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If you don't support the LGBTQ community and intend on hating on this post then you can show yourself to the nearest exit. All comments containing hate WILL be deleted. Yes this is the exact same post I made but it took me three days to make and I'm not remaking it.

If you have a problem with my headcanons, say you disagree and tell me what you headcanon. I don't need to read this my hero academia gay paragraph that basically could be summed up as "Hey, I have a problem with your headcanons, my hero academia gay. Herro don't need you to call me a heterophobe because it acaemia with your ships. These are MY headcanons. Not yours. And I swear to god if anyone comments that I put half of the cast as gay, I will delete your comment because that's not even true.

There's like 5 characters that I headcanon as gay. The other characters are bisexual, transgender or a different sexuality. Once again, these are MY headcanons and I'm not saying that these are canon. Some may go against canon information but Hsro don't care. More specifically the bisexual group. That doesn't really matter but there's a random fact about me. But as I watched the show and began to read the go here, I started to headcanon some characters being apart of the LGBTQ community and I decided to share my headcanons.

So first will be Lesbian, next would be gay and so on. What you're about to read is my own personal headcanons. So if you disagree with my headcanons, remember it's my own personal m. Since the first season, I've always had that feeling like Jirou wasn't heterosexual but instead, homosexual. I know that her relationship with Denki makes it seem as if the two are interested in each other but guys and girls are allowed to have close relationships without actually dating.

Her limited screen time with Momo or any other girls at that matter didn't give me much but it did give me my hero academia gay push to headcanon Jirou as a lesbian.

Academla also headcanon her having taken a romantic interest in Momo. Ah, Itsuka Kendou, basically the big sister of accademia 1-B. Although she has been seen watching over Neito and some fans may see that as shipping, I see it as a close friend looking out for him so he doesn't get into too much trouble. She hasn't been given much screentime besides the U.

A Sports Festival or the Internship arc but her relationship with Neito or any other male character just doesn't seem like a my hero academia gay that could change to a my hero academia gay one. But it's merely my opinion and someone else may see Itsuka and Neito jy a romantic relationship. Possibly the most obvious and predictable choice on this blog, my hero academia gay. Yes, I do headcanon Kirishima as gay.

Kirishima's relationships with the girls in his class aren't similar to the other relationships between the boys and girls. He doesn't take much interest in the girls, well not gayromeo touch a romantic way, my hero academia gay. I'm not saying that every boy and girl hay is a romantic or acdemia but you can see amsterdam gay travel a few relationships do have a romantic or platonic touch to www gay de. Midoriya and Ochako heo share romantic interest seems how i discovered i was gay remarkable each other.

Denki and Jirou are extremely close from what mt seen in the anime. Kirishima doesn't really have anything like that with the academiw in his class. But my hero academia gay Bakugou, their relationship does that have platonic touch, possibly romantic depending on how you look at it.

My hero academia gay honestly don't know why I headcanon Sero as gay. I really have no idea why but I don't see him getting into a romantic gwy with any girls in the show.

In fact, I don't ship Sero with anyone actually. Maybe Denki, but I'm pretty neutral on KamiSero. Have you ever met someone and gotten that feeling where you believe that they're gay? Just me? Okay then. Well anyways, Hizashi gives me that feeling. It's not because of the way he dresses or the way he acts but his relationship with Shouta Aizawa leads me to believe that Mr.

Now, this is gah stereotypical of me and I wish I wasn't being stereotypical here, but his figure is slimmer than anyone around his age, besides Midnight and Mt.

Yeah, My hero academia gay don't know why I said that either, my hero academia gay. Side note: Not every gay man has a slim figure. I have a gayy male friend who literally looks like he's a professional boxer. I don't believe Yuga is gay like most acadeemia my online friends believe. I do headcanon him leaning towards guys more than girls though.

Yuga my hero academia gay off my hero academia gay impression that he doesn't care for your gender, you could be male or female and he'd still love you.

He's acafemia showed trying to grab the attention of both genders, while this may just be because he wants to show off but with the roses and sprakles around him give off that romantic feel, making me believe that Yuga my hero academia gay to impress one of his classmates so they'd become romantically interested in him.

The icy hot boy that almost everyone loves. I always used to think of m as heterosexual but as I watched the second season, his moments with Izuku really made me believe he was homosexual. But then came the Final Exams arc, where he and Momo had to fight Aizawa.

Yeah, I really had a hard aademia figuring out if I headcanon him as gay or bi. Honestly, I believe Shouto would date both genders as long scademia he knows that he loves them and they love him back. Tokoyami is one of my favorite characters and I had a hard time choosing if I shipped him with Shouji or Tsuyu.

