand in new editions. But first, some information about aspects of this dictionary that we think are relevant. At first, the search for words in the German language to name fags was an enigma. We only found the word Schwul and its derivatives and Warmer Bruder. We asked our German friends and we always got the same answer, there were no more words. How could this be? Over time, and continuing with the search, we find Dr.

One of the most outstanding topics in this German Gay Dictionary is that of warmth with the word warmand it does so for two reasons, the first, for a large number germxn words and expressions it has generated, and the second, because its relationship with effeminate men and with those who fucked with other men, goes back to the Middle Ages or perhaps much further back in time.

The construct of masculinity and femininity as watertight and excluding categories, cold the man and hot the woman, places the warmth and lukewarmness aside from the normal and correct and make them something detestable. Simple ideas that were probably among the first that the patriarchy produced. In this dictionary you will treffen hamburg current, old how do you say gay in german, terms from the Rotwelsch jargon and expressions of the LGBT community.

If you speak German language and gayy want to help us with one word, please contact us, we will send you the information to work and if you want, we will cite you as a source and you will be united to that word forever.

It originated in the 19th century in the wake of the medical debate that considers homosexuality as a disease. Who loves from behind. Term used in the 18th century to refer to Frederick the Great, known for his liking for anal sex. It is customary in many countries how do you say gay in german iin homosexual behavior always comes from outside. Homophobia and xenophobia together.

Literaly means roast fork, in slang is hoa fucker. With this pejorative and antiquated idiom it was wanted to emphasize the feminity of the gay people relating them with the first woman, according to the Bible Eve, in the same way that with Adamstochter the masculinity of yerman was remarked relating them with the first man, Adam, in a time in which the only referent was the camp people, people with a gender expression that did not correspond to their sex and that worked, not without error, as a predictor of sexual orientation.

This slang, therefore, was an instrument of the so-called Gender Vigilance. The translation into the English language of the word Homosexuelle is homosexual, a term coined by Karl Maria Benkert, the precursor of the fight for gay rights, which was then used in medicine to name a false disease.

See: What is homosexual? Post in our blog. The translation into the English language of the word Investiert is invested. Originated in the 19th century due to the medical debate that considers homosexuality germsn a disease. The translation into the English language of gerkan word Konträr is contrary, opposite. This slang was originated in the 19th century due to the medical debate that considers homosexuality as a disease.

The first meaning of Leckermaul is a greedy person, however, the first part of the word Leck- is related to the cunnilingus or anilingus rim jobso this expression can be used as a slang for a homosexual person, both for gays and lesbians. The translation into the English language of the word Pervers is perverted.

This expression has its origin in the 19th century as a result of the medical debate in which homosexuality is considered as a disease. Post in how do you say gay in german blog in Spanish.

In the German language, when are used expressions whose first element is Spinat- in the context of homosexual men and male homosexuality, is metaphorically speaking of the feces, since Spinat translated into the English language is spinach, the vegetable, and all these expressions are geman to anal sexual activity. The literal translation of Spinatstecher would be a skewer or spinach knife, and we could translate it into English as faggot.

It is said that the term Saay originates in the Rotwelsch jargon at the beginning of the 19th century and refers to the top homosexual man in anal intercourse, how do you say gay in german. The Spinatstecher is also documented in several dialects, such as the one talked in Frankfurt, in which Spinatstecher in addition to homosexual man day gay porn also used to refer to the own penis.

Tunte is a massage gay prostata expression and feminine gender used to refer to effeminate homosexual men. The word Warm can be translated into English as warm, affectionate, heated, friendly, etc. Although the written references date from that century it is not ruled out that their origin is much earlier.

Since the end of the 18th to the present there have been several attempts to explain the origin how do you say gay in german this slang that we discard. Another explanation found is in the fact that homosexual men get horny with those of their same sex, and finally, the one that relates the heat with the dangerousness that has always been attributed to homosexuals.

In our opinion there are two possible origins that are related. The first is explained by the meaning of warm, which would be an intermediate temperature between cold and hot, and the secular dichotomous vision of sexuality and gender. In this sense, the man was considered rough, hard and cold and the woman soft, weak and hot. The man who had sex with other men, therefore, was neither cold nor hot, he was a tepid man in his worst sense.

The other explanation, related to the previous one, has to do with the patriarchal identification, with the attribution of supposedly feminine characteristics to homosexual click, such as the warmth in the voice, the softness of the gestures and the weakness in general.

A man too warm, too affectionate with other men can be considered half a man. This simple idea of man as a woman and a concept as basic as warmth can place the origin of the word warm as slang for homosexuality far back in time.

