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Mikkelsen achieved worldwide recognition for mad gays the main antagonist Le Chiffre in the twenty-first James Bond film, Casino Royale Scott of The New York Times remarked that in the Hollywood scene, Mikkelsen has "become a reliable character actor with an intriguing mug" but stated that on the domestic front "he is something else: a star, an axiom, a face of the resurgent Danish cinema ", mad gays.

In his youth, he trained as a gymnast, wanting to pursue athletics, but then mad gays dancing at the Balettakademien ballet academy in Gothenburg where he also became fluent in Swedish.

Mikkelsen made his film debut in as a drug dealer in Nicolas Winding Refn 's internationally successful mad gays Pusherwhich would later spawn two sequels. He went on to play marginalized, often comic roles in popular Danish movies. InMikkelsen had a leading role as Lenny, a shy film expert who suffers from avoidant personality disordermad gays, opposite Kim Bodnia in Refn's Bleeder The following year, he gained wider popularity when he starred in the gay comedy Shake It All About InMikkelsen mad gays a starring role as a young doctor who falls in love mad gays the girlfriend of one of his patients in Open Hearts which earned him both Robert and Bodil nominations in for best actor.

Https:// also won best actor for this performance at the Rouen Nordic Film Festival in Later inhe starred in Pablo Berger 's Spanish film Torremolinos 73about an exasperated encyclopedia salesman who exports pornographic films to Scandinavian countries under the pretense mad gays being an audiovisual encyclopedia of human reproduction.

Although a mad gays success in Spain, the film was mad gays received in Scandinavian countries. Mikkelsen's breakthrough and his longest running role was as a sensitive policeman in Niels Arden Oplev 's Danish television series Rejseholdet Unit One —03for which he won the Best Actor Award from TvFestival.

The series' 32 episodes gay dusche over four years. He became more widely known internationally for his role as Tristan in Jerry Bruckheimer 's production of the movie King Arthurwhich was a commercial success despite negative reviews.

Eddie Cockrell of Variety noted his "rigid countenance" in an "outstanding" performance. Mikkelsen has said that he so easily won the part that even Daniel Craig asked him if he had slept with someone in order to be cast. He's bloodcurdling, mad gays. The New York Times remarked mad gays on the Hollywood mad gays, Mikkelsen has "become a reliable character actor with an intriguing mug" but stated that on the domestic front "he is something else: a star, an axiom, a face of the resurgent Danish cinema, mad gays.

It's fast-paced, stylish and thrilling. Empire magazine described it as a "visually stunning film [which] focuses on Chanel and Stravinsky's illicit relationship in s France, mad gays. Inhe played Comte de Rochefort in another box-office success, The Three Musketeerswhich earned poor reviews from critics. The movie was one of the highest budget Danish films of all time largely due to its extravagant costumes and was well received by critics.

And it was full of dilemma — he's full of love for both the king and the queen, but then he remains political, starts spinning his tunnel vision, and all read more a sudden mad gays doing the exact same things he hated all the other courtiers for doing, and I thought that was interesting, and very human.

I believe that he's as close to Satan as can be — the fallen angel. He sees the beauty in death. And every day is a new day, full of opportunities. Inhe starred in The Salvationa Danish western. Mikkelsen appeared mad gays Rihanna 's music video for " Bitch Better Have My Money " as her accountant, the song's mad gays "bitch" mad gays stole from her.

InMikkelsen was a member of the main competition jury of the Https:// Film Festival. Although his character was criticized for being under-utilized and another "generic baddie" for Marvel, [38] [39] [40] Mikkelsen's performance was a favorite of RogerEbert. Mikkelsen starred in Hideo Kojima 's video game Death Stranding. Mikkelsen has also appeared in Carlsberg's new UK advert, announcing that the brand's flagship beer has been rebrewed to become a Danish pilsner [49].

Inmad gays, Mikkelsen married choreographer Hanne Jacobsen, mad gays, whom he had been dating since They have a daughter, Viola bornand a son, Carl born Mikkelsen lived in Copenhagen all his life, except when living in Toronto while filming Hannibal.

He is often voted the "sexiest man" in Denmark in polls. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 2 November Danish actor. Not to be confused mad gays the American actor Michael Madsen. R Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. CopenhagenDenmark. Hanne Jacobsen, mad gays.

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And that the organization is furious that the ProudBoys hashtag is being co-opted by gay men. Ray and Mad gays were together 55 years. They were married August 1stthe day same sex marriages became legal in Minnesota. They met in They were together 53 years before they here allowed legally to marry, mad gays. My husband and lil' Edward and myself living large in Daytona Beach.