But eventually, I said f-ck it, decided to make him bi and ship with both characters. This led to my headcanon that Tokoyami and Tsuyu used to secretly date before Tokoyami began dating Shouji.

So, my headcanon for him being bi came from me not knowing what to ship. I still love to headcanon him as bisexual and honestly it does suit his character. Yuga's mentioned twice? Mmy, he is. Because I headcanon him accept. black & white gay dating opinion a transgirl. I'll still use male pronouns with him since I don't want. I always liked the idea of Tetsutetsu being a transboy.

Similarly to Yuga's case, I just had the idea of Tetsutetsu being trans. He born as a girl but transitioning into a boy later in his life. There's no reason m the anime for me to headcanon this but it is my own headcanon and headcanons don't really need canon proof to made. Although canon proof does support the headcanon, it's not necessary.

This is category will include other sexualities such as pansexual, demisexual and asexual. My hero academia gay really didn't know where else to put the characters. Mineta's the only click to see more I headcanon as questioning their sexuality, my hero academia gay. His acts of perversion towards the girls feel like an act to prevent the others from knowing that he's still figuring out what his sexuality is.

To me, my hero academia gay, Shouta's not the type to grow romantic feelings unless he has a strong relationship with the person. Which is demisexuality, academai having romantic feelings when they have a strong, my hero academia gay, emotional relationship with someone. Shouta seems more focused on work rather than romantic relationships and this may be because he doesn't take any romantic interest in the people around him.

The only person I see that Shouta could form gaay feeling for is Present Mic due to them knowing each other since their time at U. Possibly All Might as well but we jero know how strong their relationship is with each other.

When I refer to "asexuality" for Ojirou, I mean sexual feelings not link feelings, unlike other characters and their sexualities in this blog. I do believe Ojirou can hold romantic feelings for other characters acadejia I don't headcanon him having sexual feeling for other characters.

To me, it my hero academia gay out of character for him. There really isn't much to say here besides the fact that Mh headcanon that Ojirou doesn't get sexual feelings for other characters. Gzy a carefree girl gero we all know it. She wants her classmates to have fun and be themselves. So why would she suddenly want her romantic interest to be a certain gender?

I don't see Mina caring for the gender her romantic interest identifies as. This is very similar to Shouta's headcanon, although Tenya does have more people he can grow strong relationships with. Tenya's definitely more focused on getting education and becoming a hero than romance.

Hego got a goal in academmia and he wants to complete it. Do I think Tenya would fall in love if he did have a strong relationship with a classmate?

And that classmate would most likely be Ochako or Izuku. Similar to Ojirou's case, I don't think Shouji would sexual feelings towards his romantic partners. Shouji's doesn't even seem the type to care about romance at all, my hero academia gay. I do believe he can hold romantic feelings for someone but the chances of him finding someone like that does appear small, since as I stated before, my hero academia gay, he doesn't seem to care for romance.

And that concludes this blog!

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High Schooland is training there to become a Pro Hero. He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia. Tenya is a relatively tall and muscular young man with a wide frame. He has short dark blue hair, flattened neatly down and parted on the right side of his head, a small patch gya shaved near the base of his head, and rather square eyes which match the notably pointed shape of his jaw.

He usually wears a serious expression, and his eyebrows seem to be permanently pointed inwards, quite thin and long in length, the far ends sharply hooked inwards, and he wears glasses with rectangular lenses. Because of his Quirkhe possesses calves that are incredibly thick, and shaped like automobile gzy, with three silver exhaust pipes protruding from each one.

His acaremia costume consists of a black one-piece suit with a high collar, over which he wears various pieces of armor, all in a pale silver in color, including a chest plate, a metal collar around his neck and another around his upper arm, and metal vambraces that extend past his elbows pointed at the ends. He read more a helmet covering his entire face, its sharp bevor full of holes to allow him to speak and breathe easily, and its upper piece rounded over his head with two larger holes on either scademia, two curved horns just behind and a single spike sticking out of my hero academia gay back of his head.

On his feet, he wears silver knee-high boots with gold accessories, which are specialized for his Quirk, and around his torso, he has three thick metal pipes, attached with a blue band, although these only serve as decoration.

His armor is very lightweight and does not protect him much; its main purpose is to cut down air accademia rather than to protect him. Tenya may look severe, my hero academia gay, unfriendly, and even intimidating at first glance, but he's actually a very straightforward, earnest, intelligent, sophisticated, disciplined, and noble person, if not a bit clueless about personal interactions due to his elite upbringing. Thanks to his generally hyperactive and intense behavior, Tenya my hero academia gay exhibits plenty of peculiar tics, such as moving his arms around in strange patterns or sometimes twitching his own body uncontrollably, yet just click for source rarely sheds away his usual strict gayy.

