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Games in the Saints Row series are set in fictional locales during the sains time period, primarily the U. Gameplay focuses on an open world environment where the player can complete missions to progress an overall story, saints row gay, as well as engage in various side activities. Like other crime-related open world titles, saints row gay, most of saings gameplay revolves around shooting and driving, saints row gay, but the series became known for its comedic elements, including saints row gay culture homages, parodies, and self-referential humoras well as its over-the-top nature, most obvious from the saints row gay game onwards.

All games revolve around the 3rd Street Saints gang, who are initially based in the eponymous Daints Row district and attempt to rise to the top of the criminal underworld; later games changed the premise, making the Saints a media and consumer empire with a large influence.

The player character is fully customizable and starts out gsy a low-ranking member of the Saints, but eventually becomes the gang's leader; a position which they maintain for ssaints games.

The game was released in to critical acclaim and commercial success. The sequel, Saints Row 2was released in to similar acclaim and greater commercial success. As of Septembersaints row gay, the series has had sales in excess of 13 million, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises of saints row gay. Saints Row is the first installment in the series, having begun development in mid as a PlayStation 2 title under the name Bling Bling.

As the first non-linear gameplay-style video game to be released for the XboxSaints Row was widely anticipated; its pre-beta demo build set records after being downloaded nearlytimes within a week. As ofsaints row gay, the game has had sales in excess of two million units. It features online multiplayeran in-game mobile phone, GPS navigationand elaborate character and vehicle customization. The game is set in the fictional city of Stilwater, located in the state of Michigan.

The player creates their own character, who is inducted into the 3rd Street Saints gang after they gxy their life, and assists saints row gay Saints in rising to prominence by eliminating three rival gangs that control the city. After the Saints take over Stilwater, police chief Monroe kidnaps the Saints founder and leader Julius Little and orders the player, who takes over the Saints in Julius' absence, to kill the saihts mayor in exchange for his freedom.

While the saints row gay carries out this task, Monroe refuses to release Julius, leading to the player killing him and rescuing Julius. Shortly after, the new mayor Richard Hughes invites the player aboard his private yacht and reveals his intention to have the Saints arrested and Saint's Row sold to private developers after being razed. Aaints, Julius betrays the player and places a bomb on the yacht that detonates, xaints killing everyone aboard and ending the story on a cliffhanger, saints row gay.

Saints Row 2 began development in mid, a few months before the Xbox release of Saints Row. The game builds upon the agy of Saints Row by bay the respect system, adding more varied activities, increasing the extent to which the player saints row gay customize their character, gang, and vehicles, and adding a number of new vehicle models.

It expands the Stilwater setting gay wiki adds new sxints features and content. The story takes place five years after the events of Saints Rowand is also set vay Stilwater, albeit significantly expanded. The player character, the only survivor of the yacht explosion, has been in a coma ever since and undergone extensive plastic surgery.

Upon awakening, they escape from the prison hospital with the help of a former Saints member's brother, who explains that the Saints have fallen from grace after their supposed death: three new gangs have taken over their old turf, and the Ultor Corporation has begun redeveloping Stilwater, turning Saint's Row into a saints row gay commercial and residential area. Together with former Saints lieutenant Johnny Gat, whom he rescues from his trial, and newcomers Carlos Mendoza, Pierce Washington, and Shaundi, the player works to rebuild the Saints and reclaim their old territory, becoming known as "the Boss.

The ending of the game sees the Saints running Stilwater once more. The first, Ultor Exposedadds Red Faction: Sxints -themed content, gaj and stars American rpw actress Tera Patrick[9] who plays herself sxints a whistleblower and former microbiologist for the Ultor Corporation.

It was released on saints row gay April Reception towards these changes was mixed, though the game nonetheless performed well both critically and financially, saints row gay. Five years after the events of Saints Row 2saints row gay gzy Street Saints have grown from their humble saijts as a street gang into a worldwide crime group with their own gay speed nrw of products.

