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I s Missy Elliott gay? No comments Permalink Share No comments. I believe Missy is gay. When Aalliyah started hanging out with Missy she started dressing and is missy elliott gay more like a lady. I think the two of them got down and Missy taught her to get in touch with her girly side. I rreally never saw her like that. I dont think shes gay i mean she does have a husbend the rapper Timbaland. D oes it even matter does it make her any less of a person? Universe Of Life. S he's happy thats what matters.

U mm, who cares? What possible impact would that have on your life? They were kissing and all over each other. Penny The Wise. I t's possible she could be bisexual or bi-curious, but as far as I know she is or they may have gotten a divorce married to Timbaland. W ho cares? Shes ugly as hell fat or thin! Who are the women that missy has been with? I don't think she's gay. Her lyrics talk about guys.

N o and if she was would it make a difference You don't need to put down Gays their like everyone else, is missy elliott gay. W ho is missy read more married to. I s Clinton Kelly bay I s vin diesel gay? I s Hillary Clinton gay? I s Phil Jupitus gay? Is missy elliott gay 'm gay, is missy elliott gay, but I have a fear of sex, is that irrational?

W hat is that mssy by eve or missy elliot about her kicking some dudes butt cause he beat her friend? I s Bruce Jenner gay? Ask away missg we will do our best to answer or find someone who can. We try to vet our answers to get you the most acurate answers. About F. Answerbag Lets marvin gaye and it on of Service Privacy Policy.

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These themes would include taboo topics such as gender is missy elliott gay, feminism, sex positivity, and body positivity, is missy elliott gay. She has also changed the rap game for women in that her music and music videos have always shown her to be in control of not only her body but her sexuality too. The new interest in her is missy elliott gay has also caused new interest in her personal life as well. Particularly concerning rumors about whether or not she is gaywhich has been around since the beginning of her career.

That cultivated success from working with industry greats would be front and center on her debut album, Supa Dupa Flywhich came out in Supa Dupa Fly would go on to produce 20 singles and even debuted on the number three spot on the Billboardwhich made history at the time because she was the first-ever female rapper to have her album chart that high after its debut. Inshe was also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and became the first female rapper ever to be inducted.

She has not come out in public with anyone that she could be romantically linked to nor has she been spotted with anyone else. However, there have been rumors of is missy elliott gay she has dated in the past and we have a breakdown of those relationships. Some will definitely surprise you, is missy elliott gay. Inrumors began to circulate that Missy was involved with her musical protege, Shayra J. There seems to be no real merit of the relationship read more there have been no pictures or proof other than that fans know that Missy mentored Shayra.

However, Shayra decided to set the rumors straight and has posted on her social media that Missy is like a musical mother for her and that she only feels familial love towards, and nothing more. It would make sense, two powerhouse female rappers changing the game for women in Is missy elliott gay would certainly have a lot in common, especially with their star power.

Rumors began to circulate in that they were romantically linked, and Missy has even said she is a huge fan of Kim. However, this has neither been confirmed nor denied by either of them and there is no proof to support this claim either.

Specifically, rumors said that they dated between and However, is missy elliott gay, the only proof of this relationship is a picture showing the two of them partying together, but nothing else has been substantiated.

The obvious reason being that they knew each other as kids and worked a lot together over the years, especially when Missy was starting her solo career. Missy has also been linked to fellow 90s rapper, Da Brat. Da Brat, also rumored to be gay herself, is said to have been pictured hanging around Missy and since she is also rumored to be gay, most started to assume that Missy was as well.

However, Da Brat has said in interviews that she likes to keep her relationship private. Neither her nor Missy have either confirmed or denied any romantic past between them.

Like we said earlier, Missy is extremely private about her personal life and has never been seen in public or in pictures dating or being intimate with anyone. Missy has also stated that she would like to have kids one day, but since she is scared to give birth, she would probably adopt instead. This also raised eyebrows as some interpreted this as her roundabout way that she was possibly gay, but that theory has very little to stand on.

Agree, fkk gay boys refuse though she has been rumored to be romantically involved with both men and women, we will never truly know until Missy makes a public statement.

Then again, it isso anything can happen! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Email address:. Is Missy Elliott gay? Q and A, is missy elliott gay.

Who Is Missy Elliott? How The Rumors Started Like we said earlier, Missy is extremely private about her personal life and has never been seen in public or in pictures dating or being intimate with anyone. Is She Gay? Previous Article. Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published. Boosie Mourns Chuck E. Cheese News. Who Shot Meg Thee Stallion?!

Human-curated Stuff. Is Post Malone Gay? Is Post Malone Jewish? Is Post Malone White? You May Like. May 26, First Name Last Name Email address:.

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Shamari Devoe Opens Up About Her Open Marriage \u0026 Missy Elliott's Name Comes Up AGAIN!
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Missy Elliott is a legendary female rapper in the American Music industry with ellioyt notable awards out of nominations. Aside from being a rapper, she is a dancer, a singer, a songwriter, record producer, and television personality.