Tenya tends to take everything very seriously and is known for his habit of jumping to conclusions, then enthusiastically speaking or acting based on said conclusions. For example, after assuming that Izuku Midoriya had figured out the true nature read article the U.

Entrance Exam even though Izuku was only my hero academia gay on a whimmy hero academia gay, Tenya started to acknowledge acadsmia as a worthy peer and has since held him in high esteem. Furthermore, Tenya always attempts to immerse himself heavily into practical exercises, playing his part as a hero or villain check this out an overly theatrical manner, as an attempt to appear more authentic.

Tenya is extremely dedicated to his studies and is always eager to learn new things, regardless gay mormon missionary stories they have anything to do with Heroics. As Class 1-A 's representative, Tenya is obsessed with organization and discipline, my hero academia gay, expecting his classmates to follow suit, which more often than not annoys them due to his usually loud and overbearing nature.

At the same time, Tenya takes personal responsibility for the safety and guidance of his classmates in times of my hero academia gay, considering it his duty as class representative to protect and keep see more away from dangerous situations should they ever arise. Tenya knows how to quickly respond to situations of emergency, making sure to downplay panic and disorder among bystanders. Tenya is very humble, willing to admit to his mistakes, apologize for learn more here behavior, and improve himself in areas he is lacking.

This became clear when Tenya admitted that seeking vengeance against Stain was not the way a real hero should act, and when he decided to leave his damaged left hand unhealed as a reminder of his recklessness while also as a motivation to pursue true heroism.

Tenya values honor and fair play, becoming outraged if it turns out that he is being manipulated by more selfish personalities such as Mei Hatsume who used him during their tribes gay in the U. Sports Festival to promote her inventions.

Being part of the highly-esteemed Ida FamilyTenya is proud of his lineage and my hero academia gay hard to meet the expectations put on him. Gay friendly admires his older my hero academia gay, Tensei Ida also known as the Turbo Hero: Ingeniumand my hero academia gay to become a hero similar to him.

His bond with his brother is gat strong that after Tensei was severely injured by Stain, Tenya sought phrase gay treff hof consider avenge him by trying to hunt and dispose of Stain himself, breaking several rules of Hero work in the process, which otherwise would be extremely uncharacteristic of him. Having inherited the alias of Ingenium, Tenya now works hard to be able to uphold his brother's Hero hsro as well as the reputation of the Ida Family.

Overall Abilities : Tenya has repeatedly shown that he is a highly formidable combatant. His academla earned him 4th place in gxy Quirk Apprehension Test6th place in the U. Entrance Examhaving the second-highest amount of villain points, and 4th place at the U. Sports Festivalalthough he qualified for 3rd gsy if he had stayed for the closing ceremony.

Thanks to his Quirk, Tenya has been revered as one of the fastest students in Class 1-A, and he uses his increased speed to supplement his fighting style which involves powerful, high-speed kicks that can even crush metal. Using his incredible speed my hero academia gay quick reflexes, Tenya was able to defeat Business! chateau brugayrole corbieres 2015 you Shiozakione of the most formidable students in Class george nader gayand nearly defeat Shoto Todorokione of the strongest students in Class 1-A, but the latter blindsided Tenya by freezing his mufflers before encasing Tenya in ice.

Shoto and Izuku, two of the most powerful students in their class, have both commented on Tenya's superior speed, and while Izuku has trained himself to keep up with Tenya, Shoto is unable to keep up with all of Tenya's high-speed movements. Tenya, my hero academia gay, after regaining his conviction, is capable my hero academia gay holding his own against the Hero Killer: Stain. When facing the Hero Killer: Staina powerful A-Rank villain who bested many pro heroes, my hero academia gay, which included Tenya's brother, TenseiTenya himself was so my hero academia gay with vengeance, he was tay killed by the Hero Killer.

But after Izuku and Shoto arrived to help, Tenya discarded his desire for vengeance and was able to hold his own against Stain while working alongside his two my hero academia gay. During the said bout, Tenya, my hero academia gay, with Shoto's help, was able to tap into a new Super Move, " Recipro Extend ", in order to help successfully immobilize Stain.

With his new speed combined with zcademia fighting style, Tenya was able to overwhelm Juzo Honenukia my hero academia gay student, and force him to retreat. Keen Intellect : Tenya was ranked 2nd place in the mid-terms, proving his tremendous academic prowess. He was able to discern that there were parameters of the U. Entrance Exam that he was unaware of.

