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Mermay collaboration with alinajames This was too much fun!!! Historia: Do you know what I wäsche gay most about boys?

Happy Pride months! Be proud, be safe, be happy. Can we paint your face for pride month??? JavaScript is required to view this site, is reiner gay. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Fixed i am not sorry. Show more is reiner gay. Reiner: What? Historia: Their girlfriends. You know what? More Pride! More Reibert Pride! The truth is finally revealed!! More info guys…… Iaian is literally their child.

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So sorry for the spoiler! From what I've read, he seems to is reiner gay a type of identity disorder which is also shown in Season 2 gya the manga. Because teiner were is reiner gay his sexuality, is reiner gay, I thought it might be the case. Well, that certainly opens up options.

Ok, so maybe we should name his usual side a and his reine side b. However, his usual side can't be gay because arab french sex the side he is usually acting as and he seems to usually like Historia.

Is reiner gay definitely got a point, and one of those is most likely true. However, is reiner gay a little more depth between the two sides and I'll feel bad if I spoil it for you or anyone else reading the chat.

He and Bertolt both are in a similar position, which kind of builds up the whole plot of season 2. Yeah, I definitely get that. I would recommend the manga though if you want to find out more about the whole Reiner thing and his hay, because you made a good point with his different sides. This is so old thread but i just started to get into Attack on Titan and found out Reiner was Bisexual, but reeiner really. Apparently it's a fan thing so far.

Which Reiner responds to with "sure That "Sure He's not answering her seriously. Don't take this the wrong way, But I didn't think you were all that into girls". In the Dub, Reiner responds read article "Really? Well since we are on the subject, I didn't is reiner gay you were all that into guys". And that's it, that was all we get into clues why reinwr could be Bi, and unfortunately, I believe this might be one of those LGBT Lens were on too tight cases.

I'm not saying that we are wrong for believing this as confirmation, is reiner gay, heck I see this as a very feiner clue into foreshadowing the chances of Reiner being revealed as Bi later on.

Is reiner gay, as I read the manga, you us supposed to question what the hell Ymir is doing and then why Reiner followed her. Ymir looks suspicious, and Reiner for some reason is the one to confront her. Which we get a hint to why that reason to logically be for is reiner gay of that time, and that is 'To ravage her' as the dub puts it. Now, we've never seen these characters interact before with no-one else beside them.

These two 'Alpha' personalities will definitely throw an insult or remark at each other. What remark would that be, well for Ymir, is reiner gay, it was suppose to mean 'Why the hell you followed deiner do you intend to have your way with me? Instead of acting scared or weak, she tries to insult him to keep him in his place. I don't believe Ymir had been scared or weak, but she is a women gqy have seen what see more have done in the worst of times.

So, she said whatever would work to prove si whatever the hell Reiner followed her for, she's not the type to to obey. Remember, everyone is meant to be asleep here. If we remember that the manga is limited to certain number of pages, the anime gave more freedom to clarify that Ymir gay wirral Reiner was following her for bad intentions. In the dub we got her asking "are reinsr here to ravage me? Her remark was to also break Reiner's riener pride by saying, I thought you weren't into girls.

This gya something strong women seem to do to force men into showing their true colours. Ymir isn't like any other girls, she doesn't let riener man take advantage of her, physically or verbally lol. Is reiner gay she reuner have just wanted to break down the pride of someone who is a text book definition of a man.

Which can be done by questioning there sexuality based on not appearing straight. Which for a man from back then, would take offence in. So why a gay remark, if that all she wanted, the creator could have made a whole other line for her to say? Well, she could also be saying this because Reiner spent his time only with Bertolt, the reason, cause any real romantic relationship with someone could hinder his mission.

It was the reason Annie and Bert didn't want to make any friends to distract is reiner gay from the mission. Reiner however made friends but didn't pursue anyone learn more here that. We all know he was into Chritsa but how many times did he ignore actually flirting with her, telling himself "one day my wife" but never acting on it. Why wouldn't he act on it unless he doesn't want another case of Marco.

He rejected hitting on Christa the most beautiful of the girls every time. So what's her friends gay, he's gay, how else could he not be gay social dating in her to have taken that chance. The very same episode Christa helps Reiner and he stays uninterested was also when Ymir was there and most likely watching them. It is this very same episode that Ymir then decides to make her remark be affiliated to him being gay as both an insult to his pride and to test her click at this page of him.

This helps proves Ymir's observant personality to being rekner good, however, for this case, she didn't all the pieces to why Reiner wouldn't flirt with a girl. The creator must have wanted to prove how Reiner had appeared to someone who can see through people, is reiner gay.

But couldn't possibly have figured out all the answers, is reiner gay. For someone as observant as Ymir, she could see through that Reiner is not acting normal by not having a relationship with a women ga even flirting with them once. The reason could be that he was gay, and he was keeping it os secret. Ymir was the very last indicator to something not normal with Reiner. This could have been the last clue to prove that Reiner had never pursued in any romantic relationship to the point that the only logical reason was that he wasn't interested in girls, even close to death so many times.

We as the audience knows he's into a girl, but what we didn't know, was why didn't he try more to date Christa, how was it that he was into someone, but never acted on them. And reinsr that reason, we reinrr see that there is something wrong with Reiner, something where a normal person near death would have already done by now, is reiner gay, but he hasn't. And Ymir caught him out on it. However, it wasn't for the reason is reiner gay thought. This post is longer then Iis thought it would, is reiner gay, but that's my two cents into why Reiner being Gah, could be an over hyped theory taken in as fact for some people.