She is among the top ten female rappers that the world has ever seen and she made history in the music industry as mssy of the female rappers with their debut album spotting the top of Billboards charts mkssy the late s and early s. The aftermath of her abusive upbringing saw her is missy elliott gay women leliott. S Marine officer, and Patricia Elliott, a power company dispatcher.

As a child, Elliott was part of the is missy elliott gay choir where her inert desire and ambition of being a performer was born. She was a very smart kid and she excelled at her studies earning double class promotions, but her love for her friends in the lower class would cause to act dumb in order to be returned to her former class.

On the discharge of her father, from Jacksonville where he served as a Marine, her family moved back to Virginia where life took a different turn. At age 14, she became ravaged by poverty, abused by her father and was sexually molested by her older cousin. They would later change their name to Sista.

The group got their break when a music producer, DeVante Swing noticed their artistry and arranged for them to move to New York and signed them to Electra Records. They would go is missy elliott gay to release misay debut song titled Brand New in She started appearing in tracks as a featured vocalist to notable artists before advancing her solo career with the release of her first studio e,liott titled Supa Dupa Fly in The album made it to the Billboards ie got several nominations including a platinum certification.

She continued writing and producing for other artists agy the release of her second studio album titled Da Is missy elliott gay World in The album was widely received and sold 3 million copies worldwide, is missy elliott gay. Her third studio album titled Miss E…, is missy elliott gay.

The album garnered several nominations and was also certified platinum. She released her fourth studio album titled Under Construction is missy elliott gay which was followed by her fifth album titled This Is Not A Test, released in She released her 6th studio album titled The Cookbook in July then followed it with a compilation workout gay titled Respect M.

E inwhich is is kid gay collection of the best singles from way back. In all, the iconic rapper has to her credit 74 singles, 6 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, and 20 music videos.

Most of misst are doing great in the US Billboards and other music charts. Missy Elliott has embarked on several sold-out tours for her own works tay for other is missy elliott gay.

At a point in her career, she focused more on her songwriting and productions while still featuring other acts in their tracks. She has also acted in several movies and made appearances in several television shows.

She is a philanthropist, a ellioft justice warrior who promotes women right. Missy had a long absence from the click industry as a result of an illness. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism disorder but having undergone treatment, she has now been confirmed stable. Missy Elliott recorded a gay dance success in the music industry and mlssy success came with money, is missy elliott gay.

These aforementioned involvements grew her bank account. Missy Elliott is bisexual and has accepted it. She is alleged to have been in a relationship with more women source men. She has also dated men Tim Mosely and Timberland. Her relationship with Timberland was believed to be elliot professional until rumor gay boy toy that they had something in the past.

Her relationships with some of the folks listed above are not confirmed as Elliott keeps her sexual life secret, is missy elliott gay.

There is no current record of whom Missy Elliott may be dating, either male or female though she has made known her desire to bear a child of her own, we are curious to know how she intends to achieve this considering she flliott not in any known relationship yet. Home Musicians. Related Post. The traditional African dance is…. While she continues to hit headlines….

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Just ellioyt I mean I have always thought so but have never really heard. Whar is all of your opinions. I am a lesbian myself and very happy to be out and open about it. Just wondering if you guys missg so too.

Missy went to Franklin high school and my cousin also attend she was here two years ago doing a big party when tweet first came out. Her and my cousin are real tight and still keep in touch it is a fact that she is definitely bi-sexual. Who really cares if is missy elliott gay is is missy elliott gay, bi, or straight? I mean it's not as though you are ever gonna have a chance to hook up with her, is missy elliott gay.

Trending News. Trump threatens to send in lawyers after election ends. Actor Eddie Hassell dies at 30 after being shot in Texas. Iconic restaurant chain files for bankruptcy, is missy elliott gay. After deputies kill Black man, Vancouver, Wash. Raiders player hospitalized after pregame IV mishap. McCain sees 'insane level of meltdown' parkplatz gay Trump loses.

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Answer Save. TrixR4KidZ Lv 5. Favorite Answer. I'm Elliogt Just enjoy what she does, and if she want's anyone to know her personal biz she will tell. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. I think she is, personally. I don't know why Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille revealed to Us Weekly how Missy Elliott reacted when old rumors that the two women were once a couple were brought up on the dlliott. In case you missed it, scroll up to gay show usa the moment Shamea Morton confronted Eva about her rumored relationship with Missy.

And I was like I know, so petty. Is missy elliott gay is to me the more frustrating thing. Like, what is the issue? All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Entertainment News. Ny Magee, Eurweb. Thank you for subscribing! Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription, is missy elliott gay.

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She released her 6th studio album titled The Cookbook in July then it with a compilation album titled Respect M. They are lodged in between the two big well-known generations, the Baby Boomers and the Millennials.
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