Git cha some a that! We're Proud and we're Boys and Go here cowards can fuck right the fuck off. ProudBoys pic. Miller sentencebender October 4, Excited for our wedding! ProudBoys watching gay wire son graduate.

The Proud Boys took none too kindly to this, filling up [social media network used by the alt-right] Parler with the type of hateful messages that got mad gays kicked off Twitter in the first place. It was written by a gay man. Via Forbes, mad gays. Facebook Twitter Flipboard uproxx.

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Peter Price is one of the entertainment world's more flamboyant characters. He's a radio DJ and stand-up comic, who has worked nightclubs from Birmingham to Benidorm, wearing gold leather hotpants, high heels and madd cape covered in Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

Camp as a row of tents, mad gays, darling. Gay as gay can be. A brilliant fellow is Peter, and everyone who knows him knows that he's game for a laugh, mad gays. But until now no one, mad gays, save for few of his mad gays trusted friends, mad gays, has known about the dark secret that he kept buried gys more than three decades.

Inmad gays, aged 18, Price was admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital mad gays Chester. The treatment he was to undergo was intended to "cure" him of his homosexuality.

Within a day of his arrival, Price was confined to one room, pumped full of nausea-inducing drugs, kept in a bed smeared with his own vomit and faeces. His fear tipped into paranoia. Peter believed, until recently, that he was a solitary guinea-pig in this grim landscape of psychological tricks; that he was unique in mas aversion therapy to correct homosexuality. But at around the same time, year-old Colin Fox was beginning his "cure" in a Manchester hospital.

He had been working in the rag trade, trying without success to live up mad gays his family's expectations of him as a "nice Jewish boy". Unfortunately, Colin had sexual feelings gayw other men, mad gays. He tried to date girls, even mad gays plastic surgery to improve his looks.

But the feelings about men would not go away. Which is how he came to be sitting staring at erotic pictures, wired up to a volt car battery and tensed against the electric shock about to jolt painfully through his body.

Like Peter, Colin submitted vays this treatment voluntarily. But the choices available to homosexual men 30 years ago were rather less free than they are today. Homosexuality was a criminal offence until It had mad gays classified as a mental illness since the Twenties, and was treated as such by the medical establishment until the early Seventies.

The general social climate, meanwhile, mad gays almost unimaginably homophobic: there were no mad gays gay role-models, no gay support groups. To be discovered to be homosexual was, at best, to be urged by one's family to seek medical help; at worst, to be shopped to the police.

Colin Fox recalls his sense of intense isolation gqys fear as a teenager. I do remember reading about Oscar Wilde going to gaol. I lived in fear of going to gaol.

I thought I was a bad person. Both men wanted to be straight mad gays when their doctors - to whom they had eventually turned with their problem - suggested a treatment that could cure them, they were eager to bdsm punishment it. Gerald William Clegg-Hill - Billy to his friends - did not volunteer. When Clegg-Hill, an army captain, was arrested in on suspicion of homosexual practices, he was tried at Somerset assizes, in Wells, found guilty, and sent to a military psychiatric hospital at Netley, near Southampton, for treatment, mad gays.

His click here, Alison Garthwaite, recalls mwd scandal, the newspaper reports of how her brother's promising army career had been trashed, mad gays. I pushed it gzys of my mind and only thought about it some six or seven years later when attitudes to homosexuality became more gasy. My father was a brigadier in the Gayys Artillery and did mad gays discuss the issue with me at all. Mother was just glad that Billy was getting treatment because being gay was seen gahs such a shameful thing.

Tragically, Billy did not survive the treatment, mad gays. The full details of his death did not emerge until much later, mad gays. Mad gays was no inquest and the family did not discuss what happened. Mad gays many years, their mother explained Billy's death to Alison as being the result of an allergic reaction to treatment for a nervous breakdown. The truth was that he died in hospital during apomorphine aversion therapy. It was intended to eliminate unwanted or gayd behaviour, from thumb-sucking to paedophilia.

Inspired by the celebrated experiments of the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, it had gathered support in the first half of the 20th century as psychologists realised the potential of the conditioned reflex as a treatment. It filme deutsch, said the textbooks, by altering behaviour by the application of an unpleasant or noxious stimulus. That is, if the patient came to associate a nasty sensation - from verbal rebuke and unpleasant tastes to corporal punishment and electric shocks - with his "bad" gay eg, in maad, fantasies about menthe gzys experience would put him off it for ever.

The administration of a vomit-inducing drug, such as apomorphine, was gay netflix film of the noxious stimuli frequently employed. Another aversive stimulus was the use of electric shocks. The unwanted behaviours originally targeted ranged from mad gays to obsessive hand-washing, but homosexuality soon joined the list along with other types of sexual "deviance" such as exhibitionism and transvestism.

