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No proof exists of a genetic cause for homosexuality. Many developmental issues can lead a man to assume a homosexuality. When considering these issues, try not to ascribe too much significance to any one. This last factor is perhaps the most common, especially the relationship between a boy and his father. The infant acutely senses the emotional atmosphere from such cues as voice tone, why a man become gay. Touch is also an important source of information for infants. Between the ages of 18 months to five years, a boy needs to receive gender affirmation both verbally and physically.

His perception of his sexual identity will come from the primary people in his life — his parents. Beginning at around 18 months, a boy begins to discern the difference between male and female.

Dad, in turn, becomes more significant, and the boy wants to reach out to him, to connect with him. This is what Dr.

If the father is warm and receptive, then the son can make this transition. He can dis-identify with the mother and connect with the father to fulfill his natural masculine strivings and establish a secure sense of gender identity.

This narcissistic hurt often leads a young boy to detach himself from what he views as the futility of trying to form a masculine bond — and markt stuttgart gay pain associated with the rejection he feels from his father.

These experiences can often lead to further problems when the boy reaches the next stage of masculine development — identification with same-sex peers. If the boy lacks confidence as a male, why a man become gay, his relationships with other boys will seem foreign, uncomfortable, and forced. He is likely to avoid such interactions in one of nan why a man become gay He will either isolate himself, finding safety and security in solitude, or he will gravitate toward female jan.

At the onset of puberty, boys struggling through such feelings of rejection and isolation may sexualize their unmet emotional needs. Unlike boys who develop heterosexually, however, their fascination is not directed toward that which is different — girls. His own masculinity is a mystery to him. The world of boys and men why a man become gay completely foreign. Getting there feels like crossing a great canyon. So while heterosexuals find females intriguing msn in possession of something they do not have, so it is that pre-homosexual boys find members of the same sex intriguing.

Even though why a man become gay is becoming more socially acceptable and even promoted as an attractive and preferable way of life… most boys in junior high and high school do not want to be gay. But none of this helps those why a man become gay struggling because their feelings and are not being explained to them.

They are left confused, and many will come to their own conclusion that they must be homosexual. With an even lower why a man become gay, they plunge ahead to their futures, trying to accept becime they must be gay and, as such might as well fulfill the desire and act out in homosexual behavior…. The last step in the development of a homosexual wby usually comes in the years after high school, when all kinds of options become available. Leaving the constraints and influences of home and church, a young man will often discover a world eager becme usher him into the homosexual community.

With the availability of gay bars, gyms, beaches, even the Internet, numerous opprotunities beckon a confused young man to be sought out or to seek out relationships with men. Psychologist Dr. Blog at WordPress.

Unhappy Gay. Instead, the pre-homosexual has already been disconnected from his father, friends and his sexuality by this point in his life.

With an even lower self-esteem, they plunge ahead to their futures, trying to accept that they must be gay and, as such might as well fulfill the desire and act out in homosexual behavior… The last step in the development of a homosexual identity usually comes in the years after high school, why a man become gay, when all kinds of options become available.

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The 1800s: How Long Has This Been Going On?

Click here for more information this organization. Phone number: No e-mail address, why a man become gay. Most of us fail to understand why anyone would want to engage in homosexual activity.

To the average person, the very idea is either puzzling or repugnant. The peculiar nature of homosexual desire has led some people to conclude that this urge must be innate: that a certain number of people are "born that way," that why a man become gay preferences cannot be changed or even ended. What does the best research really indicate? Are homosexual why a man become gay natural or irresistible?

At least three answers seem possible. The first, the gay hotel mykonos of tradition, is as follows: homosexual behavior is a bad habit that people fall into because they are sexually permissive and experimental.

This view holds rat homosexuals choose their lifestyle as the result of self-indulgence and an unwillingness to play by society rules. The second position is held by a number of psychoanalysts e. According to them, homosexual behavior is a mental illness, symptomatic of arrested development. Why a man become gay believe that homosexuals have unnatural or perverse desires as a consequence of poor familial relations in childhood or some other trauma.

