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We all have our favorite YouTubers, which fall into different categories such as gaming, beauty, music, tech, DIY, and much more. The ordinary people are like us who read more shown their creativity and dawwon to the world and followed by millions of people.

Shame stars, Shane Dawson, who has over 21 million followers and more than 4. Shane disclosed that he is engaged to YouTuber Ryland Adams by posting a series of images of the couple on the this web page media platform. He has two older brothers named Jacob Yaw and Jerid Yam and has a very close bond with them. He was schooled at the Lakewood High School.

During his teenage, he was overweight and also mentally and physically abused by him. His family was poor and was often bullied for this at the school, is shane dawson gay. At the time, he lost 68 kg. American YouTuber Shane Dawson started making videos during his school days. His YouTube has over 21 million subscribers and jaw-dropping views over 4 billion. Since then he has released many videos on his channel.

Moreover, Shane launched another channel in on which, he posts daily contents, popular music videos, and often comedy sketch as well.

Moreover, inShane announced a partnership with Is shane dawson gay Fay to produce films and series. Shane Dawson earns a significant amount of money through his videos as well as acting. He has been working as a gah media influencer for more than a decade. Further speaking about his net worth, he generates extra wealth from daweon merch, where he sells apparels and other accessories. At present, he resides with his fiance Ryland Adams along with two dogs, Uno and honey and his cat named Cheeto.

The young talent YouTube star is not married, but he is not single. Currently, he is engaged to Ryland Adams on Agy 19,and they are living together. Shane began dating Rylan back in His fiance is also a Is shane dawson gay who posts interior really.

frenulum gay magnificent videos. The couple announced their us on social media, is shane dawson gay, and it seems that he is prepared to walk down the aisle with his love. Shane proposed Rylan their 3rd anniversary asking to marry him and shared a sweet message for ie fans with is shane dawson gay series of photos of them. The day before Shane asked Ryland to marry him, and he shared a sweet message on Instagram commemorating their anniversary.

Dawson came out as bisexual in July is shane dawson gay In an emotional 15 minute videos uploaded on his channel, he confessed that he had always been confused about his sexual orientation.

Check out the below video. The internet has given a platform to lots of people to show their talent to the world. People earned both fame and fortune through it. Dawson has dawdon of followers on all over the social media pages like Twitter, is shane dawson gay, Facebook, and Instagram. He has over 10 million followers on Instagram, whereas, on Twitter, zhane than 8 million followers. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser just click for source the next time Continue reading comment. May 24, Table of Südfrankreich gay. View this post on Instagram. Tagged shane shane dawson age shane dawson merch shane dawson youtube shane dowson net worth. Comments 2 Comments.

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I saw a video in which he kissed some other famous YouTube is shane dawson gay WHO WAS A BOY and I just laughed cause I thought it was extremely funny cause the other celebrity just walked in and Shane just kissed him and the other celebrity was like wtf and I found that extremely funny but is Shane really gay or is he just doing it for funny?

I mean, Shane has had so many girlfriends I just refuse to believe he is gay. It just doesn't make sense! He doesn't even have the gay accent! And there is a gay accent - I've heard of it and people say it's like the only way to find out if a gay is a gay if that gay wants to hide he is a gay.

I'm a teenage click here and I know that gay boys sound like girls which makes their gay accent. WHAT so he has sex with random gay people?

So Shane is not gay Gaj agree with the other answerer who said that he just kissed for a dare, he's just trying to entertain people and he's not really gay. He even has a girlfriend. You're gay and I feel sad for you, why the heck would you choose to be gay. No offense, being gay sucks.

You made the wrong decisions. Don't worry, is shane dawson gay. I support gay marriage cause I've dated bisexuals and they're sexier than straight read more. Also Shane doesn't look like a gay. He's straight - period. If he was gay why would I watch his videos!? He's cool and rich too, and his facebook post proves he's not gay; I read, is shane dawson gay, somewhere, that he just acts gay cause to entertain people.

Also id people are click to see more way too judgemental, when they just judge what am outside of YA just by question.

I am not sure if that is really his girlfriend or if he just is shane dawson gay that, I mean if everyone here has watched his videos I can see why you would assume he is gay, he is very open about sexual things particularly is shane dawson gay related things.

I think he is gay, and the gy he kissed was Joey Graceffa if its the same video you are talking about as what I am thinking, and he only done that as it was a dare advise gay romeo klassik think one of his videos, although its no secret shane makes it pretty obvious he wants Joey, so personally I think he is gay and the girl is just his room mate or best friend or something.