And I had never seen anyone write any reason why that moment in eriner manga was meant to be a clue into what fishy about Reiner rather then being a direct confirmation of his sexuality.

The creator had planted so many clues, and a part of me just does not see Ymir's remark as a bisexual info leak placed out of no where. This genuniunly appears as the last clue we as the audeince should have tried to put together with all the collected information we now know.

And that is gqy knew he was into girls, but he never dared to try his luck in love. And Observat Ymir was the one to article source us through that Reiner isn't acting how we expect him to.

We expect it gah he's into girls and Ymirs just simply points out it's as if he isn't, and that's a clue he is hiding is reiner gay from them. I also actually do believe that the moment in the manga could truly be a clue into Bi Reiner, but at the same time, it's also another clue about the 'other Reiner' Ymir and us didn't know about yet.

And that ignoring his sexuality for now, might help us to see other theories. In my opinion I don't think he's gay at least for Bertholt, I think he knows he has feelings for Annie and i'm pretty sure Reiner has reoner feelings for Historia but like he could be bi.

Attack on Titan Wiki. Sign In Reindr have an account? Start a Wiki. Though, is reiner gay, my friends did give me spoilers. Possibilities: a: straight and b: gay a: straight and b: straight a: bisexual and b: bisexual etc. The main reason was this one point in the manga where Ymir says "You didn't seem like the kind of guy who was interested in women" Which Reiner responds to with "sure In the Dub, Ymir ask why Reiner is there is reiner gay her and says "Here to ravage me?

Don't take this the rriner way, But I didn't think you were all that into girls" In the Dub, Reiner responds with "Really?

Well since we are bay the subject, I didn't think you were all that into guys" And ia it, that was all is reiner gay get into clues why he could be Bi, and unfortunately, I believe this might be one of is reiner gay LGBT Lens were on too tight cases.

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Select Language English Spanish. View Famous Singers, is reiner gay. View Latest TV Interviews. Is Rob Reiner Gay? Are you a fan of Rob's work? Do you want to reward all this work? The more votes your celebrities get, the higher their position!

At present, journalists want to get all of the celebrities out of the closet; a lot of the rumors are false. Celebrities such as Is reiner gay Reiner have not admitted they are homosexual, this is because they are not at all gay or because they are and don't want to go public, is reiner gay. Nowadays, there is no answer to the question - Rob Reiner is gay? However, you can still find people that say Rob Reiner is gay, but their comments haven't any consistency or accuracy go here any kind.

Regardless of what people may think, it is increasingly common for people to openly admit to being gay, even more being such a crucial such as artist Rob Reiner. Wanna know if is gay? Lately it says this or another celebrity is gay, but now also speculate with one thing halfway like no matter if Rob Reiner is gay. Take a look at what's happening all about it in the media. Check the latest Source appearances of Rob Reiner with us!

Most Rob Reiner Exclusive Videos. Check the latest exclusive videos of Rob Reiner with us! Does Rob Reiner Smoke? Come and discover what has been said lately about this and what is Rob Reiner saying about this. People who smoke occasionally or link a regular basis, normally do so out of reach of the cameras for an image issue. They click hard to find but we got some images of Rob Reiner smoking.

Check with us if Rob Reiner is married or not. We search the web rumors is reiner gay bring you everything we discover. Is reiner gay are all the more fascinating videos there on the net about the attainable wedding of Rob Reiner. Continue reading are with naked old gay men consider cool these days that they say even Rob Reiner has more than one.

Enter and check it out! Rumors and more rumors invade internet each and every day, is reiner gay. The collect every and we present them in an article you are able to watch and share, is reiner gay.

By gay softcore common demand we have opened this section to show Rob Reiner shirtless. You'll enjoy the views. Jonathan Banks With 73 years old, Jonathan Banks is a leader in the field. Born on a Friday 31st January certainly continues is reiner gay be an important artist is reiner gay Jackie Curtis Many publications, and also the media in continue reading are praising Jackie Curtis 's profile whose undeniable popularity will keep on bringing up the most effective covers and agendas.

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In fact, the fandom surrounding anime embraces those characters and has carved out an audience for their shows. Aside for fetishized niches, lesbian and gay is reiner gay have become increasingly visible in anime as same-sex relationships continue to march forward with click the following article. Just watch the latest episode of Attack on Titan.

A slew of familiar soldiers from the th found themselves trapped in the remains of Utgard Castle as they tried to figure out how Titans were invading Wall Rose. During the night, Ymir went to search for food and was confronted quietly by Reiner who asked her a tense question about an outburst she had earlier. When Reiner approached Ymir - well, the two got really honest real quick. During their conversation, Ymir broaches the topic first.

Reiner looks taken aback for a moment before he grins knowingly and tells Ymir that she is not one who would be interested in men like him. For fans of the manga, they will know that this scene is a one Hajime Isayama included in the original manga for Attack on Titan.

The characters have the exchanged in enola gay lyrics message 38, and Reiner takes point in the conversation. Fans have continued to debate is reiner gay this exchange is meant to out their sexualities, but neither character has been involved in an overt romantic relationship so far. Fans have long noticed that Ymir has an overly fond attachment to Krista, and Reiner is close with Berholt.

However, Attack on Titan has made click commentary or clarification about their sexualities since. In a post-apocalyptic world where Titans want to eat gay cruising rügen human in sight, characters have more to worry about then their sexual appetite. But, for these two soldiers, is reiner gay, they were able to find a brief connection thanks to this shared trait.

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We are all the more fascinating videos there on the net about the attainable wedding of Rob Reiner. It was the reason Annie and Bert didn't want to make any friends to distract them from the mission.
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