The third view is "biological" and holds that such desires why a man become gay genetic or hormonal in origin, and that there is no choice involved and no "childhood trauma" necessary. Which of these views is most consistent with the facts?

Which tells us the most about homosexual behavior and its origins? The answer seems to be that homosexual behavior is learned. The following seven lines of evidence support such a conclusion. Occasionally you may read about a scientific study that suggests that homosexuality is an inherited tendency, but such studies have usually been discounted after careful scrutiny or attempts at replication.

No one has found a single heredible genetic, hormonal or go here difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals - at least none that is replicable. Two large studies asked homosexual respondents to explain the origins of their desires gay bademeister behaviors - how they "got that way.

The second, in4 involved homosexuals. Both were conducted prior to the period when the "gay rights" movement started to politicize the issue of homosexual origins. Both reported essentially the same findings: Homosexuals overwhelmingly believed their feelings and behavior were the result of social or environmental influences.

While these results aren't conclusive, they tell something about the very recent tendency to believe that homosexual behavior is inherited or biologic. There is evidence that homosexuality, like drug use is "handed down" from older individuals. The first homosexual encounter is why a man become gay initiated by an older person, why a man become gay. Likewise, a study of over London teenagers reported that "for the boys, their first homosexual experience was very likely with someone older: half the boys' first partner were 20 or older; why a man become gay girls it was 43 percent.

In the s, scholars 12 examined the early Kinsey data to determine whether or not childhood sexual experiences predicted adult behavior.

The results were significant: Homosexual experience in the early year, particularly if it was one's first sexual experience - was a strong predictor of adult homosexual behavior, both for males and females. A similar pattern appeared in the Kinsey Institute 4 study: there was a strong relationship between those whose first experience was homosexual and those who practiced homosexuality more info later life.

A similarly progressive pattern of sexual behavior was reported for females. It is click that the three largest empirical studies of the question showed essentially the same pattern. A child's first sexual experiences were strongly associated with his or her adult behavior. Kinsey reported "less homosexual activity among devout groups whether they be Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish, and more homosexual activity among religiously less active groups.

These studies suggest that when people believe strongly that homosexual behavior is immoral, they are significantly less apt to be involved in such activity.

Recently, because of the AIDS epidemic, it has been discovered that, relative to white males, twice as many black males are homosexual 14 and 4 times as many are bisexual. But even the worst racist wouldn't suggest that it is due to genetic predisposition.

Were homosexual impulses truly inherited, check this out should be unable to find differences in homosexual practice due to religious upbringing or racial sub-culture.

Homosexuals experiment. They feel some normal impulses, why a man become gay. Most have been sexually aroused by, had sexual relations with, and even fallen in love with someone of the opposite sex. Nationwide random samples 11 of men were why a man become gay about their sex lives since age 21, and more specifically, in the last year.

As the figure reveals, 1. And 6 of every 7 who had had sex with men, also reported sex with women. It's a much different story with inherited characteristics. Race and gender are not optional lifestyles. They remain immutable. The switching and experimentation demonstrated in these two studies identifies homosexuality as a preference, not an inevitability. Sometimes this alteration occurs as the result of psychotherapy; 10 in why a man become gay it is prompted by a religious or spiritual conversion.

It is clear that a substantial number of people are reconsidering their sexual preferences at any given time. If homosexual impulses are not inherited, what kinds of influences do cause learn more here homosexual desires? No one answer is acceptable to all researchers in the field. Important factors, however, seem to fall into four categories. As with so many other odd sexual proclivities, males appear especially susceptible:.

As noted above, many people have turned away from homosexuality - almost as many people call themselves "gay. Clearly the easier problem eliminate is homosexual behavior. Just as many heterosexuals control their desires to engage in premarital or extramarital sex, so some with homosexual desires discipline themselves to abstain from homosexual contact.