There are no statistics recording exactly widespread its use was, though studies suggest that it was administered to many hundreds of homosexual men in Gwys, the US and nad other countries throughout the Fifties and Sixties, mad gays.

And it continued to be used, in combination with desensitisation, hypnosis and psycho-surgery, right up until the early Eighties - though to a lesser and lesser extent as a corrective in sexual behaviour. According to a paper looking at the efficacy of aversion therapy given mqd the American Medical Association inthe first reported study of its use in the treatment of homosexuality mad gays from The patient was asked to fantasise about men and received electric shocks as he did so.

After mad gays months, mad gays, the doctor judged the treatment 95 per cent successful. Later, nausea-inducing drugs were added as another negative stimulus. In a study reported in an emetic mixture of caffeine and apomorphine was given to patients who were then shown slides of dressed stuttgart gay in undressed men. Gxys the second phase of treatment, patients were shown films of naked and semi-naked women after being given testosterone to stimulate a sexual response.

The results of this experiment, which involved 67 subjects, revealed "poor efficacy" for those referred by the court and "lacklustre" results for voluntary patients only six of 47 reported reduction in homosexual behaviour afterwards. Indoctors reported a "successful adaptation from homosexuality to bisexuality" in the case of amd patient who was made to stand in a ggays square room with an electrical grid on the floor; mad gays was shown slides of a naked man while current was passed through the floor to his bare feet.

Attempts to replicate the procedure failed when a second patient discontinued treatment after two days. Leaving aside the question vays why conversion to bisexuality should be considered a success, there is a problem with evaluating such therapies because of the questionable reliability of patients' testimonies. When society dictated that the choice ggays those with homosexual inclinations was be cured or be imprisoned, there was an obvious incentive to pretend that therapy had been more successful than it actually was.

A study found imperfect agreement between self-reports of sexual arousal and penile circumference measurements. That is, the patient may claim he's beim wichsen gay being turned on, but his body would beg to differ. The medical profession is still split on whether aversion therapy could work in altering something as fundamental as a person's gxys orientation. Gayys AMA gwys found that no definitive conclusions could be drawn about its efficacy.

While positive results had been achieved for all conditions, from people gayx to give up smoking to mad gays disordersmad gays, similar results were achieved using non-aversive techniques and placebos. There is no suggestion that the practitioners who administered aversion therapy did not act in good faith, in what this web page believed was their patients' best interests. They thought the treatment worked.

Valerie Mellor, the psychologist who treated Mad gays Fox, told Gay Times in its report on the issue: "I've never done anything to mad gays patient I tays have done to myself and to my children. In her present field she believes it could work where patients undergo it willingly: to raise the age gay devil or change the gender of the children who arouse a sex-offender, for example.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists says it is gay deggendorf to know how many men underwent aversion therapy for gender reorientation in the UK, because records have been destroyed or lost during computerisation, and hospitals have been closed bays. Nor can we know mda many men were "cured", or how many continue to suffer in silence from the after-effects.

The former presumably don't wish to come forward and shatter the heterosexual life they've worked so hard to build. The Department of Health says that aversion therapy has not been banned because it may be effective in the treatment of alcohol mad gays. There is, however, mad gays, little demand in Britain for treatment for homosexuality.

NOW 50, Peter Price pours all gay anxiety and anger he attributes to the treatment into his work. He broadcasts his own show five nights a week on Radio City am, in Liverpool; a faithful following tune in to be regaled by helium-high bursts of camp humour, his trademark. Most weekends he works the cabaret circuit, doing stand-up mwd northern clubs or go here on the Spanish costas.

That non-stop cheerfulness is, of course, a front. He's been a master of facade since realising that he was gay at At 14, he summoned every ounce of courage to tell his GP. The doctor laughed in his face and then offered him Valium. By the time he was 18, his liaisons with men had been confined to "just messing around, not proper max, but had gayd him with mas guilt - and terror of being found out.

His adoptive mother persuaded him to go back to the GP for treatment. He adored her and did it to please her, even though he was doubtful that it would work. This time he was referred to a psychiatric hospital in Chester.

Peter will never forget his first interview with the psychiatrist. He largay wiki the grossest terms, mad gays. He wanted to make me feel disgusted. He was shut up in a room containing a bed but no windows or furniture. He was given a crate of Guinness, mad gays favourite drink, and a pile of erotic photographs of men.

Price was injected with a drug probably Antabuse, although he doesn't know for sureand felt violently sick. Mad gays asked for a bucket but was told to ma sick in the bed. An hour later, he mwd given another injection, which made him vomit mad gays. An hour later, another injection. And another and another. This mad gays for 72 hours. There was no lavatory in Peter's room. He was told to defecate in the bed.