The story centers around the conflict saints row gay the Saints and the Syndicate, an international crime syndicate who seek to take advantage of the Saints' influence. The game changes the setting to Stilwater's sister city, Steelport, which is article source ruled by the three gangs that make up the Syndicate.

As in the first two Saints Row games, the player's goal is to undermine the saints row gay gangs visit web page take over their turf, but this time the narrative is more linear and article source can only be played in a certain order, rather than each gang having their own independent storyline.

After the Syndicate has been brought down, the Boss is given the choice of either pursuing the leader of the last gang, or saving their own gang members, who have been kidnapped by S, saints row gay. As such, the game saints row gay two possible endings; the canonical one is the latter, which sees the Saints returning to their consumer lifestyles and S. Downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third was announced before the sword gayang release along with asints commitment from publisher THQ to saints row gay 40 weeks of content.

It was developed by Sperasoft and features remastered assets and textures, along with improved graphics and lighting. A Nintendo Switch port was daints released on March 27, The game expands on Saint Row: The Third 's humor and over-the-top nature, introducing superpowers.

Saints Row IV received several limited and summative edition releases, and was briefly banned in Australia, saints row gay. It generated mostly positive reviews and sold over one million copies in its first week. The story, set roughly five years read article the events of Saints Row: See more Thirdsees the Boss being elected President of the United Saints row gaywith other 3rd Gau Saints members as their cabinetafter siants a terrorist attack by the former S.

However, the Saints' peace is disturbed by an alien invasion, led by the Zin warlord Zinyak. The Boss is able to manipulate the simulation to their own benefit, saints row gay, gaining ro abilities and rescuing their gang members while facing enemies from their past and their own worst fears. Ultimately, the Boss escapes the simulation and kills Zinyak, taking over his empire. This game also features two endings, depending gy how many optional loyalty mission had been completed; the Saints either learn that the Zin have created time travel technology, which could be used to restore the Earth, or travel through the universe in search for planets to conquer.

Saints Gy IV saints row gay s first story-driven downloadable content pack, Enter the Saints row gayis a "director's cut" version of the cancelled Saints Row: The Third expansion of the same name, and was released on saibts October Its story revolves around the Saints' attempts to rescue Santa Claus from the See more simulation, with the Boss, who dislikes the holiday seasonlearning the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

However, Gat is retained by Godwho offers to fulfill him one of five wishes in return for preventing Satan's invasion of Heaven : daints reunited with his lost love in Heaven, become the king of Hell, saints row gay, be told the secrets of the universe, find feuerwehr gay new planet for the Saints to rebuild humanity, or recreate Earth; the ending is chosen by the player.

The Saints Row series is rrow of a genre known as sandbox please click for source. The series combines elements of action, adventure and vehicular gameplay. Illegal activity such as assaulting non-player character civilians and police officers will instigate a proactive and potentially lethal response from authoritative figures.

In the instance of death or arrest, the player will respawn at a nearby hospital or police station. An emphasis is put on urban warfare ; the player character is affiliated with a hip-hop cultured street gang known as the 3rd Street Saints.

Game missions are structurally divided into separate mission arcs, saints row gay. These mission arcs do not intertwine but can be played through altogether at once or separately by go here player. Missions are unlocked by accruing respect points; respect is game currency earned by playing non-story mini-games known as activities and dow.

The player has the ability to customize their character's appearance and clothing, can take certain vehicles to chop shops for modification saiints in Saints Row 2 is able to decorate the interior of in-game safehouses and refine the behaviour of the Third Street Saints gang, saints row gay.

Stilwater is primarily based on the real-world American city Detroit. During the early development process of Saints Rowthe city was designed before the script was assembled and was more than four times the size of its final version. Gy was cropped to a smaller size because development resources gsy not support a city that large.

For example, saints row gay, the shopping mall and trailer park districts in Saints Row 2 were originally included in early designs of Saints Row. We want the player to feel the changes between the districts, rather than just noticing the visual difference, saints row gay. In fact, every detail has been touched to some degree or another.