One thing seems to stand out: Associations are all-important. Anyone who wants to abstain from homosexual behavior should avoid the company of practicing homosexuals. There are organizations including "ex-gay ministries, " 18 designed to help those who wish to reform korean gay conduct. What Causes Homosexual Desire? The Psychology of Homosexuality.

Is there a gay brain? The neuroscience of homosexuality
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Estimates as to the number of gay people in the population range from 1-in to 1-in, so why are some people Are they gay by choice or is being gay genetic?

The simplest answer is to look at the definition of the word "gay. No one knows for certain why any individual is gay, but the current thought is that being gay is gay sex a choice.

The reasons people are gay are both physiological and psychological. Modern science is working to show that genetics is one of the causes of being gay, although some science conflicts in this area, why a man become gay. According to Psychology Today3, why a man become gay.

Study of family history reveals that homosexual men have more homosexuals in their family why a man become gay than do heterosexuals. The precise genes involved in the causes of being gay have not yet been identified but they appear to come from the mother. Additionally, some studies have found that the brains from homosexuals differ from the brains of heterosexuals.

The connections in the amygdala and the corpus callosum have both been shown to be different depending on the sexual orientation of the individual. Psychological reasons also appear to be part of why a person is gay. According to Avert. While psychological factors may increase the likelihood that someone is gay, no single factor is known to cause homosexuality. Considering whether people choose to be gay is complex.

It very much appears that same-sex sexual attraction is not a choice but acting on it is; so if you define gay as the mere presence of same-sex attraction, then from everything we understand, being gay is not a choice. If, on the other hand, you consider someone to be gay only if opinion muskel gay have act on their same-sex attraction then being gay can be considered why a man become gay choice depending on an individual's behavior.

But the real question is, does this really matter? If a person is an adult, is it anyone's business click here he or she is attracted to or has sexual relations with? Whether science can ultimately prove the biology of being gay or not, it's public bulge gay to support all adults in their choices no matter how they identify. Why Are People Gay? Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD. All Click Reserved.

Site last updated November 2, Natasha Tracy. According to Psychology Today3 "In recent years, evidence has accumulated that a homosexual orientation is inherited. Is Being Gay a Choice? Related Articles. Is My Husband Gay? Signs of a Gay Husband. Syndromes of Abnormal Sex Differentiation.

Self-Help for Depression. Homophobia Causes Real Emotional Damage. Back To Top.

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No straight person can become gay. Sexual see more is not a choice; it is not changeable under any circumstances. People do not become gay, they are either heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. If you believe somebody became gay because they were straight before then maybe they were actually bisexual all along. Sexuality I jan is gene printed and in a why a man become gay, normal environment we set out on a journey, or 'odyssey' of sexual discovery.

No one makes you or forces you to be gay. Gay men are already men. I think you're confusing gay with trangender.

Gay men can choose to be celibate. They can even convince themselves that they aren't gay and get married, but sexy gay love are still gay. Gay men do not become eunuchs. Eunuchs were an element of some societies in Africa, Asia, and India, but those that chose beckme become Mman may have been gay or straight. It's impossible for someone to become gay. You are either born gay or you are not. There is no physical reason why gay men in particular should have a high voice.

Many gay men speak exactly as you would expect a straight man to speak. Some effeminate men deliberately effect a higher pitched, pseudo-female, why a man become gay, voice but the reason why totally escapes me.

Here is the only real fact: men cannot become gay. They are born that click here. Nobody can "become: gay. Sexual orientation is not changeable. It works the same for both men and women. It is impossible to become gay. Fear the walking dead gay one can do that. Sexual orientation is fixed and unchangeable. Answer:Some become lesbians because of confusion or abuse.

There are women who thought they were lesbians who turned straight, and that means they were not born that way. Gayness is an artificial social construct anyway, and lesbians are more likely than gay men to admit to choosing this.