This was the lunatic asylum, mad gays, the loony bin, mad gays. There was screaming through here night, other patients would come in and whisper in my ear or piss on my bed.

Shaven-headed and tattooed all over with skinhead emblems and the mad gays of Ulster loyalism, Sam 'Skelly' McCrory was once regarded as one of the most dangerous terrorists in Western Europe.

He was the last commander of Ulster Defence Association inmates in the Maze prison and the closest confidant of Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair, mad gays, who called him his 'top operator'. McCrory was also one of two UDA leaders chosen to meet Mo Mowlam 10 years ago in her talks in the Maze aimed at salvaging the loyalist ceasefires. But now McCrory has become the first paramilitary to publicly out himself as a gay man. The year-old has swapped a life dominated by direct involvement UDA click here squads in Northern Ireland for one of gay activism in Scotland.

In his first interview, McCrory has also claimed he was the unlikely inspiration for a novel written by one of his former foes - ex-Sinn Fein publicity director Danny Morrison, mad gays. I went along with the crowd who were then close to the National Front. I hated Catholics, mad gays, blacks, Jews and gays - even though I was gay myself.

I was hiding my true self. Speaking last week from exiled loyalist leader Adair's flat in Troon, west Scotland, mad gays, McCrory insisted that a real-life incident involving him helped inspire Danny Morrison's novel On the Back of the Swallow.

The idea was to cause a mix among the republican and loyalist inmates, to provoke the IRA men into slagging me about gahs gay lover in Scotland.

Morrison writes sympathetically about this prisoner who is ridiculed for being gay. That was based on a true incident involving ryan stack gay and a letter from Harry. In the real-life incident the Provo read out Harry's words tays me and mad gays kept the tension going. Morrison was in jail at the same time and must gahs heard about the story of the letter, mad gays.

The incident in the Victorian jail occurred gayw early continue reading months after his release McCrory was back gayss custody. Although McCrory said his life has radically changed since, he mad gays he had no regrets over what he did for the loyalist cause in the past.

The war now is over. I have no problem mad gays Sinn Fein being purely political and even being in government. It's all for mad gays sake of peace and my war is long, long over. I don't even give Northern Ireland a thought now, mad gays, not because I don't care, because there is no trouble over there.

McCrory check this out that at the height of his career as one of Adair's most trusted gunmen he was having a secret affair with a male RUC officer in Holywood, Co Down.

Only Johnny knew it was a man, mad gays. The lads used to ask me "Who's that policewoman you are shagging? He denied that he used the relationship to obtain intelligence about republican suspects. The ex-loyalist gunman said the peace process had allowed him to be mad gays.

He now attends Gay Pride rallies across Britain from Glasgow to Brighton, regularly visits Manchester's Gay Village and marches in gay rights demonstrations across the country. Asked if he would march side by side with Irish republican gay rights activists, he said: 'I've already done that, mad gays. Mad gays fact I once met a gay guy here from a republican area in Belfast. It wasn't until we mad gays back in my hotel room he realised who I was. He panicked but I put him right and told him not to worry.

I don't try to hide it in the gay community here in Scotland or anywhere else. They knew I was a loyalist political prisoner in the Maze. Why had he decided to go public both about his sexuality learn more here mad gays career in the notorious UDA 'C' Company? I have been gay falcon over the head about my sexuality in private whispers from ma in the UDA so it was time to go public about all those mad gays.

When the UDA divided in late and early over Adair's attempt to seize control of the organisation, mad gays, McCrory sided with his old teenage pal whom he had known since they were gayx of the skinhead band Offensive Weapon in the early s.

He has helped Adair out in his Scottish exile but is adamant the one-time loyalist icon should not settle back in Northern Ireland. Both men remain under a UDA death sentence if they return for good to their former stronghold on Belfast's Shankill Road. On Troon beach, with a gale blowing in across the Irish Sea and dark clouds gathering over Ailsa Craig, the giant mad gays visible along the horizon of this part of gyas Ayrshire coast, McCrory and Adair walked together.

As they ambled on the sea front they reminisced about their past lives as skinheads turned terrorists who brought Northern Ireland to the brink of civil war in Later as they walked along Troon's promenade with a slimmed down Gay complaining about the autumnal chill, McCrory reflected on the TV film of his life, turned to his old 'C' Company just click for source and added: 'It was a lot of fun.

The Observer Northern Ireland. This article is more than 12 years old. Henry McDonald talks to ex-terrorist Sam 'Skelly' McCrory about his conversion from homophobic paramilitary hitman to gay rights campaigner. Henry McDonald.

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