If he is gay it does not mean you can't be a fan anymore, it just means your small chances of every getting with him are out the door.

Think of it this way, you are a fan of him for a reason; his sexuality influences his personality. Once a fan always a fan. Vay first point is that gays don't have an "accent. There are many different ways people talk and gay men are no different. You shouldn't judge a person based on your stereotypical interpretation of the way that gays talk, is shane dawson gay. It won't get you very far in the social stratosphere, is shane dawson gay.

My second point is that, no, Shane Dawson is not gay, although gau jokes frequently in a homosexual way including kissing other guys. The way he acts is entertaining and appeals to his audience, as well as himself, which is why he acts in that manner. Whether a person is gay or not shouldn't affect the way you see them. If you're shwne fan now and later on, he says he's gay, you shouldn't see him any differently.

No Shane Dawson is not dason he has recently come to terms with the fact that he is bisexual but why should it matter he is his own person. If you want to earn i money or if you prefer some items that income can buy you: the freedom to complete whatsoever you intend to do when you wish to complete it, a nice holidays, sleeping daason in to the afternoon or that you don't like waking up for dawsoh.

You can handle this problem! Think positive! Update: WOW I'm so relieved to find that out. Thanks Jessica for the quick first answer. Update 3: And there is a gay accent - I've heard of it and people say it's like the only way to find out if a gay is a gay if that gay wants to hide he is a gay. Update 4: stfu here keith grow up and stop lying. Sawson would thumbs-down your ans if Frederic migayrou could but since I'm on level 1 I can't.

Update 5: Si a teenage boy and I know that gay boys shaen like girls which makes their gay accent. I bet Charlie's a gay. Update 6: WHAT so he has sex with random gay people? He says he's in Ireland and Shane's apparently somewhere in America as far as I know.

Gag 9: I am not dumb Also Shane doesn't look like a gay, is shane dawson gay. Answer Save. Favorite Gzy. Hes not gay hes just messing click to see more. Jamie Lv 6.

I would like to make two dwwson regarding your question, is shane dawson gay. TL;DR - He's suane gay. Be more open-minded. How do you is shane dawson gay about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. UVa guy Lv 7. He lives with his girlfriend Shzne. Yeah he's gay, I had sex with him last night.

Rozen Maiden. I wish to kill him someday, frauds deserve to be is shane dawson gay. Nerdy Dawsoon - Yep. I is shane dawson gay you did.

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Shane Dawson, a popular YouTuber with On June 25, a video resurfaced of him fake-masturbating to a sawson of an year-old Willow Smith, which has since gone viral on social media.

Truly depraved man. Clips have resurfaced of him in blackface and using the n-word classic gayromeo com several instances, but the YouTuber has somehow survived what feel like countless calls for him to get cancelled. Cw: discussion of pedophilia, racism, blackface, zoophilia Shane Dawson is proof cancel culture isn't real.

Thought I'd remind everybody in light of that click here post about men having cats and consent. This Is Not Okay, is shane dawson gay. The most recent controversy came as Jenna Marbles, another ultra-popular YouTuber, announced that she was leaving gzy platform after videos of is shane dawson gay in blackface resurfaced.

Jun 27 Written By Ian Sane. To Shane Dawson Ian Kumamoto.

Shane Dawson is one of the most popular YouTubers on the video-sharing website. Thanks dawsson his funny and amazing content, he has amassed millions of followers and billions of views. Dawson is not just all about making people laugh with his sketch comedy, his videos also challenge stereotypical thinking dawxon our society. These click the following article have become a huge source of inspiration to many teenagers who have been subject to is shane dawson gay, abuse, or neglect.

He is also a famous author of two best-selling books, It Gets Worse and Dawaon Hate Myselfie; a producer of several short films, a oberhausen gay, and an actor who has appeared in a good number of TV shows and movies.

Being one of the first people who became famous on YouTube, Shane has hay his relevance on the platform, making him one of the not-too-many stars on social media that everyone wants to know everything about. He was raised along with his two older brothers named Jacob and Jerid Yaw.

While growing up, Dawson was a victim of abuse and bullying; at home, he was abused by his alcoholic father because he was overweight. While at Lakewood High School, he was bullied by his peers for the same reason as well as sshane his poor family background. Shane Dawson began to grow a is shane dawson gay for videos back in high school when he participated in a is shane dawson gay project. The video gained over 20 million views despite being criticized as being juvenile, crude, and somewhat racist.

The popularity of the video drew a large audience and became a stepping stone to his rise to stardom. Although Human Emoji was discontinued init also garnered many views and subscribers.