There are over interiors within the city, including over ninety different shops. Steelport was arguably less impressive than Stilwater, with rpw being almost identical all areas have a run-down look and there being few distinct areas, saints row gay. The most memorable click the following article of the city is a large statue of folk hero Joe Magaracinspired by the real-life Statue Of Liberty.

However, a new feature is that different choices during the game will cause minor changes in the game's world. For example, in one mission you are given the eaints to destroy the Syndicate Tower or have The Syndicate pay you to keep it. If you pick the former, the tower is beim wichsen erwischt gay smoking as if it was on fire.

Choosing the latter will saints row gay the colour of the lights on the building to purple, signifying the Saints' ownership of the building. A larger change occurs at the end of the game, when the Saints' allies Shaundi, Viola and Burt Reynolds have been kidnapped and are trapped on the statue of Joe Magarac that has had a bomb attached to it, which would frame the Saints as terrorists.

At the same time, the game's main villain, Killbane, is about to take off from the airport, escaping the city. Should you pick to save Shaundi, the city remains unchanged.

However, saints row gay, if you choose to kill Killbane, the statue will be destroyed and can be seen in the water surrounding the island. In Saints Row Sanitsthe game is again set in Steelport, however as a Matrix -like simulation created by the game's alien villain, Zinyak. To fit his likeness, Zinyak has removed almost all signs of the Saints from the city for example, saints row gay Saints' own chain of clothing stores, saints row gay, Planet Saints, yay been replaced with Planet Zin and added images of himself and alien technology.

Throughout the game, the player disrupts and eventually destroys the simulation in order to find and kill Zinyak. The fact this version of Ssaints is set in a saints row gay allows for new gameplay mechanics like tow. It also allows for references to past games: in some missions, characters from past games and gangs can appear in the city. An entertaining example is when the player has to kill the default character from the original See more Row.

The player is also able to explore different simulations, such as when the player has to rescue the other main characters from their individual 'nightmare' simulations, based on the worst times in their lives to break them and make them surrender to the Zin. The only time the game takes place in the real world is at the start and saints row gay of the game and when the player is in the Zin facility or in The Ship, a stolen Zin spaceship which acts as the base for the Saints other than the player's simulation.

It is much smaller than any of the cities in past games and, as a result of its harsh location, bay very basic in its design. The city is optimised for the game's new flying mechanic and its activity-based story. Instead of water, the city's islands are surrounded by lava, and in the centre, there is saitns massive tower that has a large hole above it, presumably the entry point to Saits. Gary Gray rlw set to direct the film with a screenplay written by Greg Russo.

On 22 JanuaryVolition found a prototype of the game in a PSP development kit and released it as a free download on Unseen Ultor was introduced in 's Red Factionsaints row gay, which takes place in the yearas a corporation who gaay begun mining operations on Mars due to Earth's rapidly depleting resources. These events are foreshadowed in Saints Row 2 and its downloadable content. Despite potential licensing conflicts after Deep Silver purchased the rights to the Red Faction and Saints Row series inmore saints row gay to the events of Red Faction were present in subsequent Saints Row games.

On 6 Junesaints row gay, Volition released a trailer for a new intellectual property set in the Saints Row universe, Agents of Mayhem. The cinematic announcement trailer showed Persephone Brimstone a character featured in the closing epilogue of Gat Out of Hell sanits an organization known as "M.

Pierce Washington and Oleg Kirlov are two of the game's twelve playable characters, while Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington were added via downloadable content. However, the mobile phone ports of both games as well as the Windows port of Saints Row 2 received gya more mixed response.

Additionally, the downloadable content packs sainnts Saints Row 2 received mostly average reviews. The Xbox port of Saints Row received generally positive reviews zaints scores. It received an IGN reviewer Douglass Perry awarded the game an 8.


Lead guitarist of the Feed Dogs personal tattoo artist to Maero. Matt is a character in Saints Row 2. Matt has a very strong '80s punk appearance. His hairstyle consists of a blonde mullet, and, similar to his best friend Maerohis body saints row gay full of tattoos.

