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Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, adoring visit web page, and a bright future full of good gay men dating sites consider and full of choices.

Then, in an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, this is a romantic, reae and ultimately uplifting story about memory, music, living, dying, loving.

Gayle Forman. Read an excerpt. On a day formsn started like any other… Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, adoring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices.

Other books in this series:. Book 2. Praise for If I Stay. Formab characters are tangibly real, the plot is fascinating and will gsyle the pages to turn atay. The author endows the narrative with as much bbw gay as if i stay gayle forman read online and lays bare the challenges Mia has encountered in each of her relationships as well as the breakthroughs, leaving readers in suspense until the final bars.

Incredibly sad, but life affirming and heart warming, everyone who has ever had to make a difficult choice involving things they love should read this book. I challenge any of you not to cry on the final few pages. This novel will stay with me for a gaylw, long time.

It explores the power of love, family, and romance. It challenges readers to think about how they choose to be in their lives. Mia has to choose too, if i stay gayle forman read online.

Poignant, sad, affirming—a novel well if i stay gayle forman read online reading. All of the agonizing decisions that came with https://ferool.info/nextdoor-gay.php last year of high school are reduced to one simple choice, and she must look back at her life to determine which things are most important to her.

Mia becomes much more than a character — she is a girl with a family, erad, a great love, and an incredible talent.

A roller coaster of emotion, I found myself struggling with the same choice that Mia must make. Not since Twilight have we seen as emotionally moving a book for a youth audience with this kind of crossover appeal. If you liked If I Stay. Check out I Have Lost My Way. Listen to

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If i stay, p. If i stay gayle forman read online I Stay, p. She strides toward him. As she embraces Adam, I see every guy and girl in that lobby watch hungrily, wishing, If i stay gayle forman read online imagine, that their own significant other were upstairs in grave condition so that they might be the ones getting the consolatory cuddle from Brooke.

Then again, if I were regular old Mia, Brooke Vega would not be in this hospital lobby as part of some great ruse to get Adam in to see me. Time to rock-and-roll. What do you think we should do? Let out a primal scream? Smash a guitar? Adam blanches at this sudden reality check and Brooke raises her eyebrows in a stern rebuke.

Everyone goes serious. Kim clears her throat. That might do it. All we really want is to lure a couple of curious nurses out, and that grouchy head nurse after them. Kim in her rumpled black pants and unflattering sweater. Then Brooke smiles and links arms with my best friend. The sheer noisiness of them, of their heavy boots, and loud voices, buzzed on by their sense of urgency, ricochets through the quiet hush of the hospital and breathes some life into the place.

I remember watching a TV program once about old-age homes that brought in cats and dogs to cheer the elderly and dying patients. They stop in front of the elevator, waiting endlessly for one empty enough to ferry them up as a group. I wonder if I will be able to feel his touch on me.

While they wait at the elevator banks, I scramble up the stairs. There is a new patient in one of the empty beds, a middle-aged man whose face looks like one of those surrealist paintings: if i stay gayle forman read online of it looks normal, handsome even, the other half is a mess of blood, gauze, and stitching, like someone just blew it off. Maybe a gunshot wound. We get a lot of hunting accidents around here. I remember the social worker telling my grandparents and Aunt Diane that this was a positive step.

Is that Brooke Visit web page Brooke Vega who was on the cover of Spin magazine last month? Here in this see more hospital? So I thought I might sing a little song. One of my favorites. I stand next to my bed, my eyes trained on the double doors, waiting for them to open, if i stay gayle forman read online.

I think of Adam, of how calming it feels when he touches me, how when he absentmindedly strokes the nape of my neck or blows warm air on my cold hands, I could melt into a puddle.

Suddenly every nurse on the floor is looking at her, not out toward Brooke anymore. No one is going read more try to explain to her that a famous pop star is outside. The moment has broken. I feel the tension ease into disappointment. Full-court press. As Adam and Kim charge through the door, they both look determined, happy even. Get him!

She has spotted Adam through all the other invaders and her face has gone pink with anger. Two hospital security guards and two orderlies run inside. Big gay has spotted me. Adam hears her and he is dodging nurses and making his way to me.

His hand about to be on me. Two guards have him by the shoulders and have yanked him back. When she sees Adam, she stops. Or get arrested.

I was in the supply closet. The old nurse claps her hands. Back to work. I jump in with them. For my own, I hope the latter. Downstairs, the guards hustle Adam and Kim toward a hallway filled with darkened offices.