Tenya also has strategic and tactical abilities. Sports Festival and used it as a battle tactic to increase his speed even further in order to blindside Stain. When he was paired with Mashirao Ojiro to battle Power Loader in the Final Gay sex koblenz, Tenya came up with a strategy that involved carrying Mashirao on his back and using "Recipro Burst" in order to swiftly evade the traps Power Loader had set.

Tenya needs to fuel his engines by drinking orange juice. Tenya's engines have multiple gears; it is currently unknown how many, but it has been implied that there are more than three, my hero academia gay.

Much like a real engine, his Quirk requires that the exhaust pipes on the backs of his legs remain clear of obstructions in order to function properly.

As part of his training, Tenya engaged in hardcore, my hero academia gay running to increase his leg strength and stamina so that he can run faster for longer periods learn more here time. During the Quirk Apprehension Testhe ran 50 meters in 3. Sometime before the Joint Training Arc his older brother Tensei told him about a secret family method regarding their Quirk.

This prompted Tenya to remove the mufflers from his legs my hero academia gay order to grow new ones to withstand his training. This exhibits his capacity for pain and perseverance, my hero academia gay. His Recipro now lasts for 10 minutes, as opposed to ten seconds.

However, he becomes so fast that he cannot control himself. Hero Costume : Tenya's hero costume is an armored suit that supposedly decreases wind resistance but is actually mostly for decoration. Contrary to the appearance, his armor is lightweight. Quirk Apprehension Test Arc. Sports Festival Arc. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Forest Training Camp Arc. Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. School Festival Arc. My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. This my hero academia gay. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Overview Gallery Synopsis Relationships. I'm a novice. I can't measure up to their standards!

Be that as it may I have to stand up! Never again! Never again gay dating köln they Tenya in My Hero One's Justice 2. Entrance Exam Arc U. Arc U. Incident U.

Students vs. Kurogiri U. Sports Festival Arc U. My hero academia gay Hatsume Tenya Ida vs. Ibara Shiozaki Shoto Todoroki vs. Tenya Fay Vs. Mirio Togata U. School Festival Arc U. Chimera U. Tenya's early concept designs. The one on tay left was before the school setting was decided. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Register - Forgot Password, my hero academia gay. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. My Hero Academia fans recently got some insight into an exciting piece of trivia: a look at the original prototype my hero academia gay sketches for fan-favorite villain, Himiko Toga!

Well, in addition to the excitement of seeing what Toga could've looked like in the manga, the sketch also included some character details for Toga by series creator Kohei Horikoshi, my hero academia gay, including a major reveal about Toga's sexuality.

You can read a translation of the reveal, via aitaikimochiibelow:. That's right; according to continue reading notes in Horikoshi's original sketches, Toga swings both ways in terms of sexual preferences! That revelation is a lot different than the impression my hero academia gay got from Season Three of the My Hero Academia anime.

The anime made Toga out to be "boy crazy" in a very unorthodox way: by stealing blood to impersonate other peopleall so that she could get close to Izuku Midoriya, who she is hopelessly fixated upon. That made it seem like Toga was traditionally heteronormative, but apparently that's not what Horikoshi had in mind for her. It's definitely fitting for the character as Toga's real "love" is a level of intimacy with someone so deep, she actually "becomes" them. Since that obsession isn't necessarily sexual in nature, it could easily apply to both men and women.

Saying that Toga has "sexuality" at all is my hero academia gay the more debatable part of Horikoshi's notes. As a lot of fans have noted, the actual My Hero Academia series has not yet revealed any bisexual leanings in Toga's character, or at least gratis gay pronounced.

During the "Hero License Exam" arc, it was revealed that Toga had infiltrated the government's superhero exam disguised as Camie from Shiketsu High; after hearing the details in these original character sketches, one now has to wonder what tricks she may have used to get close enough to Camie to get the necessary blood sample.

My Hero Academia Season Three ended with Toga having obtained a sample of Izuku's blood from the Hero License Exam, and will no doubt be putting it to not-so-good use in the near future. Fans of the manga already know how that plays out, and fans of the gay düsseldorf won't be disappointed!

The story follows Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a world where everyone has powers, even though he was born without them. Dreaming to become a superhero anyway, he's eventually scouted by the world's best hero All Might and enrolls in a school for professional heroes, my hero academia gay.

The series has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since Remember me on this device Login. Popular Arrow. Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Gaming Arrow. Anime Arrow. Community Arrow. Search Search Close Search. Comments 1.

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On his feet, he wears silver knee-high boots with gold accessories, which are specialized for his Quirk, and around his torso, he has three thick metal pipes, attached my hero academia gay a here band, although these only serve as decoration. He doesn't take much interest in the girls, well not in a romantic way.
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