We also have to comment on yoou possible gy between the slang words warm and schwul. There are those who place in warm the origin of the slang Schwul without umlautsa derogatory expression at the beginning but which is currently a neutral term more info used as a synonym for gay. Finally how do you say gay in german should be noted that warm is also used as a neutral term inside and outside the LGBT scene as synonymous with gay, so Warme Meile the warm mile was the name given to the gay neighborhood of Cologne city in the s, the radio station Deutsche Welle was known as the Warme Welle the warm wave for its high percentage of LGBT workers, and the expression Warmherzig warm heart is used as a synonym for gay and lesbian.

Warmer Bruder is part of a large group of German expressions relating temperature to homosexuality, especially male, and deserves special attention, not only because of the anachronistic expressions is the best known, but because it brings with it part of the history of what we now call homosexuality, from the Middle Ages to our days. The first part, how do you say gay in german, warmer, that you can find developed in its own entry in this dictionary, can be translated in various ways and always related as warm, affectionate, heated, friendly, etc.

The second, Bruder, means brother. Thus, the expression warmer Bruder can be literally translated as warm brother, affectionate brother or heated brother, and it would be a derogatory expression to refer to homosexual men. The first references click the following article of this slang date from the 18th century and would be related to different maneuvers of persecution and execution, as well as judicial proceedings, against male religious congregations, to which on a well-founded basis or not, how do you say gay in german, were accused of homosexual behavior and pedophilia.

These religious men were called and are usually called brothers, so Bruder would refer, not to family bond but to priests. Regardless of gy or not the previous processes were adjusted to reality, the relationship the Catholic Church and pedophilia, caused in our opinion by the unnatural aberration of celibacy, is an indisputable gay dating bergen norway cutting edge fact, whose action and impunity logically is increasing the further back we go back in time.

The slang warmer Bruder, therefore, could have its how do you say gay in german in sexuality on the part of male members of the Catholic Church that was extended to all homosexual men by the mere how do you say gay in german of being so. For this reason, we prefer to translate warmer Bruder as a warm priest. You can do it in two ways, sending an email with some words you know, and also, spreading our work on your social networks. Can you help us?

Lesbian Slang Collection Let homophobia out gdrman how do you say gay in german You go down the street, you kiss your girlfriend, and someone screams Bulldykers! You turn around and show him your Tortillera shirt. Choose from 10 lesbian and funny designs and tell a great story! Funny Collection Flip it over! Two lesbian Mrs.

Which one do germzn like the most? Collection Change the world Claim for diversity, claim for pride, truth, how do you say gay in german, and justice. Claim for human rights. Referring to transsexuality. Began to be used in the Middle Ages. Maybe because bending and put the ass in pomp. Gay Slang Yuo. Lesbian Slang Collection. You go down the how do you say gay in german, you kiss your girlfriend, and someone screams Bulldykers!

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Home More advice General Knowledge. I'm German native speaker, how do you say gay in german. Nobody will bow use the word "Dandy". Forget about it. Translate "dude" with "Alter". Alt means old, an "Alter" is an "old guy", "old man" or "old boy". Note: "mein Alter" is a slang term for "my father". You can also translate "dude" with "Mann" man. You meet somebody in the street, you want to say "Hey dude, how are you?

Some drunk idiot gets on your nerve somewhere, you want to say "Get lost, dude! Annotation: You might have noticed my excessive use of capital letters. In German language, hwo nouns start with capital how do you say gay in german. It's sometimes the only way to tell a noun from another word. German, like any other living language, is always picking up new words and expressions from other languages. All the same, I've heard only 'Mann' and 'Hoschi' where 'dude' might be used in English.

I de toppers gay Afrikaans - the slang words tend to sound the same and Man - pronounced Mann Actually, the specific word "dude" would be "geck" I have no idea where learn more here came from - sounds more like a British word to me.

How do you say 'dude' in german? Answer 1. Geman to Prioritize Important Tasks? Answer 2. Answer 3. Answer 4. Answer 5. You don't. Answer 6. Answer 7. More advice in General Knowledge. General Knowledge how do you say "was" in spanish? How do you say "rescue me from the dark" in german?

What does this picture say? How do check this out say no when you really want to say yes?

Is there a difference when someone says they care "for" you and when they say they care "about" you? How to say table in how do you say gay in german How to say you are welcome in spanish? How do you say hello in japanese? How to say goodbye in farsi?

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Jien gay. Chinese Traditional. Dictionary Entries near I'm gay.
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