Is that you? Willow catches up to them. And her cheeks, normally rosy like apples, have been repainted beige. I did my training here, so if you like we can go straighten this out with Richard Caruthers. Then he turns to Willow, if i stay gayle forman read online. You know that the director values compassion as much as efficiency, and this is not the way to treat a concerned visit web page one.

Following orders. Here, if you have any problems, you tell Mr. Caruthers to get in touch with me. One of the guards looks at it, hands it to the other, who stares at it and shrugs.

He lets go of Adam, whose body slumps like a scarecrow taken off his pole.

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While the rest of her immediate family decided what they https://ferool.info/gay-dating-pronsieben.php do with this free time — Mia already has other plans. She scans the morning paper looking for news about her boyfriend Adam and his musical band. Mia also wants to attend her bf concert tonight but still practice her cello with a pianist.

Normally she would do this at school but today she has some extra time. If i stay gayle forman read online wanted to listen to something different on the radio because of their different personalities, with mom and dad tastes being exact opposites. Teddy her brother wanted SpongeBob and Mia read more desired the soothing feel of the classical music.

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If I Stay Read online. Everyone thinks it was because of the snow. I wake up this go here to a thin blanket of white covering our front lawn.

It is wet water https://ferool.info/gay-marriage-in-the-world.php drops from the sky—and drops and drops and drops—not the frozen kind. It is enough snow to cancel school. He started smoking one recently as part of this whole s, Father Knows Best retro kick he is on. He also wears bow ties. But I like the smell of the pipe tobacco. It is sweet and smoky, and reminds me of winters and woodstoves.

Maybe you should consider a snow amoeba. My mother, who works for a travel agent in town, clicks off the radio and pours herself a second cup of coffee. Mom makes cereal https://ferool.info/gay-holidays.php toast. Pretending not to hear us, she reaches into the cabinet for a box of Bisquick.

How hard can it be? Who wants pancakes? I turn to Mom. Mom hands me a steaming mug and the newspaper. A picture? Proud even. I leaf through the newspaper to the calendar section. It depends if they shut down the whole state on account of the snow. If i stay gayle forman read online Bach suite and the Shostakovich had both flown out of me like never before, like my fingers were just an extension of the strings and bow.

Anyone else? I sniff the coffee, the rich, if i stay gayle forman read online, oily French roast we all prefer. The smell alone perks me up. For twenty-four hours? I hear maus rights gays john for crash and a boom coming from upstairs.

Teddy is pounding on his drum kit. It used to belong to Dad. It looked like if you played it, it would tell you secrets, so I started playing, if i stay gayle forman read online. I go to the back door and peek outside. A patch of sunlight has broken through the clouds, and I can hear the hiss of the ice melting.

I close the door tead go back to the table. Visit Gayke and Willow. They live in a big old farmhouse. Henry does Web stuff from the barn they converted into a https://ferool.info/gayla-peevey-i-want-a-hippopotamus-for-christmas.php office and Willow works at a nearby hospital.

They have a baby girl. Teddy having just turned eight and me being seventeen means that we are long past giving off that sour-milk resd that makes adults melt. BookBarn is a giant, dusty old used-book store. In the back they keep a stash of stayy classical records that nobody ever seems to buy except me.

I keep a pile of them hidden under my bed. A col.

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If i stay, p. I loved to watch him play. When he was onstage, it was like if i stay gayle forman read online guitar was a fifth limb, a natural extension of his body. And when he came offstage afterward, he would be sweaty but it was such a clean sweat that part of me was tempted to lick the side of his face, like it was a lollipop. He was kidding, but I could hear the hurt behind the offhand question. At my kaufen enola gaye, with my family, we found a tagay sefik ground.

He sat in the kitchen with Dad, rock-talking. When it came to observing sports, Dad was a baseball fanatic, but when it came to playing, he loved to shoot hoops, if i stay gayle forman read online. Want to play a quick game? Then he turned to me. They returned forty-five minutes later. Gay bj was covered with a sheen of sweat and looking a little dazed. I got stung by a bee on my palm while we were playing.

Your dad grabbed my hand and sucked the venom out. You got the stinger and the venom out, so you were left with only a little itch. Adam broke into an embarrassed smile. But it was sort of true. It was more that our more info had suffered from the same painful politeness as our conversations.

Adam raised his eyebrows as if asking me a question. I blushed in response. Dad had made his famous salt roast, which was my favorite dish, if i stay gayle forman read online, but I had no appetite. I pushed the food around my plate, hoping no one would notice. All the while, this little buzz was building inside me. I thought of the tuning fork I used to adjust my cello. Hitting it sets off vibrations in the note of A—vibrations that keep growing, and growing, until the https://ferool.info/gloria-gaynor-album-covers.php pitch fills up the room.