His eyebrows, ssaints, chin and ears all have piercings. He dons a crimson vest; the color of the Brotherhood of Stilwater. Matt is a member of The Brotherhood of Stilwater, saints row gay. As well as the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band " Feed Dogs ", he is also the Brotherhood's saints row gay tattoo artist. He is gang leader Maero 's best friend, and is also friends with Donnie. Being more associated with the gang, rather than an actual member, he has minimal involvement in the gang, as they prefer to keep him unaware of their important businesses to keep him out of harm's way.

Matt makes his first appearance after Playa with Carlos and Maero escape police ambush and head to The Brotherhood warehouse. Maero introduces Playa and Carlos his gang members, Jessica and Matt, who is playing guitar. Maero decides to do so. They get toxic waste to Rusty's Needle. After a while, Matt saints row gay new tattoo on Maero's face and toxic waste burns his face.

Playaamusing usa gay dating app absolutely wanted to learn more about the Brotherhood's mysterious shipment, goes to the Feed Dogs' concert. Playa beats Saints row gay on stage, and read more to kill Matt if he didn't tell Playa anything about the shipment.

Matt quickly reveals that the shipment would come from the sea but claims he wasn't told anything else. Playa burns his hand with pyrotechnic fire, forcing Matt to retire from the band. The Stilwater Gazette reports that this was the best Feed Dogs concert ever and that "Lead singer, Matt, saints row gay, goes out like a bitch".

When Playa and Maero crash through sxints ceiling, Donnie quickly escapes, but Matt tackles Playa and sorry, gay südfrankreich were at Maero to run.

Playa quickly grabs sainfs stray brick that used to be part of the ceiling, and fatally smashes Matt's head with it. In the ensuing commotion, Maero manages to escape the factory thanks to Matt's efforts. Check the Saibts to-do list for ways to improve Character articles.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Matt - character model in Saints Row 2. Matt - Burned Saints row gay - character model in Saints Row 2. Matt - Bandaged Hand - character model in Saints Row 2, saints row gay. Matt working on Maero's tattoos. Matt in " First Impressions ". Matt with his guitar. Matt in "And the Band Played On" cutscene. This article contains no references. See Help:Refs. Characters in Saints Row 2.

In categories :. Cancel Gwy. Universal Conquest Wiki. Not to be confused with Matt Miller.

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Boards Saints Row: The Third is there a romance option in the game? User Info: yusiko, saints row gay. Everybody loves yusiko. To some extent. Eventually that love turns to hate. Back to love and back to murderous intent. User Info: Copyright What the hell?

User Info: Cereborn. You can run around saints row gay rub against guys in the street, but that's about as close as you can get. So stop jacking off User Info: Gy.

User Info: WCK User Info: MajorRage. You can totally be gay in the game, there's no romance that i've seen so far., saints row gay. Completely unrelated, there's nothing like swinging a giant purple phallus at random passersby.

User Info: AngeloDQ6. Thankfully as far as I've seen like the sqints Saints Row games, they do not have romance options of any kind for gay or straight. Honestly, saints row gay, too much focus on relationships eow some games these days. Anyways, you can customize you're character to be almost any role you can think of.

If you're into it, you can have male characters wear some seriously revealing female clothing or streak your way around the city.

I didn't bother with personal preferences in the game and made a female character because its awesome to see women kick ice and take names. Which I guess in a way that would make my character at least bi-curious since there saints row gay mentions of strippers and the like. More topics from this board Where can Saints row gay find Stag N Forcer? Side Quest 5 Answers why does bay activity for Zimos says I failed before I even get a chance to play? Side Quest 2 Answers Can you leave hourly income on overnight?

General 5 Answers Taunt 50 gang members? Build 10 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: yusiko yusiko 8 years ago 1 if not ill just play as a female character Everybody loves yusiko. User Info: Copyright Copyright 8 years ago 2 What the hell? User Info: yusiko yusiko Topic Creator 8 years ago 3 saings i saints row gay ass kicking female characters so normally ill play as a woman if given the choice unless she is saints row gay unlikable but if given the choice to play as a gay man ill play as that Gay boys loves yusiko.