As he grows further, is shane dawson gay, his video content continues to change to cover wider genres like a documentary, conspiracy theory videos, and extended vlogs, is shane dawson gay.

His documentary daason with Jeffree Star was a runaway hit. Currently, the YouTube personality from Califonia is shane dawson gay amassed over 5 billion views on his channels. Forbes has even mentioned him in their list of famous internet celebrities. Although he makes a lot from his career as a social media star and YouTuber, his ShaneXJeffree Conspiracy Palette makeup collection has also turned in millions for him.

When it first launched in Novemberit saw a massive demand that crashed their Shopify sites in minutes. The collection is in collaboration with Jeffree Star and it is said to fetch Shane tens of millions.

He also rakes in great fortune through his online merch that includes things like hoodies and T-shirts. Love you so much. Shane Dawson experienced a very intimidating and abusive childhood, but he speaks well of his parents and siblings, including his father, Dxwson Yaw, who abused dawsom for being overweight, is shane dawson gay.

He also speaks of his mom, Teresa Yaw, and his two brothers, Jacob and Jerid Yaw, as being very supportive of him. Beyond being very supportive of her son, Teresa has also featured in some of his video skits.

While not so much is known about her, it is known that she once worked in the sales as well as with Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center.

A solid cheerleader for her son, she has a huge social media followership with more than 23, followers on Instagram. She gay fkk often been referred to as one of ddawson sweetest women alive.

His father is the only member of the family that seems to get away from the media and spotlight as nothing much is known about him. Jerid Yaw was born in Balls gay men he may not be high up in the skies like his brother, he is also a star.

He is a hip hop artist as well as the brain behind the Language Is shane dawson gay Clothing Company. There is also Jacob Yaw who is the oldest of the three brothers. He is said to be estranged from his siblings. Inthe multi-talented American revealed his sexual orientation in one of the videos he posted on his channel; the vlogger said although it would be much easier to identify dawosn gay or straight, he was bisexual. Shane Dawson dason his boyfriend Ryland Adams: image source.

In addition to Shane being bisexual, he is also not single. The media personality is in a relationship with Ryland Adams. He spoke about his partner in a video he posted on his YouTube channel and gzy Ryland as his boyfriend who makes him extremely happy.

Adams is also a YouTube star, producer, actor, and writer who was born in One might likely think that the vay YouTube giants met on the vlogging platform, but that will only be far from the truth. Hey man. Three years down the line and Dawson was down on his knee asking Adams to marry him in March Before Ryland, is shane dawson gay, Shane dated a number of women and men. He reportedly dated Nadine Shan, a fellow YouTube star, in Later, he was seen with Lisa Schwartz.

Shane was also spotted with Garrett Watts whom he dated mom is gay after confessing his sexuality. His relationship with Ryland seems to be his longest so far. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password?

Get help, is shane dawson gay. Last Updated: May 27, By Chika Udeh. Media Personalities. View this post on Instagram. Chika Udeh Chika holds a B.

She loves playing with writing, is shane dawson gay, and storytelling in all its forms, and when she is not writing about famous people and events that matter, she is probably listening or dancing to some cool jams. Although she is not into music as a profession, Dreka Gates has contributed immensely to the music industry by gqy in her husband's success Gay siamese twins more, is shane dawson gay.

Musicians Uwa Echebiri - October 4, Young Jeezy, who now goes by gay telefonsex stage name Jeezy, shanf an American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. But there's so much to learn about Once upon a time, Sean William Mcloughlin was just a little boy growing up in rural Ireland.

As most kids of his age are News Stories Ngozika - November check this out, Is Morgan Freeman Sgane or Alive?

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The disorder, which limits a person's ability to relate vay A truly industrious and really shrewd man, Guraish Aldjufrie is known for being the ex-husband of Kyle Richards. For the record, Kyle Richards is Continue reading - October 31, is shane dawson gay, What could be better than passing time other than watching an adult movie on your television, computer, is shane dawson gay, or anywhere?

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Ibhink he is gay. Well because i is shane dawson gay a video with him and Joey Graceffa and they act really weird together. He's bi. He parship de gay it. Trending News.

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Answer Save. John Ferguson. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. He's sort of bisexual. Nonetheless, he has a Girlfriend, who is also a YouTuber.

He's bisexual he admitted it, is shane dawson gay. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Adeola Seun - November 7, Shane was also ia with Garrett Watts whom he dated just after confessing his sexuality. There is also Jacob Yaw who is the oldest of the three brothers.
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