Kim is not allowed to be alone in her house with boys—not that the opportunity ever came up. My parents had never mentioned any rules on this issue, but I had a feeling that they knew what was happening with Adam and me, and even though Dad liked to play it all Father Knows Best, in reality, he and Mom were suckers when it came to love.

Adam lay down on my bed, stretching his arms above his head. His whole face was grinning—eyes, nose, mouth. I went to my closet and grabbed one of my spare bows. Adam did. As thin as he was, he was surprisingly built. But he wanted me closer. I wanted me closer. I sat down next to him on the bed so his long body was stretched out in front of me. The bow trembled as I placed it on the bed. He smiled again and closed his eyes. I relaxed a little.

I fiddled with his ears as though they were the string pegs and then I playfully tickled him as he laughed softly. Then, if i stay gayle forman read online, taking a deep breath for courage, I plunged into his chest. I ran my hands up and down the length of his torso, focusing on the sinews in his muscles, assigning each one a string—A, G, C, D. I traced them down, one at a time, with the tip of my fingers.

Adam got quiet then, as if he were concentrating on something. I reached for the bow and brushed it across his hips, where I imagined the bridge of the cello would be. I played lightly at first and then with more force and speed as the song now playing in my head increased in intensity. Adam lay perfectly still, little groans escaping from his lips. I had never known that I could make someone feel this way.

Learn more here I finished, he stood up and kissed me long and deep. He pulled me to my feet and started by slipping the sweater over my head and edging down my if i stay gayle forman read online. Then he sat down on the bed and laid me across his lap. At first Adam did nothing except hold me. I closed my eyes and tried to feel his eyes on learn more here body, seeing me as if i stay gayle forman read online one else ever had.

Then he began to play. He strummed chords across the top of my chest, which tickled and made me laugh. He gently brushed his hands, moving farther down. I stopped giggling. The tuning fork intensified—its vibrations growing every time Adam touched me somewhere new. After a while he switched to more of a Spanish-style, fingerpicking type of playing. He used the top of my body as the fret board, caressing my hair, my face, my neck. He plucked at my chest and my belly, but I could feel him in places his hands were nowhere near.

As he played on, the energy magnified; the tuning fork going crazy now, firing off vibrations all over, until my entire body was humming, until I was parkplatz gay breathless. And when I felt like I could not take it one more minute, the swirl of sensations hit a dizzying crescendo, sending every nerve ending in my body on high if i stay gayle forman read online.

I opened my eyes, savoring the warm calm that was sweeping over me. I started to laugh. Adam did, too. We kissed for a while longer until it was time for him to go home. As I walked him out to his car, I wanted to tell him that I loved him.

So I waited and told him the next day. I have quite click at this page crowd now. Gran and Gramps. Uncle Greg. Aunt Diane. Aunt Kate. My cousins Heather and John and David.

Dad is one of five kids, so there are still lots more relatives out there. The relatives gather in the hospital waiting room. I go back into the hallway to get source break. She wears the braid every day and always, by lunchtime, the curls and ringlets of her thick mane have managed to escape in rebellious little tendrils. But she refuses to surrender to that hair of hers, and every morning, it goes back into the braid.

I know this because I have seen her cry many times. There are not a lot if i stay gayle forman read online Jewish mothers in our town or that many Jewish kids at our school. And the kids who are Jewish are usually only half, so all it means is that they have a menorah alongside their Christmas trees. But Kim is really Jewish.

Sometimes I have Friday-night dinner with her family when they light candles, eat braided bread, and drink wine the only time I can imagine neurotic Mrs. Schein allowing Kim to drink. She jokes that this is the reason her family moved here, when in fact it was because her father was hired to run a computer-chip plant.

When she was thirteen, she had a bat mitzvah at a temple in Portland, and during the candlelighting ceremony at the reception, I got called up to light one. Every summer, she goes to Jewish sleepaway camp in New Jersey. Right now I can see Kim is annoyed. She swerves to face her mother. So this shocks me. When they reach the waiting room and see my assembled family, Mrs.

Schein starts sniffling. I am going to leave you here. She wanders around the main lobby, loops around the gift shop, visits the cafeteria.

She looks at the hospital directory. Other author's books: If I Stay.

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I did my training here, onliine if you like we can go https://ferool.info/german-gay-youtubers.php this out with Richard Caruthers. I go to the back door and peek outside.
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