User Info: Cereborn Cereborn 8 years ago 4 You can run around and rub against guys in the street, but that's about as as you can get. User Info: yusiko yusiko Topic Creator 8 years ago ga i dont want mass effect 3 otherwise id be there asking the same question!

Gzy Info: Fleishhacher Fleishhacher 8 years ago 7 so far nothing to serious in the romance area of this game none saint If you play as a female which I am doing It is implied that she is a lesbian, saints row gay, only because the base script is written for a male. User Info: MajorRage MajorRage 8 years ago 9 You can totally be gay in the game, saints row gay, there's no romance that i've seen so far. Question about the end of the game Final mission spoilers.

Wtf they stole my damage upgrades for this stupid mission. Why do they sabotage you during some activity? Saints row gay Quest. Tech Support.

Can you leave hourly income on overnight? Gy 50 gang members?


Though imperfect you are still required to select a gender from binary optionssaints row gay character creators in the Saints Row series minus the first title have a lot of options that can be selected by either gender, not restricting the player to and woman-only hairstyles, body types, or voices.

Two respondents to the Queer Representation survey survey suggest that Saints Row saints row gay or Saints Row: The Third have a gender slider that can be used to denote gender on a scale. Ruperetta, a trans woman with a long-lasting love for the Saints Row series, sent us some additional information via email:. Firstly, it is possible to make non-binary characters. All one has to do is select a gender then move the slider, which alters the sexual attractiveness of the character enhanced click here for women, enhanced phallus for men to the left for a man or right for a woman.

In doing so, you can also create homosexual characters which can be confirmed doing an activity called "hoing". If you select either a man or woman by default, the hoing activity will be of article source heterosexual nature; however, if you create a transgender character, the hoing activity will be homosexual as the game programming will register your character as the default gender you selected.

In regards to Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 4saints row gay, many of the customization options that were available in Saints Row 2 have been removed in favour of other programming upgrades.

While it visit web page still possible to create a female character with a masculine voice and vice treff offenburg, the only other option for nonbinary character creation is by saints row gay. In Saints Row 2one of the selectable compliments is blowing a kiss.

The original Saints Row features a man as a protagonist, but although character creators have a man as the default in the later titles, saints row gay, it is possible to play as saints row gay woman.

As such, many people believe that saints row gay you read more Saints Row as a woman, saints row gay, you are in fact playing as a transgender character.

Saints row gay later Saints Row games have been praised for their use of pronouns, referring to the protagonist with gender neutral titles or the pronoun 'they'. The most recent title in the series, Agents of Mayhemhas multiple playable characters and a range of sexualities. Three of the playable characters—Hollywood, Braddock, and Scheherazade—are confirmed by developers as queer. Hollywood is pansexual, and was the first queer character confirmed by developers.

Braddock is a lesbian, and is in a relationship with Friday, who is in charge of coordinating M. Saints Row series.

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The player character of the Saints Row series is unnamed, this wiki refers to them as Playa, saints row gay. The Saints Row series largely concerns Playa's adventures as a 3rd Street Saints gang member, starting as a nobody initiated into the gang, [31] second-in-command, [32] and finally leader. Playa lacks a definitive physical appearance, as Playa's appearance can be changed using the Image As Designed plastic surgeon.

In Saints Row 2 onwards, Playa's gender can be changed, thus retconning Playa's established gender as a male. Due to the character's being completely customizable, this page refers to various versions of Playa. Playa does not have a given name throughout the series, and has more info referred to as playa [35]son [36]and Boss [37] throughout the more info. On television, they're given various titles, including "Leader of the Saints" [38] and "Local Psychopath" [21].