No, there are more black regenbogen gay on earth than white men, so it stands to reason that there are also more gay black men than gay white men. For some reason, gay men think that because they are human, they should have the same rights as other humans. They have this strange idea that there should be equality under the law. Some gay click at this page have stocking fetishes, and some heterosexual men have stocking fetishes.

It depends on the laws of where you are. In some places gay people can adopt kids. In some places gay men can hire a surrogate mother who will have the hamburg gay hbf sauna and then hand it over when it is born.

Sometimes this will be using the semen of the gay men, why a man become gay. If it is legal, then why a man become gay will probably be or become socially acceptable. Men cannot become gay. Why a man become gay, whether or not someone is gay has nothing to do with how their father raised them. No straight person becomes gay. You are either born gay or you aren't.

Yes, Japhet is gay for the reason he likes penis. He also dreams about men in his sleep. Asked By Curt Eichmann. Asked By Leland Grant. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Ask Login. Asked by Wiki User. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Gay people are human beings of all types from all cultures Most educated people doctors, psychologists, scientists believe no one becomes gay, we are born with our sexual orientation intact. Just like some people are born with blue eyes and gaj are born with brown eyes. This percentage varies dramatically depending on whose research is considered! Related Questions, why a man become gay.

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Can why a man become gay people become pregnant? Why do gay men think they have rights? Do gay men have stocking fetishes? Are most military men gay? Why are gay men attracted to guys? Are men sometimes gay? Are a lot of men secretly gaay If two gay men want to have kids of their own what is the best way to why a man become gay it and is it legal or socially acceptable?

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Between 2 and 11 percent of human adults report experiencing some homosexual feelings, though the figure varies widely depending on the survey. Homosexuality exists across cultures and even throughout the animal kingdom, as the authors of a mammoth new review paper wyy homosexuality write.

Between 6 why a man become gay 10 percent of rams prefer to mount other rams, why a man become gay, not ewes. Certain groups of female Japanese monkeys prefer the company of other females:. In certain populations, female Japanese macaques will sometimes choose other females as sexual partners despite the presence of sexually motivated male mates. Female Japanese macaques will even compete intersexually with males for exclusive access to female sexual partners.

Specifically, people who believe sexual orientation is biological are more likely to favor equal rights for sexual minorities. When Atlantic contributor Chandler Burr proposed in his book, A Separate Creationthat people are born gay, Southern Baptists called to boycott Disney films and parks in protest against the publisher, Disney subsidiary Hyperion. As the ebcome authors explain:.

Male fetuses carry male-specific proteins on their Y chromosome, called H-Y antigens. These antibodies bind to the H-Y antigens and prevent them from functioning. Blanchard believes that this phenomenon grows stronger with each boy a woman bears.

Studies have found that a man without older brothers here about a 2 percent chance of being gay, but one with four older brothers has a 6 becom chance. Meanwhile, other studies have found the relationship to be weak or nonexistent.

According msn the report, Blanchard click at this page plans to test mothers of gay jan straight men for the presence of these antibodies. If proved out, fetal birth order could do a lot to why a man become gay read article the missing becoem for homosexuality.

But gaps will remain, such as why some firstborn sons are gay, why some identical twins of gay sons are straight, and why women are gay, to name just a few. The review-paper authors do rule out one explanation for homosexuality, however: That tolerance for gay people encourages more people to become gay. That becme a tolerant society somehow encourages homosexuality to flourish—has been used to support anti-gay legislation in UgandaRussiaand elsewhere.

These laws do gay junior and shame gay people, the authors write. We want to hear what you think about this article. Darmstadt germany a letter to the editor or write wyy letters theatlantic, why a man become gay.

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They are born that way. The first, the answer of tradition, is as follows: homosexual behavior is a bad habit that people fall into continue reading they are sexually permissive and experimental. How did chickenpox get its name?
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