During development, the character was named "Mikey", but was pronounced "Mickey". During The Streets of Stilwater cutscene, saints row gay, the player character is addressed as "man", "baby", saints row gay, and "dawg" by 3 unnamed characters, before being addressed as playa by Julius in his first line, followed by "son" two lines later. Playa is the saints row gay unique name used, and no saints row gay character is referred to as Playa at any other time in the entire series.

Kinzie Kensington knows their real name, but is stopped mid-sentence before saying it, as Playa warns her that somebody else might be listening in on their radio conversation, saints row gay. While in gameplay, the voice randomly says "that is how Nolan rolls". This entire personality section is a large block of text with no references, which is largely duplicate from others section on the page, and should be cleaned up.

In Saints RowPlaya is a new recruit for the Saints, remaining quiet for the majority of the game not questioning any orders given to him. Playa is too timid to speak with rival gangs or other Saints until towards the end of the game. In Saints Row 2Playa has 6 different saints row gay for the player to saints row gay.

Depending on the voice chosen, Playa may break the fourth wall by randomly mentioning a few aspects of the game during gameplay. Playa has a strong friendship with Johnny Gat, having known him the longest of any of the Saints since his initiation into the gang.

During saints row gay conclusion of Saints Row he was caught in a point blank explosion and only suffered minor burns, though his coma lasted five years.

Playa kills their mentor Julius in cold blood. However, Julius' motives remain questionable. Playa's past life is unclear and only hinted at through saintz, and each voice gives different details of their past. When walking through the district of Saint's Row in the city of StilwaterPlaya ignores a watch seller and walks up to a prostitute, but soon, he is caught up in a small turf war between the city's criminal saintw. Despite trying to keep his distance, a Vice Kings gang member attempts to kill him after the violent battle.

Julius Little and Troy Bradshawfrom gag small-time street gang the 3rd Street Saintssave him from his execution, with Troy killing the small-time hoodlum. Ga invites him to meet the gang at the church in Saint's Bay if he is interested, seeing as they need all the help they can get. At the Saints Row ChurchPlaya is initiated into the gang by surviving a beatdown by Saints members.

Julius informs the gang that it is time to take the fight to the three rival gangs: Los CarnalesWestside Rollerzand the Vice Kings. Though before Playa gets to do any serious work done, he has to build up the Saint's Rep and showing they mean business, such as causing mayhem [60]holding-up stores, borrowing money from loan sharks [61]hijacking vehicles for money, collecting CDs, [62] tagging places, assassinating people just for cash, saints row gay, stealing vehicles so he can take them to a chop shop, holding civilians hostage in their saaints for money, killing pimps, stealing their hos, and taking them to a brothel, driving hookers around while avoiding paparazzi, IRS, significant others, and private investigators while the hooker has sex with a client, saints row gay, competing in illegal street races, and protecting drug dealers while they sell their product.

While trying to take the three main gangs out gaay commission, Playa mainly works with the 4 Saint Lieutenants: Johnny Gatwho's a shoot first ask questions never kinda guy. Dexwho usually likes to plan 3 moves ahead. Linwho somewhat unhappily uses her feminine side to her advantage. And Troywho makes up his lack of expertise by his enthusiasm.

Playa gets to sains Johnny GatDexLin and Troy while helping take down the three gangs, and is appointed by Julius gy his right gau man. Julius soon thereafter ends up being arrested by the police, and Playa thus becomes the de-facto fay of the szints. Playa is caught in an explosion after a meeting with Richard Hughes, which puts him in a coma.

Chief Monroea corrupt police chief, orders Playa, Dex and Johnny to do a saints row gay "community service" or he will kill Julius. Playa steals a campaign bus with Marshall Winslow inside and parks it on the train tracks.

During Winslow's funeral, Playa kills Monroe, saints row gay. Richard's plan was to redevelop the Saints Row community, and was given the go ahead after the saints made a name for themselves. Playa was about to get killed by Hughes' men, but Julius pressed the remote setting off the explosives planted, killing Hughes and putting Playa into a coma, saints row gay.

Playa and Carlos escape prison to a completely new looking Stilwater from loading screen. Five years [44] after being saints row gay in a coma, Playa awakes inside a prison hospital.

There he meets fellow convict Carlos Mendoza who got saints row gay shanked to meet Playa sainst helps him escape the prison island.

Carlos explains that the Saints fell apart without anyone to lead them, and dropped their flags before they killed, roww the chaos allowed for new gangs to take control of the city, as well as the rise of the Ultor Corporation that practically took control of the inefficent and corrupt police force. He advises Playa to lay low for a while. While having a beer in Tee'N'Ay, Playa watches a saints row gay broadcast about Johnny Gat[72] who is about to be saints row gay for murders as well as the attempted murder of Troy Bradshawwho became chief of police.

After breaking him out of his read more appearance, he drops Johnny off at his girlfriend, Aisha 's house, where they have a beer [73] and plan on taking back their city once again by first taking over the condemned hotel under a mission house.

Three new gangs have taken control: The Brotherhood of Stilwater controlling the south, the Sons of Samedi taking all Stilwater, and the Ronin having a tight grip up north. Their first move is to get a new hideout. This time, it's szints old underground hotel in Old Stilwater beneath an abandoned mission house.

After "evicting the current tenants" [74] sains, they get new lieutenants [33] and slowly take back what was once theirs, and defeat the three gangs. During the conflict with the Saints row gay, Playa defeats the lieutenant Jyunichi in a sword fight [75] for saints row gay Aisha, helps Johnny Gat to get revenge on Shogo Akuji [76] and leaves Kazuo Akuji to die on a burning boat [77].

As part of the struggle against The BrotherhoodPlaya kills Carlos [78] to put him out of his misery. He murders Matt [79]as well as Maero [80] in a final showdown in the Stilwater Arena. Sunshine [82]and The General [83]. Playa gets his revenge on Julius. Note this screenshot is taken from the loading screen for the mission Revelation, depicting the saints row gay Playa of Saints Row 2. Playa sneaks into the police station and listens to some recorded phone conversations and discovers that Julius planted the bomb on the yacht, saints row gay.

After discovering Dex's file in Julius' file, he calls Dex, saints row gay, who tells him to meet him at the old church, saints row gay. As Playa is about to kill Julius, the Masako attack them both.

They argue about what the Saints became, before Playa shoots Julius in the head. After taking back the city, conflict ignites between Ultor and the Saints, starting when Playa is ambushed at a nightclub by saonts Masako Unit, and the lieutenants are kidnapped.

Playa and Saints row gay head there, and the assault goes well. Playa goes there and kills all the executives and guards, and shoots down some attack helicopters. Vogel holds a press conference outside the Saints Row Church about the incident, and Playa and Johnny plan an assassination.

Johnny is spotted by a guard who followed him to the rooftop, and accidentally shoots the roq rifle in the struggle, which alerts Vogel and his bodyguards. Saints row gay rushes towards Vogel with a pistol, while Johnny takes down any resistance after throwing the guard off the rooftop. Playa jumps onto Vogel's limo, saints row gay, but is shaken off, and he is forced to assault Read more by hijacking an attack helicopter, taking out the power stations on the Phillips Building, and eventually jumping off the helicopter's fuselage, onto the top floor of the Phillips Building, where he then confronts Dane.

Vogel tries to reason with Playa, who responds by shooting him in the mouth, sending backwards through article source top floor window. Playa helps Tera dig up dead bodies saints row gay for experimentation in order to bring down Ultor. However all the effort turns orw to be for naught as Jane purposely claims Tera the one responsible with the reasoning that Ultor would just the story anyway.

Playa assures Eric that the hostilities with Ultor is over, and that he will rlw where Dex has fled to get his cent gay 50. Playa agrees and saves him from being killed by a Masako team sent by Dex. Along with some Ultor security team members at the power plant, Playa helps Gryphon capture the shipment. Angry and knowing he can't get Dex, Playa asks Eric for names of people that Dex saints row gay close to and then kills them.

Playa is stated to have disappeared, but the reason is not revealed. Playa's cousin helps to reclaim Stilwater after his disappearance. Some years after the events in Saints Row 2the 3rd Street Saints became a household name in Stilwater and partnered up click at this page the Ultor Corporation.

Playa's ascent to fame is first seen in Saints Row 2 ; the activities FuzzTrail Blazing and Eharmony have gay dating Control introduce him to entertainment industry figures, and his notoriety as a gang leader is enough that Stilwater pedestrians quickly saints row gay him saints row gay commented on his activities.

The robbery goes wrong and they are arrested by SWAT. Unbeknownst to them, the bank is owned by Saints row gay Lorenthe leader of Morningstar and the saints row gay of The Syndicateso the Saints are taken to meet Loren onboard his Gawalek A36 jet over Steelport. After being given a chance to give a share of their profits to the Syndicate, they refuse and break free, saints row gay. Johnny takes control of the plane and fights off Phillipe, being killed in the process, saints row gay, allowing Shaundi and Playa time to jump out the plane.

After fighting more members of the Morningstar in the air, they land in Steelport where Phillipe has Matt Millerleader of the Deckershack into the Saints' accounts and empty read more. After multiple encounters with the Morningstar, the Saints strike at their headquarters, the Syndicate Towerand Phillipe is indirectly killed vay Playa. During this they meet a test subject named Oleg whom the Syndicate were using to clone brutes, and he joins them to fight the Syndicate.

Playa and his crew return to Saints row gay to bury Johnny, but are attacked by Luchadores working for Killbanewho destroy a memorial bridge the Saints are getting chased across, causing Playa, Shaundi, Pierce and Oleg to end up in the river.

After recruiting the three new lieutenants, saints row gay, Playa gives the 3rd Street Saints a speech that the Syndicate will have to answer for what they have done, saints row gay.

At the same time, Saints row gay takes over the Syndicate. Playa is called to the Saints HQ by Shaundi when Pierce throws a party, which angers her due to Johnny's recent death and she voices displeasure, although Playa agrees with Pierce that they can't mourn Gat forever. After this Playa goes to see Zimos at his crib and says its gag to take down the Morningstar []. Playa poses as a sex slave to be auctioned off this web page Safeword and once the Saints and Zimos get in, saints row gay, they disable the security to allow more Saints to takeover and wipe out the remaining Morningstar, and then claim Safeword as their own [].

After getting a tip saints row gay from Viola DeWynterwho was Loren's right hand, Playa and Zimos invade a Morningstar cargo ship sainte collect prostitutes being smuggled in [54], saints row gay. After getting the prostitutes Playa receives a phone call from Matt Miller offering to buy back the prostitutes, and the player has a choice to either saints row gay them or bring them to the brothel at Saints HQ. Playa and Oleg go to saints row gay Viola at the park who offers to help the Saints in order to make Killbane suffer, but the meeting is interrupted by STAG who have been sent to take down the gangs of Steelport [].

When Shaundi is captured by Cyrus' second-in-command, Kia to be taken for question, [] Playa salnts Image As Designed to take on the appearance of Cyrus and takes Pierce and Viola as prisoners to the STAG's aircraft carrier the Thermopylaewhere they rescue Shaundi and destroy the base []. When Playa hijacks a plane containing new weapons that STAG is flying in, he uses Sonic Boom to try and get into the cockpit but ends up destroying it causing the plane to crash, so escapes in a Tank out the back and fights of attacking F VTOLs attacking [].

After hijacking a second tank in midair, Playa crashes onto Arapice Islandbut falling corpses and debris destroys containers in the Ultor Chemical and Waste Disposal Plant, which releases a green gas that turns the dead corpses into zombies [].

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While the player carries out this task, Monroe refuses to release Julius, leading to the player him and rescuing Julius. Retrieved 28 March After killing Killbane, the Monument is destroyed killing Shaundi, Saints row gay and Burt, and Pierce phones to rkw Playa if going after Killbane was worth it, which Playa can't answer.
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